Dual Cultivation

Chapter 207 One-sided Fight Against the Burning Lotus Sec

Chapter 207 One-sided Fight Against the Burning Lotus Sec

To put into perspective of one's influence at the peak Earth Spirit Realm, Liu Lanzhi, who is only around the fourth level of the Earth Spirit Realm, has the capability to control an entire Sect all by herself. Whilst it may not be the most powerful Sect out there, it would already require tons of resources for a family of hundreds to strive, much less a Sect that usually has no less than a few thousand disciples.

"I don't know why, nor do I care about your reasons for disguising yourself as a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect, but you have killed one of our disciples in our Sect, and I will have you bear the responsibility. But don't misunderstand my intentions as a way to protect Wang Ming. Even if Wang Ming wasn't a good man, he was still one of us. What do you think people will say about us if they learn that an outsider had managed to kill a Burning Lotus Sect disciple whilst inside their own Sect, even leaving without any consequences? I hope you understand..."

Great Elder Han truly did not want to offend someone like Su Yang if he didn't have to, especially when they know literally nothing of his background, but in order to uphold their public images so others won't see them as some pushovers, as having a weak presence would only lead to one's downfall in the cultivation world, leaving him no choice but to punish Su Yang for killing one of their disciples.

"You say that you want to punish me for killing Wang Ming, but what do you plan on doing to me exactly?" Su Yang spoke in a calm voice, his face still as nonchalant as ever.

It was almost as though he couldn't feel even the slightest of pressure from his current situation, and Great Elder Han could even feel the confidence that was in his aura.

"Is he really unfazed even when surrounded by an entire Sect when he's only a single person or is he only pretending to be confident?" Great Elder Han pondered inwardly.

If Su Yang is able to remain calm even in such a situation, then perhaps his background might have something to do with it.

"I won't ask for much," Great Elder Han said a moment later with a serious expression and pointed at Su Yang's right hand, "Just that you leave behind one of your arms."

"One of my limbs, huh?" Su Yang raised his right hand and looked at it as though he was trying to find value in it.

He continued to speak a few seconds later, "I don't mind leaving an arm behind, but will you be able to bear the consequences? It might cost your entire Sect, you know?"

"How dare you!"

The surrounding Sect Elders expressed anger when they heard Su Yang's mocking words. How could one of his arms be worth their entire Sect that has thousands of years of history?

"Shut up! I will be the only one speaking here!" Great Elder Han shouted at the Sect Elders, causing them to instantly shut their mouths.

After silencing his own Sect Elders, Great Elder Han returned to looking at Su Yang with a frown. He tried reading Su Yang's facial expressions and the light in his eyes, hoping to find even the slightest of signs that he was bluffing. But alas, he was unable to find even a shred of bluffing in Su Yang — only confidence.

"Can you tell me your background? I might be able to lessen your punishment," he said to Su Yang, trying not to sound awkward.

He didn't want to accidentally offend a power that far exceeded that of their Burning Lotus Sect. After all, what is the point of trying to defend their public images when they have to risk their entire Sect's safety by doing so?

Su Yang pointed to the green robes on his body and said with a calm smile, "This is my identity."

The frown on Great Elder Han deepened, thinking that Su Yang was treating him like he was a fool.

"Although you may be at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm, you are also currently surrounded by hundreds of experts in the heart of the Burning Lotus Sect. And with this many people, if we don't want you to leave at all, then not even a single strand of your hair will be able to leave this place today, so why don't you think about your answer again. I will give you a few seconds."

In Great Elder Han's head, no matter how powerful Su Yang's background may be, if he doesn't return to tell them and the Burning Lotus Sect denies all allegations, then that powerful background will not be able to attack them and avenge Su Yang without making themselves look like a bunch of savage barbarians without reason.

"Hmm… is that so?" Su Yang narrowed his eyes and spoke in a slow pace, "That theory… do you want to test it out?"

Suddenly, a fearsome power exploded out of Su Yang's body, causing a tyrannical pressure to erupt around him and many Sect Elders and disciples there fall to their knees.

Great Elder Han's face instantly paled, even unconsciously taking a few steps back due to the insane pressure that surrounded Su Yang.

"I-I-Impossible! T-This pressure… it's far more powerful than the Sect Leader! H-How could he release that much power when he's not even at the Heavenly Spirit Realm?!"

"While you may be at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, your foundation is weak — so weak, in fact, that I can break it with two fingers, like snapping a tree branch in half…" Su Yang said as he approached Great Elder Han, who was trembling at the feeling of his pressure.

Great Elder Han couldn't comprehend the situation. How could he be pressured by someone at the Earth Spirit Realm? The difference between the ninth level of the Earth Spirit Realm and the first level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm is like comparing a chicken and a phoenix! It was simply unthinkable for Su Yang, who was the chicken, to threaten a phoenix such as Great Elder Han!

"P-P-Protect the Great Elder!" One of the Sect Elders suddenly shouted.

In the next few seconds, many figures could be seen jumping towards Su Yang despite the pressure on their body. In their eyes, even if they have to risk their lives, they have to protect their Great Elder, who was only below the Sect Leader in terms of status and influence.

Su Yang's eyes flickered with a profound light, and he began throwing normal punches towards the incoming figures.


However, because of his tempered physique, Su Yang's normal punches that were executed without any techniques struck harder than any techniques these disciples and sect elders have experienced, feeling as though they were crashing against a mountain.

Within seconds, countless figures could be seen flying in every direction after being struck by Su Yang, resembling the scene of a frustrated child tossing his toys around the room from frustration after being grounded.

"G-Good heavens! What kind of monster did I provoke?!" Great Elder Han could feel the strength in his legs disappear from watching Su Yang toss his disciples around the place, treating them as though they were mere ragdolls.

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