Dual Cultivation

Chapter 182 More Than Just Friends

Chapter 182 More Than Just Friends

After a long moment of awkward silence, Zhu Mengyi spoke in a stiff voice, "S-So your partner is also named Su Yang… what a coincidence…"

Zhu Mengyi was clearly in denial and did not want to believe that she had cultivated with the same man that impregnated Wu Jinjing, her best friend.

However, Wu Jinjing shook her head and said, "Don't be silly. I can tell that even you don't believe in those words."

Although Wu Jinjing also did not want to admit that she had cultivated with the same man that cultivated with Zhu Mengyi, there are things in this world that are better off acknowledged than ignored.

"W-What should we do now?" Zhu Mengyi asked in a worried tone. "W-We will be bearing a child from the same man, you know?"

What she worried the most right now is how their relationship will end up after this incident.

"What should we do now, huh…" Wu Jinjing pondered.

"Normally, when two women unknowingly bear the child from the same man, the man will pick one as his official wife while the other will become his concubine. However, in this situation, where the man is not present, we will have to decide for ourselves what we want to do."

Wu Jinjing looked at Zhu Mengyi with a serious face and asked, "What do you want to happen, Mengyi?"

After a moment of pondering, Zhu Mengyi spoke, "I… I want us to remain the way we have always been… best friends! What about you, Sister Jinjing?"

Wu Jinjing shook her head and replied, "That's impossible. I don't think I can see you the same way as before anymore."

"W-What...?" Zhu Mengyi's eyes widened with shock upon hearing her words.

Wu Jinjing continued before tears began to fall for Zhu Mengyi, "We both love the same man and have also given our innocence to him, and we will even bear a child from that very man in the future. If you ask me, we are already past the point of being just friends…"

"You don't mean…" Zhu Mengyi remained shocked but for a different reason.

"That's right… The two of us are now a family, real 'sisters'."

"Sister Jinjing!" Zhu Mengyi began crying regardless and went to embrace Wu Jinjing.

"Haaa…" Wu Jinjing sighed a moment later as Zhu Mengyi hugged her tightly. "I knew that he was someone that I could not keep to myself, but to think that even my best friend would have a taste of him, how unfortunate…"

"W-What do you mean by that?!" Zhu Mengyi stopped hugging her and looked at her with wide eyes.

Wu Jinjing chuckled and said, "It means I can no longer brag to you about the otherworldly experience I had with him since you also had a taste of it!"

Zhu Mengyi began blushing when she brought up such a topic, and she definitely had more than just a taste.

"How did it go with you? Did you also feel like you were possessed by some sex demon during your cultivation with him?" Wu Jinjing began teasing her.

Zhu Mengyi tried to cover the shame on her face when she recalled the time she'd spent with him inside the Cauldron Room. Thinking back to that time, she was definitely more than just possessed. If anything, she had turned into a wild beast!

"Stop teasing me, Sister Jinjing!" Zhu Mengyi pouted.

"Hahaha! Knowing you, Mengyi, you probably didn't even last for a few minutes!" Wu Jinjing burst out laughing.

However, the next words that came out of Zhu Mengyi choked Wu Jinjing out of her laughing.

"Hmph! Although I wasn't used to the feeling at first, after spending many days with him, I can say with confidence that I can last half a day without rest!"

Trying to sound tough, Zhu Mengyi kept the part about the Pill of Stamina out on purpose.

Wu Jinjing stared at her with wide eyes and a loose jaw. "Y-You what? You spent a few days with him?"

Zhu Mengyi nodded and explained to her how Su Yang had lived in the Four Seasons Academy for a few days due to some business he had there.

"H-How much time did you get to… cultivate… with him?" Wu Jinjing asked her head lowered and a trembling voice.

Zhu Mengyi shrugged her shoulders and said, "I was too engrossed to keep track of the time, but if I have to make a guess, at least twenty four hours, I think…"

"Haa… I wished it had lasted longer…" she sighed a moment later.

Hearing that Zhu Mengyi managed to have Su Yang all to herself for over twenty-four hours while she had a measly hour or so, Wu Jinjing grabbed Zhu Mengyi by the arms and stared at her with jealousy in her gaze.

"S-Sister Jinjing?" Zhu Mengyi became fearful of her intensive stares.

"You stinky little girl! I only cultivated with him for a little bit over an hour before he had to leave!" The mature feeling Wu Jinjing emitted could not be felt at this moment, as she was feeling too much envy towards Zhu Mengyi.

"Eh…?" Zhu Mengyi was dumbfounded by her words.

"Do you realize how lucky you were to have spent so much time with him?! And for you to complain about that! I should be the one complaining right now!"

"I-Is that so…" Zhu Mengyi no longer felt so bad about the time she spent with him and even pitied Wu Jinjing. After all, how could anyone be satisfied after only an hour?




Sometime later, Zhu Mengyi suddenly asked Wu Jinjing, "Sister Jinjing, although this may sound weird, now with Su Yang gone, how should I go about satisfying myself? I cannot imagine going to another man beside Su Yang, but without him, this desire for pleasure he awakened inside me will only grow stronger…"

Wu Jinjing pondered her question for a moment, as she has been trying to figure out the same question for the last few days.

"I… I have heard that in households where there are too many concubines and the man cannot keep up with all of them, the concubines will normally use each other to satisfy their own desires…" Wu Jinjing spoke in a weird voice.

"Y-You don't mean…" Zhu Mengyi stared at her with wide eyes filled with shock.

Wu Jinjing looked at her and blushed, "I-If you don't mind, we can give it a try…"

Zhu Mengyi's jaw dropped to the ground from the unexpected answer to her problem.

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