Dual Cultivation

Chapter 196 Just Who Is This Man?!

Chapter 196 Just Who Is This Man?!

"By the way, what kind of pill will I be making?" Wang Shuren asked him after changing out of her soaked robes. That was when she realized that he didn't tell her yet.

"I think it would be for the best if you didn't know." Su Yang said as he didn't want to scare her with a pill she's never heard of before, especially its high grade that would definitely intimidate her.

After all, the Soul Divination Pill is something that even Alchemy Masters above her level wouldn't even dare to attempt. However, since she has an Immortal-grade technique — one that was tailored for pills such as the Soul Divination Pills, she has a much higher chance of succeeding.

"Is that so…"

Although Wang Shuren was confident in her abilities, she couldn't help but feel anxious about this pill he wants her to make.

"Anyway, let's get started." Su Yang said. "I have watched you long enough to see the faults in your technique, so I will be helping you fix those mistakes and even more."

And before Wang Shuren can even nod her head, Su Yang continued to speak, "I want you to be capable enough to concoct the pill by tomorrow."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Su Yang nodded and said, "That's why we should start right away."

After saying those words, Su Yang began lecturing Wang Shuren on her technique. He told her the mistakes she made during the pill concoction just now and explained to her how to further improve her technique.

And mere minutes after listening to his lectures, Wang Shuren could feel her understanding towards the Dao of Alchemy grow; it was almost like she was before the God of Alchemy, someone who had the ability to make even the worst Alchemy Masters into peak Alchemy Masters with only a few words.

It was an unprecedented feeling for her to see her Dao of Alchemy grow so fast just from listening to Su Yang speak a few words.

At first, she wondered what kind of lectures he'll be giving her. Truly, she didn't expect his lectures to be so simple and straightforward. It was almost as if she was listening to him read her a book on the Dao of Alchemy — one that highlighted the most important things whilst filtering out the useless ones.

Su Yang continued to lecture Wang Shuren through the hours, and after four hours of lecturing her, he decided to see how much she has improved.

"Go ahead and concoct another Burning Dragon Pill," he said to her.

"I will have to get more ingredients from the treasury," she said.

Su Yang nodded.

When Wang Shuren went to the treasury to ask for more ingredients for a Burning Dragon Pill, the Sect did not deny her request, as they didn't want to anger her. Because of her Profound Advancement Pills that she disguised as Burning Lotus Pill, the Sect Master of the Burning Lotus Sect gave her status within the Sect that was only slightly lower than his own. And since Wang Shuren refused to share her secrets to concocting the Profound Advancement Pill, the Burning Lotus Sect has no choice but to treat her with far more respect than they would to any other Sect Elder.

Once Wang Shuren obtained the ingredients, she rushed back to her living quarters where Su Yang waited, where she immediately began concocting the pill mere seconds after her return.

When she finished the inspection and grinding, she realized that her speed remained basically the same as before, almost as though there were no improvements. However, she was not disheartened by that fact and continued on with concocting the pill.

And in mere minutes after Wang Shuren began concocting the Burning Dragon Pill, she finally began realizing the effects Su Yang's lectures had on her Dao of Alchemy.

Not only was she feeling more at ease with controlling the cauldron temperature, but her energy was also depleting at a much lower rate than before Su Yang's lecture.

After four mere hours of simple lecture from Su Yang, her Dao of Alchemy had advanced by leaps and bounds. If she had studied on her own without his help, it might have taken her months if not years to achieve such growth.

"Just who is this man?!" Wang Shuren was greatly shocked in her heart.

She knew that Su Yang's young appearance was extremely deceptive to his real abilities, but she still couldn't comprehend his real background.

And while he wore the robes of the Profound Blossom Sect, a place that isn't even worth mentioning by many great Sects, Su Yang has only shown her things that she couldn't imagine coming from even the biggest and most powerful Sects and families within the Eastern Continent!

How could a mere disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect have Immortal-grade techniques that even the wealthiest Sects in the Eastern Continent could only dream about obtaining?

How could a mere disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect be this experienced in the Dao of Alchemy?

Wang Shuren simply couldn't believe it. 

"Stop thinking about useless things in your head and focus on the cauldron," Su Yang suddenly said to her.

Wang Shuren felt a shiver down her spine from Su Yang's sharpness. It was almost as if he could read her mind.

"The Burning Lotus Sect must not, under any circumstances, offend him! Even if he's a single individual, the Sect cannot afford to offend someone like him!" Wang Shuren swore to herself that she wouldn't offend Su Yang even if he were to kill her family before her very eyes. He was simply that terrifying of an existence in her eyes.

After thinking that, Wang Shuran got rid of all the unnecessary thoughts in her head and focused solely on the cauldron before her.




Six hours later, Wang Shuran retrieved the Burning Dragon Pill from the cauldron with a bewildered expression.

Not only did she manage to concoct the pill in half the time than her previous attempts but her body was also not as sweaty. Her Dao of Alchemy has grown far more than she'd expected.

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