Dual Cultivation

Chapter 201 Preparing to Concoct the Soul Divination Pill

Chapter 201 Preparing to Concoct the Soul Divination Pill

Wang Shuren couldn't believe that Su Yang was only 16 years old, especially not with the amount of knowledge he's shown her, as such extensive knowledge is not something a mere 16 years old can imagine achieving — not even these so-called prodigies!

"I-I do not believe you!" Wang Shuren said as she pulled out a crystal ball from her storage ring.

"This thing is called an Age Crystal; it peers into one's bones to determine the age of the individual with 100% accuracy. If you really are 16 years old, then you wouldn't be afraid to—"

Before Wang Shuren could even finish her sentence, Su Yang placed his hands on the crystal ball, causing it to glow a light green color, and the number 16 appeared inside the crystal a few seconds later.

"I-I-Impossible! You really are only 16 years old!" Wang Shuren felt extremely dizzy at this moment. How could Su Yang be 16 years old when his knowledge in the Dao of Alchemy is as vast as an ocean, something even experts with hundreds of years of experience could not hope to achieve and only stare at with jealousy? It just didn't make sense no matter how she thought about it!

However, if Su Yang happened to be the reincarnation of the God of Alchemy, then perhaps it would make his achievements much more believable in Wang Shuren's eyes.

"Enough talking about me," Su Yang suddenly said. "The sun is already setting, so concoct one more Burning Dragon Pill for me."

Although she was still greatly shocked by her discovery, Wang Shuren poured all of her focus on the Burning Dragon Pill.

After receiving Su Yang's lecture for nearly half a day without rest, she was confident that she could concoct the pill while half asleep, but because she wanted it to show Su Yang her best pill, she didn't dare to spare anything less than her maximum effort.

A few hours later, right as the moon appeared in the sky, Wang Shuren retrieved the pill from the cauldron and handed it to Su Yang with a bright smile on her face.

"95% high-grade quality," Su Yang nodded upon inspecting the pill.

He then turned to Wang Shuren and said, "Go ahead and take a break to restore your energy. You will be concocting the pill right afterward."

Wang Shuren nodded and went to change her robes and even relaxed in the bath for a bit.

Once she returned to the room, Su Yang handed her the recipe for the Soul Divination Pill and the process of concocting it.

"Memorize this before we start," he said.

"Soul Divination Pill? I have never heard of this pill before…" Wang Shuren thought to herself as she read its contents.

"And it even requires this many herbs…" Wang Shuren was slightly taken back by a lot of the herbs on this list, as more than a third of them were unheard of to her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"W-What will happen if I don't succeed in concocting this pill?" Wang Shuren asked him with a worried tone. She was no longer confident of her abilities despite the advancements in her Dao of Alchemy after seeing the Soul Divination Pill.

"You don't have to worry about that because I will be concocting this pill alongside you," said Su Yang.

"What?" Wang Shuren looked at him with a puzzled face.

She's never heard of two people concocting the same pill at the same time before.

"You will understand when the time comes. As for now, just focus on memorizing the recipe and your role in concocting the pill."

"If you say so…" Wang Shuren no longer bothered him and focused on studying the recipe.

Meanwhile, Su Yang also prepared himself for the pill concoction, as he will need to partake in something dangerous while Wang Shuren concocted the pill.

A few hours later, once Wang Shuren was filled with energy, Su Yang said to her, "Do you have the recipe memorized?"

Wang Shuren nodded with a serious expression, "I can even recall the entire thing backward."

Su Yang then sat on the other side of the cauldron in front of Wang Shuren and continued, "Before we start, I will explain a few things. During the concocting of the pill, I will be mixing my blood with the ingredients and a few other things, so it will be much more difficult to main control for you. However, you don't have to worry about it because I will be assisting you when that happens. And I'm aware that you have never concocted a pill in such a fashion before, but all you need to do is focus on your part."

One of the few reasons why Su Yang decided to not concoct the Soul Divination Pill alone is because in order for the pill to be fully efficient on him, the Soul Divination Pill required fresh blood that came straight from the body while also needing to enhance that blood with a unique technique before mixing it with the other ingredients in the cauldron, and it would be difficult even for someone like Su Yang to maintain his control over the cauldron while doing all of that, hence why he sought Wang Shuren to help him concoct the pill in his stead.

That being said, it is entirely possible to concoct the Soul Divination Pill without his blood, but the effect it will have on his body will be greatly reduced. In other words, there was a high chance that the Soul Divination Pill would not be able to accurately find the other soul in his body even if it exists.

After listening to his words, Wang Shuren nodded and began inspecting the ingredients. But because she didn't know many of these herbs, Su Yang helped her go through them, making the entire process much faster.

After inspection, Wang Shuren began grinding the herbs until it turns into powder, while Su Yang closed his eyes to prepare for the pill concoction later.

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