Dual Cultivation

Chapter 214 Sudden Departure

Chapter 214 Sudden Departure

"He actually had the audacity to slap my beautiful face?!" Liu Lanzhi couldn't believe Su Yang's boldness and all the gratitude she had for him for waking her up quickly disappeared.

"I am going to give him a piece of my mind!" Liu Lanzhi got off the bed and began approaching the exit.

However, Elder Wu blocked her path and said in a worried voice, "Sect Leader, you just woke up. Although you may feel fine, we still have to be certain that you are absolutely healthy. This incident has caused more than just a few individuals to be worried."

Liu Lanzhi sighed and nodded, "Okay. And give me more details on what exactly happened while you're at it."

Elder Wu nodded and turned to the remaining doctors in the room and said, "Please do a few more tests to make sure that her body is completely fine. We will surely compensate you generously for your efforts."

The doctors had no reason to refuse and began their examination on Liu Lanzhi again.

Meanwhile, Su Yang returned to his living quarters to look for Qiuyue after leaving the Yin Yang Pavilion.

Ever since he saw Liu Lanzhi's condition, he knew that Qiuyue was the one responsible for her deep slumber, as it's a martial technique unique to the Sacred Moon Palace. That being said, Qiuyue drastically held back on the technique, or else Liu Lanzhi wouldn't have woken up even in ten years.

However, upon entering his room, Su Yang did not find Qiuyue sitting there like usual but a piece of paper with contents in her handwriting instead.

"Since you are now clearly strong enough to easily protect yourself in this world, I will leave you alone for a bit to resume my journey on finding a way for us to return home. Although I doubt you will be needing them, I have left a few things behind for emergencies, including a communication jade slip if you ever feel like hearing my voice."

Su Yang only shook his head at Qiuyue's letter. Although he did not object to her actions, it was a bit too sudden.

"That girl… why does she want to return to the Divine Heavens that desperately when the Sacred Moon Palace will certainly be looking for her?" He also wanted to return as soon as possible, but he knew that there were things he had to prepare before returning, or else they would only be courting death.

Su Yang then sat down on the bed and closed his eyes. A few minutes later, a golden glow could be seen radiating around his figure, almost like he'd just received enlightenment.

Su Yang stayed like this for many minutes until he suddenly opened his eyes, where within shone a profound brilliance and memories began flowing inside his head.

However, these memories were not from his time at the Four Divine Heavens. Instead, they were memories of the Su Yang before his memories from the past life returned.

Ever since he learned that there resided only one soul within his body after consuming the Soul Divination Pill, Su Yang became intrigued by why his memories were sealed in the first place and how someone like Su Xun, his father, was able to seal his memories.

After all, if he reincarnated with the memories of his previous life, there was no way someone like Su Xun would've been able to seal his memories. In other words, Su Yang did not reincarnate with his memories intact at first and only managed to regain them at the Profound Blossom Sect.

Su Yang closed his eyes again and would not open them again for many minutes, and sixteen years of memories that was only a drop of water in his vast ocean of memories flowed through his head.

From the day he was born to the day he arrived at the Profound Blossom Sect, everything became clear to Su Yang within minutes.

A few minutes later, Su Yang opened his eyes, and on his face was a bitter smile.

"No wonder why he sealed my memories and tossed me in the Profound Blossom Sect," he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

He found the memories of the ignorant Su Yang extremely entertaining. He was definitely a younger version of himself but without the knowledge as an Immortal.

Once he forcibly removed the seal on his memories and regained his memories as a young mortal, Su Yang turned to look at the leather bag beside him.

It was something Qiuyue had left behind for him.

He grabbed it and immediately began searching through its contents.

"This is…"

Su Yang was slightly startled by the sheer amount of cultivation resources inside the bag. What's more, these cultivation resources all contained extremely powerful Yang Qi, with some even surpassing the Pure Yang Flower by many miles.

"By giving me these resources, is she telling me to go all out while she's away?"

With the number of resources Qiuyue had left behind for him, Su Yang would have no problem cultivating for many months without rest and still have leftovers.

After seeing all the contents in the storage pouch, Su Yang poured all of them onto the bed to organize them. He intended to use them and cultivate until the Regional Tournament.

"I will break through the Earth Spirit Realm and enter the Heavenly Spirit Realm with no problem before the tournament even if my partners are all at the Profound Spirit Realm and True Spirit Realm…"

However, before he could even start cultivating, he would need to have partners. And fortunately for him, there are plenty of beauties in the Profound Blossom Sect for him to choose. What's more, there are already disciples patiently waiting for him to call for them.

Su Yang went to clean himself and even changed into a new pair of robes before he left the house to search for potential partners for the next few months, and the first place that appeared in his mind was the Medicine Hall, where he promised a certain group that he'd give them another rubbing session.

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