Dual Cultivation

Chapter 195 Burning Dragon Pill

Chapter 195 Burning Dragon Pill

"Very well, I will admit that I had underestimated you. Since that's the case, why don't you show me what you are truly capable of by concocting your best pill?" Su Yang said to her.

Wang Shuren was confident in her own abilities and nodded, "Then I will concoct the highly regarded Heaven-grade pill 'Burning Dragon Pill' for you. It is a pill that has existed in the Burning Lotus Sect ever since its foundations."

"M-Master! What about all these people waiting outside? They have been waiting for many hours for the Burning Lotus Pill!" Xiao Yawen asked her with a worried expression.

If Wang Shuren were to make them wait any longer, they might start complaining. Even if they are the Burning Lotus Sect, they cannot afford to offend so many different factions at once.

"Tell them that I have important matters to attend and to come back next week! If they can't wait, then they can forget about the Burning Lotus Pill! If they are willing to wait, I will increase the amount of Burning Lotus Pill for each individual to five!" Wang Shuren said, frightening Xiao Yawen.

"M-Master… you want me to tell all these people to come back later?" Xiao Yawen wanted to cry. Even though she was an Inner Court disciple and Wang Shuren's personal disciple, she didn't have what it takes to tell so many powerful and respected backgrounds to leave after they have been waiting for so long.

"They'll eat me alive…" she mumbled with teary eyes.

Wang Shuren shook her head after seeing her pitiful appearance and went out herself.

"I apologize for the sudden announcement, and I understand that you have all been waiting for the Burning Lotus Pill, but something extremely important to me has come up, so I will not be able to continue business today. As an apology for today and also gratitude for your understanding, I will be increasing the limit of Burning Lotus Pill each individual can buy from three to five, and I will also give everyone that is here today a 10% discount when you return!"

Wang Shuren spoke with elegance and grace, like when she worked at the Burning Lotus Auction House. Her voice had this effect where people simply can't get mad at her after hearing her clear voice and seeing her honest face.

"It can't be helped if Senior Wang is busy. I will come back as soon as you are able to sell the Burning Lotus Pills again!"

"That's right! And there's no need for Senior Wang to apologize! I'm sure the Cheng Family will understand!"

"The Thousand Sword Sect also understands!"

Instead of complaining about the sudden dismissal, these people actually began sympathizing with Wang Shuren despite being upset, as they simply didn't dare to offend her and lose the chance to buy her Burning Lotus Pills. Hell, they were even shouting their background out loud hoping Wang Shuren might remember them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although the pills may not seem impressive by themselves, its effect that guarantees someone at the Elementary Spirit Realm to breakthrough to the Profound Spirit Realm is extremely helpful to many Sects and Families where they have many people at the Elementary Spirit Realm that is finding it difficult to enter the Profound Spirit Realm. 

These Burning Lotus Pill could easily raise the prowess of any family and Sect by at least one level if they have enough, hence why nobody there dared to offend Wang Shuren, who is the only individual in this world that can concoct such pill at this moment. She's simply too important as an asset for them.

Once the area was clear of people, Wang Shuran went back inside the house.

"It's as simple as that," she said to Xiao Yawen, who was clearly in awe of what she'd just did.

She then turned to Su Yang and said, "Let's go to my Cauldron Room."

A few moments later, the two of them entered the Cauldron Room. But before entering, Wang Shuren said to Xiao Yawen, "I won't be seeing any visitors for the next few days."

Once they were inside, Wang Shuren asked Su Yang, "The Burning Dragon Pill will take a few hours to finish, if you don't mind waiting."

Su Yang casually sat down at the corner of the room and said, "Take your time."

Wang Shuren nodded and no longer delayed the pill.

A few seconds later, Wang Shuren retrieved a few dozens of different herbs and medicine from her storage ring and began inspecting them one by one.

After half an hour, she began the herb-grinding process, which took another two entire hours to complete.

Although her speed is considerably fast even amongst the peak Alchemy Masters in the Eastern Continent, she was much slower when compared to Zhu Mengyi, who could easily put all the Alchemy Masters in this continent to shame with her ridiculous speed.

Though, despite her slow speed, Su Yang carefully analyzed every single movement she made to see if she would be able to concoct the Soul Divination Pill with her current abilities.

Time slowly passed.

Ten hours later, Wang Shuren was drenched in sweat, looking like she just left a pool of water, causing her robes to stick her body and reveal her ripe figure and pure skin.

Out of all the girls he's met in this world, Wang Shuren definitely took the top spot as the one with the most bountiful and seductive figure, especially the two melons on her chest.

And since Su Yang has fully grasped her ability by now, he spent the remainder of the time to bless his eyes with her beautiful body.

"I-I am finished…" Wang Shuren spoke in an exhausted voice after spending another hour to create the pill.

Once she retrieved the Burning Dragon Pill from the cauldron, she placed it inside a pill bottle and gave it to Su Yang for his assessment.

"80% purity, so medium quality at best, huh." Su Yang said a quick moment later.

"So what do you think? Will I be able to concoct your pill?" she asked.

Su Yang shook his head, "Unfortunately, you are not quite there yet. You have a 50% chance in succeeding right now, but I only have enough ingredients for one try."


"I will give you lectures until I am confident that you will succeed with a 100% chance."

"H-He's are going to lecture me?" Although Wang Shuren was speechless, the excitement in her eyes was as clear as day.

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