Dual Cultivation

Chapter 183 Licking Each Other Contains Yuri

Chapter 183 Licking Each Other Contains Yuri

"S-Sister Jinjing… A-Are you serious?" Zhu Mengyi wanted to confirm whether she was actually serious or just teasing her like always.

"I-I won't joke about something like this!" Wu Jinjing quickly responded with her face flushed red.

The room quickly turned silent after that.

A few moments later, Zhu Mengyi spoke in a bashful voice, "T-Then… if Sister Jinjing doesn't mind doing it with someone like me… I-I guess I can give it a try..."

Although it's not rare to the point of being unheard of, women satisfying their own desire with another woman is definitely something of an uncommon practice. And while the entire world does not scorn those who wish to indulge in their sexual fantasies with the same gender, there are definitely people out there who dislike such practices, as they believe that by doing so the individuals are committing blasphemy towards Heaven.

But lucky for both Zhu Mengyi and Wu Jinjing, neither of them happen to be one of these people that reject this uncommon idea. If anything, after meeting Su Yang, they have become more open-minded to many things, especially when it comes to 'cultivation'.

"Are you sure? You don't have to agree to my weird ideas if you don't really want to—"

"Don't worry, Sister Jinjing. If you think your idea is weird, then you should see what I had in mind when I was trying to get Su Yang's attention…"

"I-Is that so…" Wu Jinjing couldn't help but smile at her words.

"Then… do you want to try it now?" she then asked.

"N-Now? Like right now?" Zhu Mengyi looked stumped, as she didn't expect it to happen so soon.

Wu Jinjing nodded, and continued, "My body has been in constant frustration lately and I would really appreciate it if you could help me right now…" she spoke in a bashful tone.


After staring at her in silence for a few moments, Zhu Mengyi nodded her head slightly, agreeing to her request.

A few minutes later, once they prepared themselves, Zhu Mengyi and Wu Jinjing undressed in front of each other and sat on the bed.

Because they were both females, neither of them felt as embarrassed as when they showed their body to Su Yang. Though, the nervousness in their heart seemed to be higher than when they were with Su Yang, as they are only moments away from embracing each other in a way neither of them could have imagined.


Zhu Mengyi became speechless when she saw Wu Jinjing's overly stuffed steamed buns for the first time, realizing that the disparity between their sex appeal as a woman was actually greater than she'd initially thought.

And when Wu Jinjing noticed her envious stares, she chuckled and said in a teasing voice, "Are you jealous?"

"Who's feeling jealous?!" Zhu Mengyi suddenly grabbed Wu Jinjing's steamed buns and said, causing them to jiggle.

"Ah!" Wu Jinjing did not expect Zhu Mengyi to make the first move and accidentally released a surprised moan.

"Oh… sorry, did it hurt?" Zhu Mengyi quickly released her hands.

Wu Jinjing shook her head and said, "Don't worry, I was only surprised by it."

She then laid on the bed and continued, "Go on… continue what you were doing…"

Zhu Mengyi did a swallowing motion and reached for Wu Jinjing's steamed buns again. This time she did not use as much strength and slowly massaged them with her fingers, almost like she was kneading dough.

She tried to imitate Su Yang's hand movements from when he massaged her, but alas, she quickly realized how futile her efforts were and returned to massaging Wu Jinjing normally.

"Mmm…" Wu Jinjing was easily aroused and began moaning while breathing softly.

A few moments later, when the pleasure in Wu Jinjing's body reached a certain point, she started reaching for her wet flowers with her own hands.


Zhu Mengyi almost couldn't believe her eyes when Wu Jinjing began masturbating while she massaged her breasts. And when she saw Wu Jinjing's erotic expression, her body also became aroused, and with her other hand, she also started masturbating.

And thus, two heavenly beauties began pleasuring themselves beside each other in the same room.

A few minutes later, when Wu Jinjing could no longer feel satisfaction from masturbating, she said to Zhu Mengyi, "Something isn't right here… This isn't any different from cultivating alone…"

"Then what are we supposed to do?"

After some thinking, Wu Jinjing said while pointing at the bed, "Come lie down here."

Zhu Mengyi did not ask any questions and followed her instructions.

Once Zhu Mengyi had her back on the bed, Wu Jinjing gently laid herself on top of Zhu Mengyi with her head facing Zhu Mengyi's lower entrance so that they were facing each other's nether region.

"W-What are you planning to do in this position?" Zhu Mengyi asked with Wu Jinjing's pink flower in the open right above her face.

"You will know in a moment…"

As she said those words, Wu Jinjing lowered her head until she was right between Zhu Mengyi's thighs and almost touching her wet flower with her lips.

Zhu Mengyi realized what she was about to do and cried loudly, "D-Don't tell me you are — Ahhh!" 

Wu Jinjing ignored her and started caressing her flower petals with her own tongue.

"S-Sister Jinjing!" Zhu Mengyi nearly sprayed from the sudden contact.

"What a cute reaction." Wu Jinjing thought to herself and continued licking, causing Zhu Mengyi's tender body to tremble.

"Mmm… Yes… Ahh…" Zhu Mengyi quickly engrossed herself with the pleasure and began moving her hips, treating Wu Jinjing's tongue as though it was Su Yang's rod, even imaging it inside her head.

A few minutes later, Wu Jinjing stopped licking and said, "Mengyi, it isn't fair that only you are enjoying yourself here… Hurry up and do the same to me…"

"Ah… I am sorry…" After apologizing to her, Zhu Mengyi pulled Wu Jinjing's flower towards her face and also started licking her.

"Nnng!" Wu Jinjing's body twitched from feeling Zhu Mengyi's tongue, and the sexual frustration in her body started to disappear slowly.

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