Dual Cultivation

Chapter 191 Burning Lotus Sec

Chapter 191 Burning Lotus Sec

"A-Are you going to be okay?" Zhang Xiu Ying asked Su Yang with a worried expression on her face after walking for a few minutes.

"With what?" Su Yang casually replied.

"W-With what, you say?" Zhang Xiu Ying was dumbfounded by his aloof behavior despite just beating a few disciples from the Burning Lotus Sect while in their territory.

"Y-You just trashed not only three Inner Court disciples but also a Core disciple from the Burning Lotus Sect whilst in their territory, yet you still have the guts to walk around the streets in broad daylight… Aren't you afraid that the Burning Lotus Sect will go after you?"

Su Yang shrugged his shoulders with an indifferent expression and said, "I will be fine."

He was confident that he will be fine even if the entire Burning Lotus Sect were to attack him at once.

After a few moments of silence, Zhang Xiu Ying asked him, "What brings you to the Burning Lotus Sect?"

"I have some business with one of your Sect Elders."

"Could that Sect Elder be Elder Wang?" Zhang Xiu Ying had a good feeling that he was looking for her, especially after what happened at the Burning Lotus Auction House.

Su Yang nodded and said, "That's right. How has she been faring?"

"Elder Wang… she's…" Zhang Xiu Ying looked a bit hesitant at this moment, causing Su Yang to raise an eyebrow.

"Did something happen to her?" he asked.

"No, nothing happened to Elder Wang. It's just that… compared to the Elder Wang during the auction a few weeks ago, she's almost like a completely different person."

"Oh? Why don't you elaborate more on it for me."

"Elder Wang had a breakthrough in her Dao of Alchemy sometime ago, causing her status within the Sect to skyrocket, like a carp leaping through the dragon's gate. Right now, she stands above every other Alchemy Master within the Burning Lotus Sect, and even the Sect Master holds her in extremely high regard, so you might find some difficulty in reaching her..."

"Is that so?" Su Yang was inwardly glad that Wang Shuren had cultivated the Immortal-grade technique he gave her, or else his trip here would've been for naught.

His purpose for visiting the Burning Lotus Sect today is simply because he wanted Wang Shuren to concoct the Soul Divination Pill.

Indeed, Su Yang had planned to have Wang Shuren concoct the Soul Divination Pill way before his encounter with Qiuyue.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His initial plan was to have Wang Shuren concoct the pill since his cultivation base was lacking at that time, even giving her an Immortal-grade technique. However, his encounter with Qiuyue had completely changed this plan. Because of Qiuyue, his cultivation base growth far exceeded his expectations.

If he hadn't met Qiuyue, he would have never gotten the chance to cultivate with two Heavenly Spirit Realm experts to reach the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm and would most likely still be lingering in the True Spirit Realm by now.

Of course, he had thoughts to concoct the Soul Divination Pill at the Four Seasons Academy and even have Matriarch Zhu concoct the pill, but alas, because Matriarch Zhu purposefully delayed their arrangement, he decided to return to the Eastern Region to have Wang Shuren concoct the pill instead.

After all, it would be a waste of his efforts if he didn't use Wang Shuren when he'd already prepared for everything.

"Speaking of Wang Shuren…" Su Yang suddenly looked at her and asked, "How have things been faring on your end? Is that Wang dog still bothering you?"

When Su Yang mentioned Wang Ming, Wang Shuren's cousin, Zhang Xiu Ying's expression turned bitter.

"Although he has stopped asking me to visit his living quarters after Elder Wang spoke with him, I have a feeling that he's planning something… The cold glares he gives me whenever we pass each other in the Inner Court always sends chills down my back… it scares me…"

The conversation between them stopped for a moment before Su Yang opened his mouth to speak, "Do you want me to take care of him once and for all?"

Zhang Xiu Ying looked at him with wide eyes. Although she really wanted to accept his offer, she didn't want to bother him anymore, especially after everything he's already done for her.

"I appreciate your thoughts, but I cannot accept that offer," she reluctantly shook her head, refusing his offer. "You decided to help me despite my forceful actions, and I have already received enough kindness from you. I don't dare to ask for anymore, as it will only make me feel more guilty like I am taking advantage of you…"

Su Yang laughed after hearing her words. "If I really wanted to reject you at that time, I could've easily flung you away, so don't think of it as forcing yourself upon me. In my eyes, you are only a slightly aggressive and bold girl, and if I am being honest, I like people with such attitudes."

Because his first lover was also the bold and aggressive type, Su Yang has come to especially like those that share similar features.

"R-Really?" Zhang Xiu Ying immediately blushed upon hearing his words.

"But I still can't forgive myself…" she sighed a little later.

Although Su Yang did not acknowledge her actions as forceful but bold, it didn't change the fact that she was desperate at that moment and forced her own desires upon him, a total stranger at that time, and Zhang Xiu Ying still couldn't forgive herself for her actions that day no matter what he says.

Su Yang did not say anything else and left it at that, and the two continued to walk through the Lotus City.

After half an hour of walking, they finally reached the Burning Lotus Sect.

"Senior apprentice-sister!"

"Greetings, senior apprentice-sister!"

The Outer Court disciples acting as guards at the Burning Lotus Sect greeted Zhang Xiu Ying when they got close enough.

"I have a guest with me if you don't mind."

"As long as senior apprentice-sister speak with a Sect Elder at the Administration Building, there will be no problems."


Thus, Su Yang managed to enter the Burning Lotus Sect without any hiccups — sort of.

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