Dual Cultivation

Chapter 193 You Have Forced My Hands, Junior!

Chapter 193 You Have Forced My Hands, Junior!

Senior Gao had an ominous feeling in his heart that was telling him that he should ignore the Profound Blossom Sect's disciple before him, but his pride as a senior was telling him otherwise. After all, what face would he have left if he were to walk away after Su Yang's provocative words like some huge coward? And there are even so many people with powerful and respectful background watching him right now. He'd be a laughing stock if he were to turn away now.

"You are a bold one, but as your senior, I will give you one last chance to turn around," said Senior Gao.

Su Yang did not say anything and began turning his body.

Seeing him turn his body, Senior Gao was relieved. However, when Su Yang did not fully turn around and instead walked around him, Senior Gao's face flushed red in anger, feeling like he'd just been slapped in the face not just once but two times consecutively.

"You have forced my hands, Junior!"

Senior Gao immediately turned around and did a sweeping motion with his legs at Su Yang's legs with the full strength of a True Spirit Realm expert in his kick.

And before his kick even landed on Su Yang, Senior Gao could already vision Su Yang's legs brutally snapping in half.

However, what happened next shocked not only Senior Gao but every witness there.

When Senior Gao kicked Su Yang's legs, a loud bone-snapping noise resounded clearly, but it was not Su Yang who had his legs crippled. In fact, he was still standing there with a calm expression, looking as if nothing happened.

"Ahhhhh! My leg!"

Senior Gao could no longer stand and fell on the ground while clutching his right leg that was bent in a weird angle. He had crippled his own leg trying to cripple Su Yang.

"My lord… what are his legs made of?" The people gasped in shock when Su Yang didn't even flinch after being kicked by Senior Gao.

In their eyes, it looked as though Senior Gao had kicked a pole made of diamonds instead of some human legs!

"Hm?" Su Yang slowly turned around and acted as though he didn't know what just happened. "What happened to your leg? I think it's bending the wrong way..." he asked him in a casual-sounding voice.

Senior Gao instantly coughed up a mouthful of blood upon hearing Su Yang's humiliating words, even falling unconscious after a few more seconds of squirming on the floor like some worm.

Su Yang shook his head and began walking again.

Nobody dared to call him out for skipping the line this time, much less block his path, especially not when they can't comprehend Su Yang's existence.

He was only a mere disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect, yet nobody there was able to see his cultivation base, and there are plenty of True Spirit Realm experts within that line.

Once Su Yang reached the front of the line, the first person in line took a step back, allowing him to knock on Wang Shuren's door.

"How many Burning Lotus Pill do you wish to buy? The limit one person can buy is three," said a voice behind the door after hearing Su Yang's knock.

The voice did not belong to Wang Shuren and was most likely one of her helpers.

"I am not here to buy your Burning Lotus Pill. I am here to speak with Wang Shuren, get her for me." Su Yang said out loud.


The voice did not respond to Su Yang even after many minutes, almost as if the person was purposefully ignoring him.

"How many Burning Lotus Pill do you wish to buy? The limit one person can buy is three."

The voice repeated the same line.

"I want to buy three." Su Yang decided to play along.

A few moments later, the door opened, and a female disciple appeared to hand him the Burning Lotus Pills. "Three Burning Lotus Pill will be one hundred spirit stones."

Su Yang ignored the expensive cost and handed the disciple 100 spirit stones.

Once the disciple confirmed that it was the right amount, she handed him three pill bottles before closing the door again.

Su Yang looked at the three pills in his grasp with raised eyebrows.

The Burning Lotus Pills' true identity was actually Profound Advancement Pills, the recipe he had given Wang Shuren alongside the Immortal-grade technique. However, that was something he had already expected.

What made him raise his eyebrows were the low quality of these Profound Advancement Pills. While Profound Advancement Pills are 100% effective no matter what quality it comes out in, higher quality pills give cultivators fewer impurities than low-quality pills.

"Excuse me, if you already have your Burning Lotus Pills, can you leave now?" The person behind him asked him with a humble voice. He obviously did not want to offend Su Yang with his tone.

However, Su Yang did not even look back, his eyes remaining on the pill bottles in his hand.

"This is the best she can manage to make despite having an Immortal-grade technique? What rubbish." Su Yang sighed inwardly, wondering if he had made a mistake by choosing her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If Wang Shuren can't even concoct Profound Advancement Pills by now, he had no faith that she'd be able to successfully concoct a Soul Divination Pill.

Once he was done with the Profound Advancement Pills, Su Yang tossed the pill bottles on the ground as if they were trash, bewildering everybody there.

The people couldn't believe their eyes. Did he just spend 100 spirit stones just to throw the pills on the floor? If this is not a slap directly to Wang Shuren's face then they don't know what is.

"He's crazy! To show such disrespect while standing right before her living quarters! Senior Wang will never sell another pill to him or his Sect!"

"What do you think you are doing?!" The female disciple that just handed him the pills stormed out of the house with an angry expression. She had very clearly witnessed Su Yang's actions just now, something she saw as a clear disrespect to not just Wang Shuren but the entire Burning Lotus Sect itself.

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