Dual Cultivation

Chapter 198 Midnight Assaul

Chapter 198 Midnight Assaul

Somewhere inside a building within the Burning Lotus Sect, a young man was destroying the furniture in his room whilst shouting angrily, "That fucking bitch! Not only did she snitch on me to aunty, causing her to scold me endlessly, but she also dares to act so intimate with another man from the Profound Blossom Sect?!"

This angry individual was Wang Ming, Wang Shuren's cousin. When his disgraceful behaviors were exposed to Wang Shuren by Zhang Xiu Ying with the help of Su Yang, such as how he'd abuse his status within the Sect by pressuring female disciple without any backing to sleep with him, Wang Shuren immediately reported back to the Wang Family for his punishment.

And once the Wang Family learned his of his scandalous deeds, they immediately called him back to the family to punish him by beating him until he could not even sleep due to the pain all over his body.

"It's all because of that slut that all of my face and credibility are gone! Now everyone in the family will see me as some sort of a rapist!" Wang Ming's eyes turned red from rage.

After spending a few minutes to thrash the room and calming down a bit, Wang Ming suddenly had a thought appeared in his mind.

"Since I am already branded as a rapist, I might as well become one! And because it was you who forced me into this corner, I will come to you first, Zhang Xiu Ying!" His heart burned with the thought of revenge, and the first one to appear in his mind was Zhang Xiu Ying, the one who caused him to be in this situation.

Wang Ming then retrieved an Appearance Reforming Pill and swallowed it, transforming his face into that some stranger. As for his clothing, because he was still within the Burning Lotus Sect and it is past midnight, he couldn't risk walking around with clothes that did not belong to the Sect, increasing the chances of him being caught.

Once he finished planning for his revenge, Wang Ming left his living quarters and began heading towards Zhang Xiu Ying's living quarters.

Inside his mind, he was thinking about all the things he'd do to Zhang Xiu Ying once she was in his hands. "Luckily for me, she's now an Inner Court disciple, so she lives alone!" he inwardly snickered.

"I will make her regret snitching on me! And once I have my fun with her, I will erase all evidence that could put me ask risk — including Zhang Xiu Ying herself!"

Under the starry sky, while most disciples were asleep or cultivating in their room, Wang Ming made his way to Zhang Xiu Ying's living quarters with his heart burning with lustful desires and his mind filled with revenge. He simply couldn't wait to start torturing Zhang Xiu Ying.

Sometime later, once Wang Ming could see Zhang Xiu Ying's living quarters, his grin grew into a wide smile that was filled with evil intent.

"The lights are off… is she asleep?" Wang Ming hoped that she was actually asleep and not away from home, as he'd have to find another female disciple to release his anger on.

However, just as Wang Ming began approaching Zhang Xiu Ying's house, a voice filled with indifference resounded in his ears.

"After sitting here for so long, I was beginning to wonder if you would even show up…"

"Who's there?!" Wang Ming felt a burning sensation in his heart when he heard the voice appear out of the blue and immediately began looking around with a panicked face.

A figure slowly appeared before him a few seconds later.

"Y-Y-You are!!!" Wang Ming's heart shook when Su Yang's face appeared before him. How could he still be here when it's already past midnight? But most importantly, why is he here right now? Could he have known about his plans to assault Zhang Xiu Ying tonight? That's absurd! In Wang Ming's heart, unless he had time traveled from the future, there was no possible way that Su Yang could've known about his plans when he'd just thought of it!

"W-Who are you?! A-And w-what are you doing here?! Guests are not allowed in here past midnight!" Wang Ming began acting as if he was just an ordinary disciple.

Still, with a calm expression, Su Yang spoke, "Did you really think that I would not notice you stalking us ever since the beginning? Even if you hide your presence, your obnoxious stares are as plain as day!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"W-What are you talking about?!" Wang Ming continued to act ignorant, but there were already clear signs of heavy sweating on his robes.

Su Yang shook his head inwardly at Wang Ming's bad acting. He had noticed Wang Ming following them — mostly Zhang Xiu Ying — before their little commotion with the three Inner Court and Core disciples. And one of the reasons why he decided to meet Zhang Xiu Ying at this time was because he had expected something like this would happen, and he wanted to make sure she was safe. But even if Wang Ming did not show up tonight, he would have still ensured that Wang Ming would not be able to exact his revenge after he left.

"We both know why you are here right now, but unfortunately for you, it might not go as planned. Don't you also think so, Wang Ming?"

Wang Ming could be seen trembling visibly by now. He knew very well what Su Yang was capable of because he was also there to witness the one-sided beatdown at the Lotus City.

"W-W-Wait a moment! L-Let's talk about this! What do you want from me? I will do anything!" Knowing that he won't be able to run away from him, Wang Ming dropped to the floor and began kowtowing for his mercy.

"There's nothing you have that I want. Even if you do, I wouldn't touch anything that you have already touched even with a ten-foot stick!" Su Yang said with narrowed eyes, his voice so cold that it nearly froze Wang Ming's heart when he heard it.

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