Dual Cultivation

Chapter 208 Chaos Within the Burning Lotus Sec

Chapter 208 Chaos Within the Burning Lotus Sec

Chaos occurred within the Burning Lotus Sect as Su Yang single-handedly faced off against hundreds of experts, sending figures flying across the place while disregarding their cultivation.

From Core disciples at the True Spirit Realm to Sect Elders at the Earth Spirit Realm, Su Yang showed no mercy and struck them with equal force, treating all of them as though they were dummies for training.

"Extended Burning Lotus Palm Strike!"

"Burning Cauldron!"

"Hundred Lotus Rain!"

Dozens of techniques were released and aimed at Su Yang, who was busy fending himself from the other disciples.


A large explosion occurred at where Su Yang stood, and smoke filled the sky above the Burning Lotus Sect, causing many other disciples and sect elders within the Sect to think that they were being attacked.

The explosion caused the ground to tremble, and just as the disciples believed Su Yang to be dead from that vicious strike, a loud voice filled the area with laughter.

"Hahaha! What's wrong, Burning Lotus Sect? Is this all you've got?!" Su Yang jumped out of the cloud of smoke while laughing, looking completely unharmed by the collective techniques used on him just now.

"What the fuck?! There's not even a scar on his body!"

The people there gasped in shock when they noticed Su Yang's healthy body despite taking the hit directly.

What could've easily killed a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert wasn't even able to damage the robes on Su Yang's body, much less kill him. And he was even laughing after the fact, seemingly enjoying this chaotic scene.

"Fuck! That bastard is a monster! Don't hold back! Throw everything you have at him!"

Many more techniques were thrown at Su Yang, but Su Yang simply waved his sleeves and redirected the techniques in another direction, causing friendly-fire amongst them.

"S-Stop! Stop using techniques! We are only hurting ourselves!"

The people there quickly realized that techniques were futile against Su Yang and began charging at him with weapons instead.

Spiritual Treasures appeared in every direction, causing a profound feeling to fill the atmosphere there.

However, even after seeing all these Spiritual Treasures, Su Yang did not retrieve his own and continued to fight them with just his bare fists.




"M-M-My Spirit Sword! He broke my Spirit Sword with just his bare hands!"

"Ahhh! My baby! He smashed it to pieces with a single fist!"

The people there felt true terror for the first time when they realized that not even Spiritual Treasure was able to injure Su Yang.

They all felt as though they were fighting a beast — no, even beasts have their own weakness. Su Yang was akin to a mountain made of pure steel, something that no techniques or spiritual treasures could harm.

As for Su Yang, he was treating this event as though he was in a brawl during a large party when everyone is already drunk. However, although he was striking without mercy, he didn't strike with the intention to kill.

There would at most be some individuals with broken ribs and bones, but nobody there sustained any life-threatening injuries. It was Su Yang's way of 'mercy'. If he really wanted to make enemies with the Burning Lotus Sect, he would've killed everybody there in a single strike with the Black Scorpion.

Great Elder Han also noticed this, so he quickly shouted, "Stop! Stop! Stop! All of you stop! Halt your movements!"

The disciples and sect elders immediately stopped attacking Su Yang and distanced themselves, even secretly thanking Great Elder Han for stopping them, as most of them if not all have long lost their motivation to fight Su Yang, even dreading him like he was their worst nightmare.

Once they stopped attacking him, Su Yang stood there with calm composure and a smile on his face, looking like he'd just finished his stroll at the park.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiu Ying, who had been pushed to the back before all of this even began, stared at Su Yang with her eyes and mouth as wide as saucers. Like everybody else, she couldn't believe what she'd just witnessed.

A single individual had managed to fend off nearly the entire Burning Lotus Sect by himself and without even a single injury on his body? Nobody would believe this event unless they witnessed it with their very eyes! But even if they were here to see it, they will still doubt their eyes!

"That theory… where I won't be able to leave if you didn't allow me… do you still believe in it?" Su Yang asked Great Elder Han with narrowed eyes, his hands clasped behind his back.

Large beads of sweat appeared on Great Elder Han's face upon hearing his question, and under the gazes of the hundreds of disciples there, he reluctantly shook his head and said, "Please, spare the Burning Lotus Sect. This is all my fault, so I will bear all responsibility. Even if you want my life, I won't refuse."

Great Elder Han lowered his body and bowed to Su Yang and spoke in a sincere voice. He didn't think that Su Yang would forgive their Sect after everything that has happened. But even if Su Yang somehow forgives him and the Sect, he will still regret offending someone like Su Yang for many years to come.

After a moment of silence, Su Yang opened his mouth to speak, but before any words could even come out, another voice resounded in the area.

"What on earth happened here?"

A middle-aged man appeared from the distance alongside a young woman wearing Core disciple robes.

"S-S-Sect Leader!"

"Senior apprentice-sister Lin!"

The Sect Leader of the Burning Lotus Sect has decided to personally appear here after the grand commotion that shook the entire Sect for many minutes. Beside him was Lin Shao Shang, one of the few Core disciples that study directly under the Sect Leader himself. Today was her turn to receive the Sect Leader's lecture, but because of the commotion, it was cut short, hence the annoyed expression on her elegant face.

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