Dual Cultivation

Chapter 199 Midnight Torture

Chapter 199 Midnight Torture

"W-Why are you doing this?! Is it because of her, Zhang Xiu Ying?! Just what is she to you?!" Wang Ming cried with teary eyes and a runny nose.

Su Yang looked at his pitiful expression without any emotions on his face, and he spoke with a cold voice, "You know what I hate more than people using force upon others? People who use their status to pressure those who do not have the means to defend themselves — people like you."

Su Yang began approaching the trembling Wang Ming with slow steps.

"Even if Zhang Xiu Ying didn't ask, I would've gotten rid of you so that there will be fewer victims in this world."

Wang Ming's complexion was as pale as sheets right now, looking like there was no blood in his system and almost like a ghoul.

"P-P-Please… I beg of you… d-don't kill me…" Wang Ming's face was covered in snot and tears, looking like he'd just witnessed his lover die in his arms. His legs were moving unconsciously, taking a step back whenever Su Yang took a step forward.

"Kill you? Don't worry, I won't kill you," Su Yang said with a mysterious smile.

Wang Ming regained some light in his eyes after hearing words, feeling a bit more hopeful, but such a feeling only lasted for a few seconds until Su Yang continued speaking.

"Death is too light of a punishment for someone like you, so I will have you experience so much pain that you'd be begging for me to kill you!"

"W-W-Wait… No… Please..." Wang Ming's face expressed fear beyond anything he's experienced.

"H-H-Help! Help me! There's an intruder trying to kill me!"

Wang Ming suddenly started screaming at the top of his lungs. If he can't stop Su Yang alone, then he will alert the entire Sect and have them deal with him for him!

"Somebody! Help! There's an intruder! He's a spy trying to bring harm to the Burning Lotus Sect!"

Wang Ming continued to scream for a few moments, but even after many minutes of screaming, nobody arrived to help him — not even a shadow.

"W-What's going on?! Why isn't there anybody coming?!" Wang Ming looked around with a bewildered expression. Surely someone must've heard his voice even if they are deep asleep, especially the Sect Elders, yet why hasn't anyone arrived after so long?

"What's wrong? Maybe you aren't screaming loud enough, so why don't you keep on screaming for a little longer?" Su Yang said to him with a mocking smile on his calm expression, almost like he was entertained from watching Wang Ming scream in disarray.

"W-What have you done? This is your doing, isn't it?! Who are you, really?!" Wang Ming spoke in a hoarse voice that was caused by all that screaming.

"I figured that you'd do something like this, so I created a formation around this place beforehand, one that prevents any noises from getting out no matter how loud you scream. You should thank me, as you won't have to worry about any interference once you start screaming like a pig…"

"No… No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!"

Wang Ming couldn't see a handsome young man when looking at Su Yang and could only see a demonic being standing there with his own life in Su Yang's hands.

Su Yang no longer felt like delaying this any longer and began approaching Wang Ming once again, and he spoke with each step taken, "Trapped… helpless… fear… despair… hopelessness… pain… hatred… powerless… these are all the feelings that you have caused your victims, and karma is a bitch — especially when I am the one serving it!"

Wang Ming had no intent on fighting Su Yang and immediately turned around to run despite knowing very well that he would not be able to escape Su Yang's grasp.

"Why are you running?"

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Bloodlust suddenly appeared from Su Yang as he retrieved his sword. And not even a second later, Su Yang brandished his sword, sending a stream of sword light towards the running Wang Ming.

And because it was behind him, Wang Ming was completely oblivious to the fact that he was being chased down by Su Yang's sword attack.

An instant later, the sword light created by Su Yang caught up to Wang Ming, and like cutting two branches off a tree with a sword, it directly sliced through Wang Ming's legs, completely crippling his ability to stand, much less run.


Suddenly having his legs cut off and without the ability to run anymore, Wang Ming fell on his face and began screaming in pain, his hoarse voice filled with agony.

Once Wang Ming fell on the floor, Su Yang casually walked up to him and raised the sword in his hand high into the air.

"W-W-Wait…" Wang Ming tried to resist the pain that was all over his bottom half to beg for mercy.

"No." Su Yang said coldly with the sword in his hand already heading cleaving down at Wang Ming.


Wang Ming suddenly felt the two balls hanging from his lower body explode into a bloody mess.

"?&@*#$^%&@!" The blood-curdling scream that came out of Wang Ming a second later did not even resemble any sound made by a human and sounded more like a pig's scream.

And because of the constant pain in his body, Wang Ming fell unconscious — only to wake up a few seconds later from the intense pain that kept jolting his inner body, and such a cycle would keep repeating itself for some time.

And since Su Yang did not want Wang Ming to die from losing too much blood, he would force high-quality restoration pills down Wang Ming's throat to keep his body regenerating blood, keeping him barely alive.

"Please… just kill me already…" Wang Ming was so exhausted from all that screaming that he didn't even have the strength to cry anymore. And just like Su Yang had said before all this, Wang Ming began begging to be killed instead.

"You may be done, but I am not finished with you. The night is still very young, so let's enjoy this while it lasts…" Su Yang spoke with an indifferent expression and narrowed eyes on his handsome face, his cold glares piercing directly into Wang Ming's soul that was already on the verge of collapsing.

"My Lord... please… have mercy…" Wang Ming fell unconscious again from shock — only to wake up again a few seconds later because Su Yang had gently kicked him in his open wound.

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