Dual Cultivation

Chapter 211 Commotion at the Yin Yang Pavilion

Chapter 211 Commotion at the Yin Yang Pavilion

Wang Shuren, who was enjoying her new profound Alchemy abilities inside the Cauldron Room by concocting pills non-stop suddenly felt the communication jade slip in his robes tremble.

Although she was upset that someone had disturbed her peace, Wang Shuren checked the communication jade slip anyway, as only important individuals within the Burning Lotus Sect may contact her.

"Great Elder Han? What does that old man want from me?" This is the first time she's ever gotten a message from him.

"Elder Wang, there are important matters to discuss. I will be waiting outside your living quarters for you." Great Elder Han's voice resounded from the communication jade slip.

"Important matters?" Wang Shuren did not immediately head outside to meet him and continued to concoct her pills.

Half an hour later, Wang Shuren closed the lid on the cauldron and left to clean herself before seeing Great Elder Han.

Although Great Elder Han's status is only below that of the Sect Leader, far above any Sect Elders in terms of seniority, Wang Shuren couldn't care less and moved at her own pace without worrying about him, who was patiently waiting for her outside. In the Burning Lotus Sect, Wang Shuren became somewhat of a special existence that did not belong in the Sect's hierarchy, as she was the only one in the entire Sect to know how to concoct 100% effective Burning Lotus Pills, the Burning Lotus Sect's trademark pill.

The Sect Leader has tried many times to make Wang Shuren share the secrets to concocting the perfect Burning Lotus Pill, but Wang Shuren would refuse adamantly each time, even going as far as to say that she'd leave the Sect if he dares to pressure her.

Losing Wang Shuren and her pills would be an incredible blow to the Burning Lotus Sect, so the Sect Leader quickly gave up, allowing her to have something along the line of immunity within the Sect.

In other words, although Wang Shuren does not outrank the Sect Leader, she has more influence than him in certain aspects, something even Great Elder Han could only imagine.

"Sorry for the wait, Great Elder Han; I was in the middle of a pill concoction." Wang Shuren casually greeted him at the door.

"Elder Wang…" Although Great Elder Han felt a bit annoyed inside his heart due to her lack of urgency, he remained a calm expression on his face.

A few moments later, when they were both seated in the guest room, Wang Shuren asked him, "What is this important matter you have with me, Great Elder Han?"

"Do you know of a man named Su Yang?" Great Elder Han went straight to the topic.

"...Su Yang?" Wang Shuren instantly frowned. She definitely did not expect his name to come from Great Elder Han's mouth.

Seeing her reaction, Great Elder Han could guess her answer and continued, "Although I do not know if you have any connection with him, we have learned that he was the individual who killed Wang Ming, your cousin."

Wang Shuren's eyes widened in surprise. How did they find out? Did someone catch him in the act or did he accidentally leave some clues behind?

"Is… Is that all?" Wang Shuren returned to her calm composure a few seconds later.

"Is that all... you say?" It was Great Elder Han's turn to be surprised. This is how she reacts to learning the name of her cousin's killer? Completely indifferent and uncaring? It was almost like Wang Ming's death didn't matter to her in the slightest.

"There's more," he continued, "The Sect Leader strongly urges you to not pursue him for revenge, as it might cause a plethora of troubles."

Hearing his words, Wang Shuren coldly snorted in her head. She wouldn't go after Su Yang even if they threatened her to!

"I understand," said Wang Shuren.

"You… you understand?" Great Elder Han looked at her with a bewildered expression.

"That's what I said, right?"


Great Elder Han was speechless. He didn't think that Wang Shuren would agree so easily; it was almost like she has no intentions for revenge since the beginning! How bizarre for someone like her!

"If that's all you have to say about this important matter, then I will return to concocting my pills," said Wang Shuren as she stood up from her seat.

"I-If you don't mind me asking, what kind of connection do you have with that man named Su Yang?" Great Elder Han stood up and asked her in a hasty manner.

Wang Shuren looked at him in the eyes with a serious expression and said, "He's just a guest I met at the Burning Lotus Auction House."

"T-Then how could you be so indifferent? He killed Wang Ming, your family, you know!" Although Great Elder Han was supposed to prevent her from taking revenge, he couldn't help but want to know the answer even if it may make her avenge Wang Ming.

"My family?" Wang Shuren narrowed her eyes into a frown. "Just because we share the same surname does not make us family! You should be aware of his true character by now — a selfish and disgusting thing! Even if he's killed before my very eyes, I wouldn't think of avenging someone like him! If you want someone to avenge him then you can go find his parents!"

Wang Shuren's voice was cold and filled with disgust, making it clear to Great Elder Han that she couldn't care less about Wang Ming's death, even feeling disgraceful for having the same surname as him.

"I-I understand…" Great Elder Han was dumbfounded by Wang Shuren's cold appearance. He had underestimated Wang Shuren's personality. 

A few moments later, Great Elder Han left Wang Shuren's living quarters and reported back to the Sect Leader, who was also quite surprised by Wang Shuren's reaction.

"A-Anyway, I'm relieved to hear that she will not be chasing after that man named Su Yang for revenge…" The Sect Leader sighed in relief.

A few moments later, he continued, "Let's just ignore what happened today and return to focusing on the Regional Tournament."

"The Regional Tournament, huh. I hear the princess of the Xie Family will also be there for this event."

"That's right." The Sect Leader nodded, and said, "And that puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the male disciples, as they all want to impress her." 

Great Elder Han laughed and said, "At least their motivation will be much higher when the time comes."

The two of them continued to talk for a few more minutes to release some of the stress in them and forget about today's event before continuing on with their day.

Meanwhile, Su Yang had just returned to the Profound Blossom Sect on the flying boat. However, as he descended from the sky, he noticed a commotion near the Yin Yang Pavilion.

There were unfamiliar figures walking in and out of the building, and they all wore clothing that is usually worn by doctors. Even weirder was how there were many Sect Elders standing outside the Yin Yang Pavilion with anxious expressions on their face, giving the place a gloomy atmosphere, almost like someone was on the verge of death at that place.

"What is going on there?" Su Yang decided to stop by the Yin Yang Pavilion to see the commotion for himself, so he jumped off the flying boat and used Nine Astral Steps to navigate his way towards the Yin Yang Pavilion unnoticed, appearing right on top of the building a few moments later.

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