Dual Cultivation

Chapter 213 Waking Her Up

Chapter 213 Waking Her Up

When Su Yang said that Liu Lanzhi will wake up by herself by tonight, all the people in the room looked at him as though he was crazy.

"W-What did you just say?" Elder Wu wanted to make sure that she heard him correctly and asked.

"The Sect Leader is neither ill or poisoned, just like the doctors had said. That being said, her conscious was forced to sleep by a mysterious and profound technique, hence why she is in such a deep slumber," Su Yang casually explained to them the cause of Liu Lanzhi's condition.

"What? A martial technique caused all of this?"

The remaining 3 doctors there immediately began pondering after hearing Su Yang's words, and even the Sect Elders there became quiet.

"This reason is actually quite reasonable," one of the doctors said a few moments later.

"It would explain why the results came back negative when we tested her for illness and poison!" said another.

"Do you know what was the martial technique used on her?" one of the doctors turned to ask Su Yang.

When the Sect Elders saw the doctors suddenly treated Su Yang as though he was one of them, their eyes widened with shock. Could he really have a profound medical background despite the odds?

Su Yang shook his head and said, "Unfortunately, I do not know the technique behind her slumber."

Despite his words, however, Su Yang knew very well the martial technique that was used to put Liu Lanzhi into her state of slumber and even the person who did it.

"Then how do you know that she will be awake by tonight even if we do nothing?" Elder Wu suddenly asked him.

"Simple — by her Profound Qi, which is already showing signs of her awakening." Su Yang said.

"What? Is this true?" Elder Wu turned to look at the doctors, but they only shook their heads.

How are they supposed to know that when they don't even know such a method to read Profound Qi existed?

Elder Wu turned to Su Yang and said, "If everything you said just now is the truth and the Sect Master wakes up tonight, then we will surely generously reward you for it."

"So there's is nothing we can do but wait even in the end, huh…" sighed the Sect Elders.

"Wait? Who said we have to wait for her to wake up?" Su Yang suddenly said.

"What do you mean?" Elder Wu asked him with a puzzled frown.

Su Yang did not immediately answer her and turned to face Liu Lanzhi again.

He suddenly raised his right hand into the air with his slender fingers spread and palm revealed, looking like he wanted to slap someone in the face.

"W-W-What do you think you are doing?" Elder Wu trembled in shock when she saw his posture.

"What, you ask? I'm waking her up." Su Yang said in a nonchalant voice as he swung his hands towards Liu Lanzhi's peaceful and beautiful face.


Elder Wu and moved to stop him, but alas, she was a little bit too slow and — Pa!

A crisp sound of Liu Lanzhi being slapped loudly resounded in the room.

The doctors covered their mouth and gasped in shock whilst the Sect Elders trembled in anger.

"How dare you—" Elder Wu raised her hand in rage and prepared to strike Su Yang.


Just as Elder Wu moved, Liu Lanzhi released a low moan, showing a reaction for the first time in the last two days, causing Elder Wu to instantly freeze her body and stare at the waking Liu Lanzhi with wide eyes filled with shock.

"Why does my face hurt…?" Liu Lanzhi slowly opened her eyes and rubbed her face in a sleepy manner, seemingly puzzled by the pain on her cheeks.

"S-Sect Leader…?" Elder Wu's eyes filled itself with tears of joy and relief at the sight of Liu Lanzhi waking up.

"Why are there so many people in my room?" Once Liu Lanzhi realized the situation, she sat on the bed and asked them.

"S-Sect Leader! Do you remember what happened to you?" The sect elders asked her.

Although she was puzzled, Liu Lanzhi closed her eyes to ponder. However, she quickly realized that her memories were foggy and that all she could remember was herself heading towards Su Yang's living quarters to give him his punishment.

"I recall heading out to find a certain disciple, so why was I sleeping in my room?" Liu Lanzhi frowned and asked the sect elders.

"You see…" Elder Wu began explaining everything to Liu Lanzhi from the beginning.

"You were found slumbering in the middle of the Outer Court and was brought back to your room. What's more, you remained unresponsive no matter how much we tried to wake you up…"

"We immediately went to gather the best doctors within the Eastern Region, but alas, all of them were left baffled by your condition…"

Liu Lanzhi was shocked to learn that she'd been asleep for 2 days, especially her unresponsiveness when the others had tried to wake her up.

"T-Then how am I awake now? What did you do?" she asked them.

Elder Wu smiled bitterly and said, "Well… Disciple Su Yang over here — Eh?"

Elder Wu stopped speaking when she realized that Su Yang had mysteriously disappeared from the room. When did he leave? And how did nobody there notice him leaving?

"Su Yang? What does Su Yang have to do with this?" Liu Lanzhi became more puzzled at the situation but also much more interested since Su Yang's name has been mentioned.

"Well… he… he's the one who woke you up from your slumber…" Elder Wu said with a tone of hesitation in her voice.

"Su Yang did?!" Liu Lanzhi's eyes brightened with delight and gratitude. "How did he do it?"

"Uh… well… he…" Elder Wu didn't want to give Su Yang a negative image right after making him into a hero, but alas…

"He slapped your face…" she said in a low voice.

"He what?!" Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened with shock, and her body began trembling from anger.

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