Dual Cultivation

Chapter 215 More Than Just Massages

Chapter 215 More Than Just Massages

"Senior apprentice-brother Su!"

One of the disciples at the Medicine Hall immediately stopped whatever she was doing when she noticed his figure enter the building and greeted him with a face full of smiles.

And when Su Yang was mentioned, like a bunch of children hearing that there will be free candy, the disciples in the building stopped working to look at the male figure by the entrance.

"Did somebody just say senior apprentice-brother Su?"

"Senior apprentice-brother Su?"

"Senior apprentice-brother Su is here?"

When the Medicine Hall disciples saw Su Yang's handsome face, they all ran to greet him with excited smiles, as it feels like forever since they last saw him.

"Wow, senior apprentice-brother Su, did you have another breakthrough? I can feel it in your aura!"

Su Yang smiled and nodded, "It's not much, but yes, I had a slight breakthrough."

The disciples congratulated him without thinking too much about it.

"Where have you been, senior apprentice-brother Su? We have tried looking for you on a few occasions but you were always away!"

"I was out on a mission," he replied.

"Is that so… Anyway, what brings you here today? Are you here to look for Master, again?" one of them asked.

"Not quite."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm here to fulfill the promise I made during my last visit," he said with a smile.


The disciples exchanged glances. None of them could recall this promise at first.

"Y-You don't mean that…?" One of the girls suddenly remembered his promise and mumbled in a trembling voice, her eyes filled with surprise.

"That? What are you talking about?" The others looked at her and asked.

However, the female disciple did not say anything and continued to stare at Su Yang, patiently waiting for his answer.

Su Yang smiled and said, "If you are not busy, come to my living quarters for some massage."

Once Su Yang said those words, everybody there immediately remembered what he said the last time he was at the Medicine Hall.

The disciples stared at him with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

"Y-You are accepting customers again?" one of them asked with a trembling voice.

When Su Yang nodded, the place suddenly erupted with excitement, almost like there was a grand celebration for a grand occasion. After all, all of these girls were greatly disappointed when Su Yang stopped accepting customers for his massage and have been waiting for him to resume business.

"This is great news! I will immediately let my friends know!"

"Ahhh! I cannot wait for work to be over today!"

"S-Senior apprentice-brother Su! I-I will be seeing you later today!"

Ever since these disciples experienced Su Yang's massage techniques, their body has been craving for more of his techniques. And it's not just the disciples at the Medicine Hall. All of Su Yang's customers have been waiting for this day.

However, Su Yang was not finished speaking and continued, "What's more, I will be doing more than just massages, and it will all be free of charge."

When Su Yang broke this news, the girls stopped celebrating, and they all stared at him with wide eyes filled with shock. They were so dumbfounded by this news that they didn't know how to react.

"B-By that… do you mean..."

Su Yang merely smiled and did not say a word, yet the girl immediately understood the meaning behind his words, and they began screaming with excitement in their hearts.

"That's all I came here to say. I will be waiting for you..."

After saying those words, Su Yang casually left the Medicine Hall.

The girls did not stop him because they were all frozen from bewilderment.

However, before leaving, he also said to them, "Oh, right. I nearly forgot, but tell Elder Lan to come find me when she is free. I have something special for her."

Once Su Yang was gone and the girls woke up from their daze, the Medicine Hall erupted with another round of celebration, as the girls were unable to tame their excitement.

Although they have their suspicions, their minds went crazy with imaginations, and their bodies trembled with passion, especially the lower part of their bodies.

The noises within the Medicine Hall was so loud that it forced Lan Liqing to stop her work and head downstairs to see what the commotion was all about.

"What on earth are you all screaming about?! I can't get anything done with all of this commotion!" Lan Liqing shouted at the girls the moment she appeared.


The disciples stopped celebrating to greet Lan Liqing.

"Y-You see… senior apprentice-brother Su just stopped by—"

"What? Su Yang is back?" Lan Liqing hastily asked.

Her disciples nodded, "But he just left."

Lan Liqing instantly frowned. "And he didn't even bother to speak with me before leaving?!" she cried inwardly.

She was disappointed by the fact that Su Yang had left the Medicine Hall without even trying to look for her; it was almost like he forgot about her.

However, just as Lan Liqing felt like cursing at Su Yang, her disciples said, "Master, senior apprentice-brother also left behind a message for you right before he left."

"Eh? He did? What did he say?"

"Senior apprentice-brother Su said that he has something special for you and asked you to go see him."

"H-He has something special for me?" Lan Liqing stood there with a slightly dumbfounded expression. She would be lying if she says that she's not surprised.

"Did he say what that special thing is?" she then asked.

The girls shook their heads.

"He didn't say anything else and left after that message."

"I understand…"

After a few moments of awkward silence, Lan Liqing said to the girls, "Anyway, I have to go to a meeting. Let them know if anyone comes looking for me."

The girls nodded and immediately went back to working at a pace that was much faster than previously. They all wanted to finish their work and go to Su Yang for his service as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Lan Liqing sneakily approached Su Yang's living quarters with an anticipated expression.

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