Dual Cultivation

Chapter 200 Wang Ming's Death

Chapter 200 Wang Ming's Death

Under the starry sky and concealed by a sound-proof formation, Su Yang tortured Wang Ming for two hours without rest, treating him as though he was a prison in hell. Su Yang simply had no sympathy for someone like Wang Ming, people who disregard others' feelings for their own lustful pleasure. 

\"This is getting boring,\" said Su Yang, who didn't even blink from hearing Wang Ming's blood-curdling screams and seeing his agonizing expressions.


Wang Ming had long lost his voice from screaming too much. His eyes were white without pupils, his body was twitching like a bug after being squashed, and there was even foam coming out his mouth.

And despite his heart still beating, Wang Ming might as well be dead in his current state. However, what's caused Wang Ming the most pain in all of this was how Su Yang did not stop after destroying his balls and went as far as to slice off his rod, completely destroying his manhood, even laughing at him for its small size afterward.

\"Hmm?\" Su Yang raised an eyebrow when he noticed that Wang Ming's heart had stopped beating a few moments later.

\"Aiya… even though I had said that I wouldn't kill you… what a shame...\" Su Yang looked at Wang Ming's lifeless body without a shred of emotion in his eyes. It was almost as if he wasn't seeing a human from Wang Ming's body but just a pile of trash instead.

A few seconds later, Su Yang slightly waved his sleeves, and a small ball of Alchemy Flame was tossed onto Wang Ming's body, quickly engulfing his corpse.

Not even a few moments later, the only thing that remained of Wang Ming was the ashes of his body.

Once Wang Ming's existence was completely erased from this world, Su Yang retrieved the concealing formation and casually walked back to Zhang Xiu Ying's house, looking as though the last few hours did not really occur.

\"Su Yang…?\" Zhang Xiu Ying, who had been asleep this whole time, slowly opened her eyes when Su Yang entered the room.

\"I had trouble sleeping so I went out for a walk,\" he said with a gentle voice.

Zhang Xiu Ying did not notice him leaving the room at all.

\"It's a bit dangerous for you to wander around the Sect at such a time… According to the Sect Rules, you aren't supposed to be here right now, after all…\" she warned him.

\"Nobody noticed me so I will be fine.\" Su Yang said as he entered the bed that Zhang Xiu Ying was sleeping in, not even mentioning about Wang Ming's attempt to assault her tonight.

Su Yang did not erase Wang Ming because he wanted to please Zhang Xiu Ying, nor did he expect a reward from her for his deeds. He did it because he genuinely despised people like him and wanted him gone, so in his mind, there was no need for him to tell Zhang Xiu Ying about Wang Ming at all, as she will find out sooner or later anyway.

A few seconds later, once he was under the sheets, Su Yang cuddled Zhang Xiu Ying's body, who was completely naked underneath, slowly falling asleep from each other's warmth.




The next morning, Su Yang left Zhang Xiu Ying's living quarters early in the morning and returned to Wang Shuren's room to see how much she's progressed overnight.

\"I'm actually surprised that you didn't get caught wandering around the Sect after midnight. Where did you go? Did you leave the Sect?\" Wang Shuren said to him when she didn't hear any commotion last night, something she was expecting.

\"It's a secret,\" Su Yang responded with a smile.

\"Anyway, show me your progress.\"

Wang Shuren retrieved two bottles upon hearing his words, each pill bottle containing a Burning Dragon Pill.

\"Not bad considering that you only had one night,\" Su Yang nodded slightly after inspecting the pills.

\"However, you are still far from what I have in mind.\"

\"...\" Wang Shuren was speechless. Just how much does her Dao of Alchemy have to grow before she could even attempt to concoct the pill? Could the pill that he wanted her to concoct be an Immortal-grade pill? Is that why he didn't want to disclose details of the pill to her? Because it would cause her to lose spirit?

\"Don't worry, I will stay here to lecture you until you reach that point, which shouldn't be too far in the future.\" Su Yang continued speaking.

\"How long do you think it will take?\" Wang Shuren couldn't help but ask.

\"Before the sun descends,\" he responded with a confident smile.

\"T-That fast?\" Wang Shuren was dumbfounded.

A few minutes later, once Wang Shuren changed out of her dirty robes, Su Yang began lecturing her again.

However, Su Yang did not just stand there and speak this time and was actually teaching her as she concocted the pills, allowing her to grasp the technique at a much quicker pace than before.

Every mistake she made, Su Yang would instantly notice it and point it out for her to fix.

And after being taught by Su Yang for only a few hours, Wang Shuren couldn't help but feel inferior as a fellow teacher.

Although Su Yang seemed to be casually lecturing her, there was a difference like heaven and earth between the two of them in terms of their ability to affect whoever they're teaching, and it made Wang Shuren feel ashamed to be beside him as a fellow teacher.

She knew that no matter how much time she spends as a teacher that she will never be able to replicate what Su Yang was doing to her own disciples.

\"It's hard to believe your young appearance when you are this masterful in so many things… I wouldn't be surprised if you turn out to be some ancient expert in disguise,\" she said to him with a curious expression.

Su Yang showed a mysterious at her words and said, \"You'd have to be a fool to depend on one's appearance in the world of cultivation, as that's one of the biggest misconceptions in the cultivation world.\"

\"Can I take those words as a confirmation to my own just now — that you are actually an old man in disguise?\" Wang Shuren looked at him with narrowed eyes.

\"Take what you want from my words, but this body of mine is without a doubt only 16 years old.\"

\"Huh? You are only 16 years old?\" Wang Shuren looked at him with wide eyes and her jaws on the floor, her expression filled with disbelief and shock, almost like she was looking at a ghost.

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