Dual Cultivation

Chapter 197 Midnight Pleasure

Chapter 197 Midnight Pleasure

"What do you think about this pill compared to the previous one?" Wang Shuren asked Su Yang as she casually handed him the Burning Dragon Pill, something the Burning Lotus Sect treats as a priceless treasure.

Su Yang glanced at the pill for a few seconds before saying, "A little bit better, but it's still not good enough."

"Is that so…"

Wang Shuren felt confident in this new pill, but alas, it still didn't manage to get his approval. Although she didn't show it, Wang Shuren really wanted to help him concoct this pill, as this is the only way she could repay him for everything he's given her, even if it's just slightly.

"However, I can tell that you have truly comprehended my lecture, so you will reach that point after some more practice," Su Yang continued.

"Really? Then what are we waiting for? Let's hurry up and continue on with the lectures!" Wang Shuren hadn't felt this motivated to be lectured for many years; it was a refreshing feeling to her.

Su Yang nodded and immediately began his next lecture.

For the second lecture, since Wang Shuren already knows her own weakness, Su Yang delved a bit deeper into her technique, explaining all of its secrets and how to utilize them properly, dumbfounded Wang Shuren, who didn't expect there to be so much more about the technique that she thought was already at its limit.

The lecture lasted for only two hours this time, but what Wang Shuren learned from these two hours has far exceeded what she has achieved all her life.

After the lecture, Su Yang said to her, "You can continue to practice on your own now. I will be back tomorrow to see your progress, and hopefully, I can let you concoct the pill without any worries that you might fail."

"Where will you be going? It's almost midnight, so you might get stopped by somebody from the Sect if they see you wandering around. If you want, I can arrange a living quarter for you here." Wang Shuren said to him.

"I will be fine," he quickly responded. "And I already have a place in mind."

"Is that so…? Then I won't bother you anymore."

Su Yang then left Wang Shuren's living quarters, leaving her alone to cultivate her technique even further.

A few seconds later, he activated the Nine Astral Steps and disappeared into the night.




Inside her own living quarters, Zhang Xiu Ying laid on her bed with wide eyes, her gaze staring out the window and into the starry sky with a dazed feeling in them.

"He really remembered me…" she thought about her time with Su Yang inside the Burning Lotus Auction House.

When Su Yang left on that day, she was sure that he'd forget about her after some time, especially when taking into consideration his indifferent attitude towards her at that time.

However, her imagination turned out to be just an imagination, and Su Yang even became more approachable and friendly than before. Her meeting him again and in such a fashion was more than she could ever ask for, hence why she's still awake from being too excited.

"I wonder if I will ever see him again?"

Just as she mumbled those words, she could hear someone knocking on the door to her house.

"Who is it?"

Zhang Xiu Ying went to open the doors.

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When she saw Su Yang standing before her, she was left completely flabbergasted.

"W-What are you doing here? What happened to Elder Wang?" she asked him.

"I am waiting for her to finish something, so I came here to kill time. Am I not welcomed?" he spoke.

"R-Ridiculous! You are more than welcome here!" Zhang Xiu Ying quickly allowed Su Yang inside without a care for the Sect Rules regarding visitors after midnight.

Once Su Yang was inside her house, Zhang Xiu Ying sighed to herself inwardly, "Thankfully I am now an Inner Court disciple and have a house to myself."

She cannot imagine what would happen if her old roommates were here to see her bring another man into her house and even so late into the night.

"Anyway, what brings you here at this time?" Zhang Xiu Ying asked him, her heart beating slightly faster than normal, almost like she was expecting something.

"Do you recall what I said to you this morning?" he said with a smile on his face.

"T-T-T-T-This m-m-m-m-morning?" Zhang Xiu Ying obviously remembers, but she thought that he said such words only to provoke those disciples and did not expect him to really mean it!

"Y-You weren't joking?" she asked him with her heart pounding as loud as war drums.

"What? You thought I was only joking?"

Zhang Xiu Ying slowly nodded.

Su Yang smiled and began approaching her.

"Do you think I am still joking now?" he whispered in her ears once he pulled her into his embrace.

Zhang Xiu Ying shook her and mumbled with a sheepish voice, "I will be in your care once again…"

A few moments later, once Zhang Xiu Ying and Su Yang were inside the bedroom, they both removed their clothes and began feeling the warmth from each other's body.

However, unlike their first time together at the Burning Lotus Action House that was very one-sided, Su Yang willingly embraced Zhang Xiu Ying with passion this time, treating her as though she was one of his women.

"Ahh… Yes…"

Zhang Xiu Ying was overwhelmed with pure joy and pleasure as she felt Su Yang's thick rod enter her body once again.

The feeling of his thick rod that was as hard as steel, the burning sensation of pleasure that caused her body to tremble with delight, and the unique scent that emitted from Su Yang's body — all of these caused Zhang Xiu Ying to reminiscence the time they spent inside that dimly lit room at the Burning Lotus Auction House.

"This feeling… I have been longing for this ever since that day…" Zhang Xiu Ying thought to herself as she moaned her heart out.

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