Dual Cultivation

Chapter 206 Surrounded by Experts

Chapter 206 Surrounded by Experts

The explosion in the sky was a signal for help, something only used when a person of the Burning Lotus Sect is in grave danger. Though, not every disciple of the Burning Lotus Sect is given such an item, as mostly Sect Elders or Core disciples would receive them due to their importance to the Sect.

And according to the Burning Lotus Sect rules, one must stop whatever they are doing to answer the call for help if noticed, especially Sect Elders, even if they are aware of the danger ahead.

When the explosion occurred in the sky above the Burning Lotus Sect, various Sect Elders and Core disciples within the Sect that noticed the flames immediately stopped whatever they were doing and began heading towards the site where the explosion appeared.

Within mere minutes, Sect Elders and elite disciples numbering in the hundreds appeared at Su Yang's location, shocking every single disciple there, as many of them have never seen so many Sect Elders and Core disciples in one place before besides grand occasions.

Suddenly surrounded by at least a thousand Burning Lotus disciples and elders ranging from the True Spirit Realm to the Earth Spirit Realm, one would expect a young disciple like Su Yang to piss his pants and pass out from fear, but in reality, Su Yang only calmly smiled at the situation and said to the Sect Elder with the broken hand, "Talk about an exaggerated reaction. I haven't even touched you, yet you went out of your way to seek for this much help like you are on the brink of death — especially after sneak attacking me just now? Just like your disciple, you have no shame."

"What happened here, Elder Lao?! Why did you activate the Emergency Talisman?!"

The Sect Elders expressed confusion after seeing the situation. From their point of view, there's nothing out of the ordinary here at first glance that would necessitate the use of the Emergency Talisman, something only meant for near-death situations.

"T-T-That bastard over there is an intruder! Not only did he cripple my hand but from what I've learned, he's here with the intention to cause great harm to our Burning Lotus Sect!"

Upon hearing his words, the Sect Elders turned to look at Su Yang with a deep frown on their faces.

"Intruder? He's just an Inner Court disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect. What can he possibly do that could harm us?"

The Sect Elders expressed doubt. But such a reaction was only natural, as the Profound Blossom Sect is not a place that could threaten them even if they were to launch a full-scale attack on them, much less a single disciple from that place.

"Uhh…" Elder Lao began panicking inwardly when he realized that he'd acted too rashly with the Emergency Talisman. If he doesn't justify his reasons for using it, he might be the one to the punished instead of Su Yang for wasting valuable resources and everybody's time.

Suddenly, he remembered Wang Ming, who had mysteriously died recently, and said while pointing at Su Yang, "My disciple saw that bastard kill Wang Ming!"

Of course, Elder Lao couldn't have known about Su Yang killing Wang Ming and was only farting lies to make him look more dangerous, but little did he know that he'd accidentally revealed the truth.

"What? Is that true?"

The way the Sect Elders looked at Su Yang immediately changed upon hearing Elder Lao's random excuse.

Even Su Yang expressed surprise when Wang Ming was suddenly brought up. He was certain that nobody was nearby when he killed Wang Ming, yet this Elder Lao somehow learned about it?

"W-Wait a moment!"

A sweet voice resounded before Su Yang could even speak, and a figure appeared before him.

"H-He didn't do it with the intention to harm the Sect! It was because of me!" The person said.

Su Yang looked at the pretty girl before him with wide eyes, who happened to be Zhang Xiu Ying.

While Su Yang never told Zhang Xiu Ying about killing Wang Ming, she was certain that Su Yang had killed Wang Ming for her when she heard about his death after what Su Yang said to her before.

"And who are you?"

Many of the Sect Elders did not recognize Zhang Xiu Ying and asked her.

"I-I am Zhang Xiu Ying…" she introduced herself with a timid voice.

"Disciple Zhang, what do you mean by those words just now? Care to explain?"

Zhang Xiu Ying nodded and gave them a quick explanation of how Wang Ming had been abusing his status as an Inner Court disciple to pressure Outer Court female disciples into sleeping with him. Then she told them about how Su Yang helped her by revealing Wang Ming.

"Who would've thought that someone like Wang Ming turned out to be such a guy…"

Many elders and disciples expressed deep disgust after learning of Wang Ming's true identity. Some of them even felt gratitude towards Su Yang for killing him, as they would've done the same.

Su Yang watched all of this unfold before him with lifted brows, seemingly surprised by how the situation was progressing without needing to speak a single word.

"That's right. I was the one who killed Wang Ming." Su Yang finally confessed to killing Wang Ming despite having the intentions to deny all allegations just a few moments ago.

When Elder Lao heard Su Yang's confession, his eyes widened with shock. He didn't think that his bullshit would turn out to be true!

A few moments later, an old man appeared from within the crowd and stood a few meters away from Su Yang, his profound gaze filled with awe and admiration when looking at Su Yang.

"Great Elder Han!" All the Sect Elders and disciples instantly recognized this old man with long white hair and fu mustache.

"You… Why would you disguise yourself as a mere disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect?" Great Elder Han spoke while playing with his long mustache.

"What? He's not a disciple from that place? Even though he's wearing their uniform?" Everybody expressed bewilderment when they heard Great Elder Han's words.

"Anybody can obtain even unique clothes with some effort, and you may appear to be 'weak', but you cannot fool me…" Great Elder Han's eyes stared at Su Yang with a profound feeling, almost like he could see through him.

"What are you talking about?" Su Yang asked him with a slight smile on his face.

"Although nobody here can see your real cultivation base, I do not blame them, as only someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm like myself would be able to see your peak Earth Spirit Realm cultivation base…"

"What?! Peak Earth Spirit Realm?!"

When Great Elder Han revealed Su Yang's true cultivation base at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm, everybody there exclaimed with great shock, especially Elder Lao, who directly fell on his butt from shock.

Even Zhang Xiu Ying couldn't help but gasp in shock and look at Su Yang with a dazed face, seemingly in disbelief.

Whilst the Earth Spirit Realm may not seem much at the Holy Central Continent, it marks the peak of the cultivation world in this place!

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