Dual Cultivation

Chapter 212 Act of Treachery

Chapter 212 Act of Treachery

Once he was on the very top of the Yin Yang Pavilion, Su Yang used his spiritual senses to see the situation inside the building.

"Aiya… I have never seen a case like this before… There's no sign of her being sick or anything of that sort, and she seems to be sleeping in peace, yet…"

The doctors in the room were perplexed by Liu Lanzhi's unconscious state, as none of them have dealt with such a patient before.

A few of the doctors have theorized that she was poisoned, but when they have looked at Liu Lanzhi's blood and Profound Qi, there were no signs of her being poisoned. In fact, the results even showed Liu Lanzhi being extremely healthy and without even the slightest sign of illness in her body.

However, despite all of this, Liu Lanzhi remained in a slumbering state for nearly 2 days now, which left even the best doctors there confounded.

"Is there really nothing you can do to wake her up?" one of the Sect Elders there asked the doctors.

The doctors exchanged glances with each other before looking at the Sect Elder with an apologetic expression and shook their heads, "Unfortunately, unless we find the cause for her slumber, there's nothing we can do, as she's neither sick or poisoned."

"That can't be…"

The Sect Elders in the room expressed disbelief, feeling despair from the situation. Without the Sect Leader, what will happen to the Profound Blossom Sect? Although they can always find a new Matriarch if Liu Lanzhi never wakes up and dies just in her slumber, the Sect will still lack the secrets that only Liu Lanzhi knows, such as secret techniques and hidden resources, which will significantly affect the entire Sect's prowess and resource.

A few moments later, whilst everyone was in deep thoughts, Su Yang jumped into the room through the open window, instantly alerting everybody there.

"Who the hell are you?!"

However, once they noticed the robes he was wearing belonged to them — an Inner Court disciple at that — they relaxed a little bit.

"What do you think you are doing here?"

"Who gave you permission to come here?"

The Sect Elders immediately began questioning him.

"Disciple Su Yang?!"

One of the Sect Elders there recognized Su Yang's handsome face after looking at him for a few seconds.

"You know him, Elder Wu?"

The Sect Elders there turned to look at the only old woman in the room, who turned out to be someone Su Yang met during his Inner Court assessment as an Outer Court disciple.

"Somewhat…" Elder Wu nodded.

However, despite the commotion caused by his entrance, Su Yang ignored everybody there and walked to Liu Lanzhi, who was sleeping soundly in her bed.

"What do you think you are doing to the Sect Leader?!" The Sect Elders went to stop him when he grabbed Liu Lanzhi's hands.

"Do you want her to wake up or what? Do me a favor and be quiet."

"W-What…" The Sect Elders were dumbfounded by Su Yang's outrageous behavior as a mere disciple.

"Although you are now an Inner Court disciple, there are still rules you have to abide," said Elder Wu with a frown.

Then she continued, "And you sound as though you have the necessary means to wake the Sect Leader up."

Su Yang did not instantly reply to Elder Wu and checked Liu Lanzhi's pulse using his Profound Qi for a few seconds.

A few moments later, Su Yang released Liu Lanzhi's hands and said with a smile, "That's right."

"What?! Impossible! What can you do when we cannot even figure out why she's in that state?!"

The first ones in the room to disregard his words were not the sect elders but the doctors there instead.

"You say that you can wake her up, but who are you, anyway? Do you even any credentials as a doctor?"

The doctors there did not believe that someone as young as Su Yang would have even half of their experience in terms of medical experience, much less be able to figure out the phenomenon happening to Liu Lanzhi that have left all of them stumped after just checking her pulse.

Su Yang glanced at the doctors and coldly snorted, "Such a simple problem and none of you can figure it out? Are you all really doctors or just dressing up and acting like one?"

All of the doctors in that room felt an invisible hand slap them across their faces upon Su Yang's remarks. They have never been insulted in such a manner before, and their faces flushed red in anger.

"Good! Since you think I am only dressing up as a doctor, then I shall take my leave!"

"Me too!"

"Since you are capable of healing her, then there's no need for us to be here any longer!"

Angered by Su Yang's disgracing words, doctors left the room one by one.

"W-Wait a second!"

The Sect Elders there showed horrified expressions when the doctors began leaving. Without them, Liu Lanzhi might never wake up again!

"D-Don't listen to that brat! There's no reason to be angry because of some rude remarks by some junior!"

The Sect Elders tried to stop them, but alas, the doctors left regardless. However, it was not entirely Su Yang's fault that they were leaving, as they believed that they would only be wasting time treating Liu Lanzhi when none of them could figure out her problem.

In other words, they used Su Yang as an excuse to excuse themselves from this room, as they did not want to continue losing credibility as a doctor by being unable to treat Liu Lanzhi, and they even silently thanked Su Yang for this opportunity.

And within mere seconds, less than three doctors remained in the room.

All of the Sect Elders turned to stare at Su Yang with angry gazes after the doctors left.

"Disciple! How will you bear responsibility for this?! If the Sect Leader dies in her sleep, you will be sentenced to death for killing the Sect Leader, as your actions just now are no different than an act of treachery!"

Hearing that he'll be responsible for killing Liu Lanzhiu for making the doctors leave, Su Yang merely shrugged his shoulders and said, "That's fine with me since she will wake up by tonight even if we do nothing."

"What did you just say?!" The Sect Elders looked at him with wide eyes filled with disbelief.

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