Dual Cultivation

Chapter 205 Lack of Discipline

Chapter 205 Lack of Discipline

After leaving Wang Shuren's place, Su Yang strolled through the Burning Lotus Sect and towards the exit. And because he'd already said his goodbyes to Zhang Xiu Ying before leaving her house this morning, there was no reason for him to see her before he leaves.

More than just a few disciples would turn their heads to look at Su Yang as he walked past them, seemingly dazed by his appearance. Some were disgusted by the robes he wore, yet there were others that looked at him with adoration, clearly attracted by his handsome face and the mesmerizing air that surrounded him.

However, just as Su Yang approached the Outer Court, someone shouted in a loud voice as he pointed at Su Yang's figure, "It's him! That's the bastard that attacked me and the Inner Court disciples at Lotus City!"

The man that raised his voice was the Core disciple that had all of his faces slapped out of him by Su Yang at Lotus City, and accompanying him was a Sect Elder from the Burning Lotus Sect, who looked at Su Yang with a frown on his face.

"You there, stop right there."

The Sect Elder used a movement technique and appeared before Su Yang with a single step, leaving a small fire at where he once stood.

Su Yang looked at the middle-aged man before him with an indifferent face, his expression as calm as water in a still cup. 

"You are the one who attacked my disciple? You sure don't look like someone who is capable of such a feat, so I will give you that…" The Sect Elder looked up and down at Su Yang's elegant and slim appearance, seemingly analyzing him.

"Are you sure he is the one?" The Sect Elder turned to ask his disciple, who was approaching them with a face filled with wary, almost as if he is still afraid of Su Yang after what happened to him.

"I-It's really him! He's the one who attacked me after I warned him for disrespecting our Burning Lotus Sect and disciples whilst in our territory!" The Core disciple confirmed.

Upon hearing his disciple's word, the Sect Elder nodded and returned to focus on Su Yang.

"You sure have some tough guts, young man. Or are you simply just ignorant? Do you have any idea how small the Profound Blossom Sect is when before our Burning Lotus Sect?"

Su Yang smiled and said, "Are you going to avenge your disciple, who had been slapped away like some fly? A Sect Elder like you? Even a 'large' power like the Burning Lotus Sect won't have enough face to spare for you."

The Sect Elder burst out laughing after hearing his words.

"Revenge? Hahaha! That is wrong, young man. My disciple got beat because he was weaker than you, that's all."

After laughing for a few seconds, the Sect Elder suddenly showed a serious face and continued, "What I will be doing to you is simply discipline for acting too arrogant and disrespectful in the Burning Lotus Sect. Even now, you have yet to greet me, your senior."

"Don't crap your pants, as I won't be too harsh on you — just a few broken bones." The Sect Elder's eyes flickered with slight killing intent, looking extremely serious.

"You can't blame anyone but your Sect for their lack of discipline towards their own disciples, or else they wouldn't need someone like me to take their place to discipline you!"

Su Yang's expression had remained indifferent this entire time, and the way he looked at the Sect Elder was the same as looking an ant, perhaps even something more insignificant.

"Hmm… is that so?" Even his voice was filled with nonchalance.

Seeing Su Yang's non-caring attitude, something that was way beyond the middle-aged man's expectation, the Sect Elder's face fumed red from anger.

And without even a warning, the middle-aged man pushed his palms that suddenly began flaring up with flames forward and directly at Su Yang's chest.


Despite seeing the incoming strike and having the ability to block it, Su Yang merely remained standing there without even flinching an eyelid, looking like a stone statue.

"Burning Lotus Palm Strike!"

The palm reached Su Yang's chest at a speed that was faster than anyone can blink, and at the moment of impact, a large fire exploded from where Su Yang was struck.

The fire seemed like it was going to swallow Su Yang whole within the next second, but the Sect Elder unexpectedly retrieved his palms before that could happen.

Once he retrieved his palm, the Sect Elder jumped back to distance himself from Su Yang, his face pouring with sweat.


The Core disciple's eyes nearly popped out from shock when he noticed the weird way the Sect Elder's hand was bending.

Somehow, the Sect Elder had crippled his own hand from the strike!

"W-W-What did you do to me?!" The Sect Elder managed to suppress the desire to scream in his body and save face, but the pain was as clear as day on his terrified expression.

Su Yang, who did not even flinch from the strike, stood there and spoke with a smile on his face, "What are you talking about? You were the one who struck me."

"Bulltshit! You must have done something!" The Sect Elder refused to accept the result. There was no way that he, who was at the second level Earth Spirit Realm, would lose to some disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect, much less severely injuring himself in the process.

Su Yang shook his head and said, "I don't care what you think, but to suddenly attack a 'junior' without any warnings, what kind of senior are you?"

Su Yang began approaching the Sect Elder, and he continued to speak, "Since your Sect cannot discipline their own disciples, I will have to discipline you myself…"

"W-Wait a second…" When the Sect Elder noticed Su Yang approaching him, his face immediately sunk, and he quickly used his unharmed hand to retrieve something from his robes and threw it high into the sky.

A few seconds later, the thing the Sect Elder threw into the sky exploded, causing a ball of flames to appear in the sky, looking like a signal of some sorts.

Su Yang looked at the fireball in the sky with raised eyebrows.

"What is that?" He wondered.

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