Dual Cultivation

Chapter 192 If You Take Another Step, I Will Cripple Your Legs

Chapter 192 If You Take Another Step, I Will Cripple Your Legs

Once they entered the Burning Lotus Sect, Zhang Xiu Ying brought Su Yang to register his name in the logbooks as a guest.

"There's a lot of people here today…" Zhang Xiu Ying was surprised after seeing a larger volume of guests here today than what they would normally get.

When the Sect Elder saw Su Yang's clothing, his face made an awkward expression, almost as if he didn't know how to think of this situation.

Then he looked at Zhang Xiu Ying and shook his head inwardly.

To think one of their own Inner Court disciples would be shameless enough to bring someone from the Profound Blossom Sect to their Sect, the Sect Elder was greatly upset, because in his eyes Zhang Xiu Ying's action was no different than bringing a hooker to their home.

"No visitors are allowed in the Burning Lotus Sect after midnight, so you must leave no later than that," said the Sect Elder as he handed Su Yang a guest identification slip with a slightly disgusted face.

"Thank you, Elder!" Zhang Xiu Ying said, completely unaware that she'd just been classified as a slut by the Sect Elder.

"Let's go, Su Yang. I will bring you to see Elder Wang," she said to him once they left the Administration Building.

Su Yang nodded and began following her through the Sect.

During their short walk, there were many disciples who looked at Su Yang with narrowed eyes, their expressions filled with disgust; it was as if they were looking at a degenerate beast.

The Profound Blossom Sect is widely known in the Eastern Region for their eccentric methods of cultivation, and in the eyes of many normal cultivators, they are no different than sluts using cultivation as an excuse to indulge themselves in sexual activities.

However, Su Yang was used to having people look at him with unpleasant expressions, so he was able to ignore them easily, like blowing some dust off his shoulders.

"I am sorry…" Zhang Xiu Ying apologized to Su Yang after realizing the surrounding situation. She felt that she needed to apologize to him because she was also a disciple of the Burning Lotus Sect.

"Why are you the one apologizing? There's no need to pay any heed to them. Just treat them as though they are ants." Su Yang said with a calm face.

"Okay…" she nodded.

A few minutes later, when they could see Elder Wang's living quarters at the horizon, Zhang Xiu Ying nearly cried on the scene when she saw just how many people were gathered in front of Elder Wang's house. What's more, most of these people were not disciples of the Burning Lotus Sect and wore clothing that represented other Sects and families.

There was a long line from where they stood all the way to Wang Shuren's house, making the place look like a busy market area.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"T-There wasn't this many people when I left just a few hours ago! What happened while I was away?!" Zhang Xiu Ying exclaimed when she counted at least two hundred people in line with her Spiritual Sense.

"You didn't hear? Senior Wang just announced that she will be selling Burning Lotus Pills with 100% efficiency for a few hours with limited supply, so a lot of people have rushed here to grab their share." The individual last in line explained to her after hearing her shocked cries. "There are even more people flocking here as we speak."

One of the reasons that caused Wang Shuren's status to skyrocket was because of her ability to concoct Burning Lotus Pills with 100% efficiency, something that shook the entire pill market when she first announced it.

"What should we do, Su Yang?" Zhang Xiu Ying asked him. "I don't think we will be able to see Elder Wang for today."

Even if they managed to see her by today, Wang Shuren might not even have time to listen to them — that was what Zhang Xiu Ying thought.

"Why should we stand in line? I am not here to buy Burning Lotus Pills." Su Yang said.

"But how else are we going to see her? We can't just skip everyone in the line and—"

"You should stay here for a bit," Su Yang interrupted and began walking away.

Zhang Xiu Ying stared at Su Yang with wide eyes as he calmly ignored the long line and approached Wang Shuren's living quarters.

The people in line also ignored him at first, but once they realized that he wasn't simply passing by, they immediately began cursing at him.

"Hey! Where do you think you are going?! The line is back there!"

When one person shouted, like a ripple effect, many others began opening their mouth, turning the place chaotic very quickly.

"Young man, do you know how many people you are offending by skipping the line? I doubt your Profound Blossom Sect will be pleased when they find many different powers knocking at their front door later today!"

"That's right! Your Sect will have to bear the consequences of your actions!"

Despite all these threats being thrown at him, Su Yang continued to walk with a nonchalant expression on his face, almost like he couldn't hear them at all — that was until a middle-aged man decided to step out of the line to stand before him, blocking his path.

"That's Senior Gao from the Jade Pill Pavilion!"

People were quick to recognize this middle-aged man. He was a highly respected Alchemy Master within the Eastern Region.

"How may I help you?" Su Yang asked him with a friendly smile.

"Still acting stupid? I don't care if you are an Inner Court disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect, if you take another step, I will cripple your legs."

"Third level True Spirit Realm, huh. Go ahead, try to cripple my legs. I won't move," said Su Yang with narrowed eyes, dumbfounding everybody there.

"..." Senior Gao's eyes widened with surprise when Su Yang casually mentioned his cultivation base when he couldn't sense any cultivation from Su Yang.

"What a dangerous fellow!" Senior Gao began sweating under his robes when his eyes met with Su Yang's sharp gaze that was emitting an invisible yet overbearing pressure.

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