Dual Cultivation

Chapter 209 Indisputable Dominance

Chapter 209 Indisputable Dominance

The Burning Lotus Sect's Sect Leader looked around the scene with a frown on his fierce face. Many of the disciples there were groaning in pain, blood was all over the floor, and the entire place itself looked as though a large battle had just taken place.

He then turned to look at Su Yang, who was still standing there was a calm expression with his gaze directly at him.

The Sect Leader's eyes widened with surprise when he noticed Su Yang's cultivation base that was at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm. However, he was clearly wearing clothes meant for the disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect. And as far as he's aware, the Sect Leaders of the Profound Blossom Sect are only around the middle levels of the Earth Spirit Realm, so where did this peak expert come from?

"Who are you? And are you cause of all this?" The Sect Leader asked Su Yang in a calm yet dangerous voice.

However, Great Elder Han stood before him and said, "Sect Leader, this was all caused by this foolish old man…"

"What? You? Explain yourself!" The Sect Leader's expression became filled with surprise upon hearing the Great Elder's words. How could someone as wise as Great Elder Han have caused all of this chaos?

Great Elder Han felt hesitation to tell the Sect Leader the truth right now, as there was no doubt that another brawl would occur if someone as proud and fierce as the Sect Leader learns of Su Yang's actions against his disciples in his territory.

"What's wrong, Great Elder Han? Why aren't you speaking?" The Sect Leader frowned when he remained silent for so long.

"Sect Leader, please wait. I will explain everything to you… just…" Great Elder Han turned to look at Su Yang with perplexed expressions.

He wanted to explain the situation to the Sect Leader, but he didn't want to cause another one-sided brawl, perhaps a massacre this time, as he was certain that even the Sect Leader would not be his match.

What's more, Su Yang has yet to say anything about Great Elder Han's proposal to spare the Burning Lotus Sect by taking his life.

Seeing Great Elder Han's gaze, Su Yang smiled and turned to look at Zhang Xiu Ying and said, "Xiu Ying, can you take me to the entrance? I don't recall its location."

Su Yang never intended to take Great Elder Han's life. Hell, the only reason Su Yang decided to engage in the brawl was simply because he wanted to test his current strength, and the results were more than satisfying.

"Hold it right there! Who said you can leave?" The Sect Leader immediately shouted at Su Yang, causing Great Elder Han's heart to expand with fright, who was thanking the heavens just seconds ago when Su Yang decided to leave them alone.

Su Yang stopped walking and turned to look at the Sect Leader with narrowed eyes, his gaze filled with killing intent.

"Are you going to stop me?" Su Yang spoke in a cold voice, and the killing intent in his eyes began spreading all over the place, causing everybody there to tremble with fear.

Although the Sect Leader was shocked by Su Yang's dreadful killing intent, he stood his ground and began emitting his own pressure, looking like he was prepared to battle Su Yang.

When Great Elder Han saw this scene, his entire body became soaked in cold sweat.

"It's over! He's going to kill us all!" Great Elder Han cried inwardly. He could already imagine the scene of their Burning Lotus Sect actually burning to the ground!

Su Yang turned to face the Sect Leader and retrieved the Black Scorpion from the storage ring, causing the atmosphere to turn deadly, almost like the air was poisoned by the mere presence of the Black Scorpion.

The Sect Leader's expression greatly changed upon seeing the Black Scorpion, his complexion pale.

"H-H-He actually has a heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure! Who is this man?!" Although it was the Sect Leader's first time seeing a Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure, he could instantly tell its grade from the atmosphere-changing aura it was emitting, something even his Earth-grade Spiritual Treasure cannot achieve.

As for the other disciples and sect elders, they felt as though an invisible pressure was making it difficult for them to breathe after the Black Scorpion's appearance.

After revealing the Black Scorpion, Su Yang began approaching the Sect Leader, his gaze still filled with killing intent.

The Sect Leader began walking backward. He was clearly terrified of the pitch-black beauty in Su Yang's grasp that was emitting a deadly aura like it wanted to consume his life.

"W-Wait — Let's talk about—"

Right as the Sect Leader opened his mouth, Su Yang used Nine Astral Step to appear right in front of him with the Black Scorpion a millimeter from touching the Sect Leader's neck.

"The dagger is coated with poison that can kill even a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert within seconds, and if you don't want me to accidentally kill you, I'd advise you to not move."


The Sect Leader was so dumbfounded by Su Yang's speed that he had frozen in shock, and after hearing Su Yang's words, he didn't even dare to swallow, afraid that he would move the skin on his neck.

After a few moments of silence that felt like many hours had passed for these disciples and sect elders, Su Yang retrieved the Black Scorpion from the Sect Leader's neck and casually turned around.

"I can easily kill everyone here and make this Sect's name a reality, but I wouldn't want my little friend to become homeless, so consider yourselves lucky." Su Yang said to them as he looked at Zhang Xiu Ying.

Although Su Yang's words may have sounded straightforward, both the Sect Leader and Great Elder Han realized the true meaning behind his words, which was a warning to them that if they harm Zhang Xiu Ying because of him, he will without a doubt kill them all and destroy their Burning Lotus Sect.

Su Yang then turned to look at Zhang Xiu Ying and said with a smile on his face, "Never mind, Xiu Ying. I can leave by myself."

After saying those words, Su Yang retrieved the flying boat from the storage ring and jumped into it, before taking flight and soaring away at a speed that could only be described as lightning-quick.

Once Su Yang's figure disappeared from the Burning Lotus Sect, everybody there slowly turned to look at Zhang Xiu Ying with wide eyes, their gazes filled with both awe and fear.

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