Dual Cultivation

Chapter 216 Teasing Her Body

Chapter 216 Teasing Her Body

After lying to her disciples about going to a meeting, Lan Liqing headed straight to Su Yang's living quarters, as she simply couldn't wait to see what he planned to give her.

Once she reached his living quarters, Lan Liqing knocked on the doors and waited for Su Yang, her heart pounding in anticipation, as it feels like it's been forever since she last saw his face.

"You have arrived faster than I'd expected. Did you miss me that much?" Su Yang greeted her with a slight tease.

"Hmph!" Lan Liqing coldly snorted and said, "Is that all you have to say after leaving the Medicine Hall without so much as seeing my face?"

Su Yang smiled and said, "If we meet at the Medicine Hall, I wouldn't be able to leave as quickly, as you would've surely extracted my Yang Qi before allowing me to leave."

Lan Liqing's face flushed red upon hearing his words. "I-I am not that desperate!"

Despite her words, deep in her heart, she was aware that Su Yang's words were not exactly impossible, hence why her face flushed red. Indeed, her face reddened because she was feeling ashamed of her lustful desire for him and not because of Su Yang's words.

"Anyway, because you arrived way earlier than expected, I still have some preparations to do. If you can, go ahead and wait for me in my room."

Lan Liqing nodded and went inside the house.

While Lan Liqing waited in his room, Su Yang went to finish his preparations.

"For it to require preparations, this special thing must indeed be pretty special…" Lan Liqing could barely sit still while waiting for Su Yang, as both her body and mind could not stay calm when Su Yang's being this mysterious.

But alas, no matter how much she's pondered, nothing definite came to her mind.

Sometime later, Su Yang entered the room with a casual expression.

"A-Are you done?" Lan Liqing asked him in a nervous voice.

Su Yang nodded, and then he spoke, " Go ahead and undress — take everything off."

"Eh? W-Wait… what?" Lan Liqing looked at him with a dumbfounded face.

Why does she have to undress for this special thing?

"I am about to give you a massage," Su Yang then said.


Although Lan Liqing was pleasantly surprised, even excited for the massage, she couldn't help but ask, "What about this special thing you wanted to give me? It couldn't just be this massage, right?"

"You will understand once we start."


Lan Liqing looked at him with suspicious eyes, but she began undressing regardless.

"If I had known that I will be naked, I would've taken a bath before coming here!" she thought to herself.

A few moments later, Lan Liqing stood there with her arms covering her perfectly round breasts and little sister that was already dripping wet in a shy manner. Although Su Yang has already seen every inch of her body, for some unknown reason, she couldn't help but feel embarrassed at this moment.

Once Lan Liqing was fully naked, Su Yang said, "Go ahead and lie on the bed like the first time."

Lan Liqing nodded and laid on the bed with her beautiful buttocks completely bare for him.

A few seconds after she laid on the bed, Lan Liqing suddenly felt something warm and slimy pour on her back, causing her to release a surprised cry.

"Ahhh! W-What are you doing, Su Yang?!" she asked him.

Su Yang smiled and said, "I'm pouring oil on your back… one specially made from many types of medicine and herbs."

As he explained to her, Su Yang began rubbing the oily substance all over her back.

"I-I have never felt anything like this before… what does it do, exactly?" Lan Liqing was quite excited and interested in this new experience.

"It will not only enhance your Yin Qi but it will also make your body more sensitive, allowing you to feel even more pleasure."

"E-Even more pleasure?" Lan Liqing became a little bit scared upon hearing that, afraid that she might really lose her mind if she experiences more pleasure than what is already mind-boggling.

"Don't worry, I won't go overboard." Su Yang told her, almost as though he could read her mind.

"I-If you say so…"

Lan Liqing slowly closed her eyes and indulged herself in Su Yang's heavenly techniques.

"Ahhh… Mmm… T-This is…"

After just a few moments of experiencing Su Yang's heavenly technique, Lan Liqing could already feel the difference in this massage session when compared to the previous times.

Not only did the oil on her body enhanced her pleasure but Su Yang was also much bolder with his hands when touching her body, massaging places like her plentiful buttocks.

"Yes… Mmm… Ahhh…"

Lan Liqin's body trembling with pleasure every time Su Yang moved his slender fingers across her slippery back, especially when Su Yang massaged the areas near her butt, and a river of aroused juice flowed from Lan Liqing's wet cave.

After massaging her back for a few minutes, Su Yang said to her, "Turn around."

Lan Liqing did not say anything and turned her body around, revealing to Su Yang her scrumptious breasts and pretty little sister.

Once she turned around, Su Yang poured even more of his special oil on her body, covering her entire body in this oil.

A few seconds later, he began spreading the oil all over her chest, even teasing her erected pink nipples with his fingers in the process.

Lan Liqing's eyes teared up slightly from embarrassment when Su Yang played with her nipples, and she quickly turned her head away from Su Yang so he wouldn't see her flustered expression.

When he finished covering Lan Liqing's chest in oil, he moved his hands towards her stomach, eventually reaching for her little sister that was soaking wet with two different types of substances.

"Ah…. Oh…. Yes… Mmmm…"

The feeling of pleasure was so intense that Lan Liqing had already reached the climax before Su Yang even reached her cave, so the moment Su Yang's slender finger touched her pink cave, it sprayed uncontrollably, filling the air with Yin Qi.

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