Dual Cultivation

Chapter 181 On The Count of Three

Chapter 181 On The Count of Three

After spending some time convincing Zhu Mengyi to let him go, Su Yang boarded Qiuyue's flying ship and left the Holy Central Continent shortly after.

After Su Yang's departure, Zhu Mengyi went to meet with Matriarch Zhu for the first time in many days.

"Why are you crying?" Matriarch Zhu watched Zhu Mengyi enter the room with a teary face and almost couldn't believe her eyes. The last time Zhu Mengyi cried like this was during her father's funeral.

However, Zhu Mengyi continued to cry without responding to her.

"Come over here…" Matriarch Zhu embraced her and began pampering her.

After many minutes of crying, Zhu Mengyi finally calmed down and explained the situation to Matriarch Zhu.

However, upon hearing the story, Matriarch Zhu looked at Zhu Mengyi with a terrified expression, almost like she'd just witnessed the downfall of Heaven.

"W-W-W-What did you just say? Y-Y-You will be pregnant with Su Yang's c-c-child?"

Matriarch Zhu nearly fainted on the spot when she learned that her daughter will be carrying Immortal Fairy Su Yue's husband's child.

How will she explain this to Immortal Fairy Su Yue if she decides to visit her one more time? However, even more questionable is why Su Yang agreed to sow his seed in Zhu Mengyi when he already has someone like Immortal Fairy Su Yue. Could it be that he wasn't her husband after all? But even if that was true, it still raises countless other questions.

Matriarch Zhu received a huge headache from all of this thinking and needed some time to calm down.

"I understand the situation for the most part, but are you fine with all of this?" Matriarch Zhu asked Zhu Mengyi. "Who knows when he'll return."

"I have accepted this outcome before I'd even confronted him. Although I won't say that I am completely okay with it, I will definitely be fine." Zhu Mengyi showed a positive smile that almost blinded Matriarch Zhu.

Matriarch Zhu smiled inwardly, thinking to herself how Zhu Mengyi has matured during these last few days.

 "Anyway, this is all I have to report. I am going to the Holy Sword Academy now to see Sister Jinjing."

"Again?" Matriarch Zhu sighed.

Although she disliked Zhu Mengyi being so familiar with the Holy Sword Academy, she did not stop her from going regardless.

"Don't stay for too long, or Patriarch Wu will start complaining again." Matriarch Zhu warned her before she left.




At the Holy Sword Academy, Patriarch Wu sat inside his room with his eyes staring at the wall with a dazed expression.

"That girl… to think she'd make such a big decision without even coming to me first…" he sighed heavily.

When Wu Jinjing first revealed to him the situation of how she will be bearing a child in the near future, Patriarch Wu collapsed from shock on the spot.

However, what shocked him the most was the name of the man who impregnated her daughter, Su Yang.

If he's not going crazy, then Immortal Fairy Su Yue's husband should also be named Su Yang.

"Is it all just a big coincidence, or…?"

In addition to the incoming child, Patriarch Wu had another problem in his hands, and that was the future of Wu Jinjing as a swordmaster.

"If she's truly resolved to have this child, then her training will most definitely come to a halt for at least a few years…"

Patriarch Wu suddenly started scratching his head while screaming in frustration, "Ahhhhh! What a waste of time and talent!"

And although he wanted to try and convince Wu Jinjing to abandon the thought of having the child, he knew very well that she will not listen to him and might even leave the Sect if pressured.

The only thing he could do right now is to accept the fact that he will soon become a grandfather.

Patriarch Wu stared into the sky and mumbled, "Dear, are you watching this? If you were still alive, how will you be handling all of this? Will you encourage her, or will you stop her…?"

After thinking for a moment, he shook his head, "Maybe I should just accept all of this and prepare myself to become a grandparent…" he said to himself.




Standing outside of Wu Jinjing's living quarters, Zhu Mengyi greeted her best friend with a big smile.

"I have returned, Sister Jinjing!" 

"Mengyi… you have returned earlier than I'd anticipated… Are you really that interested in the topic? What will you do if Matriarch Zhu comes here and drags you back herself this time?"

Zhu Mengyi waved her arms and said in a casual tone, "That won't happen because I got her approval before coming here."

"How rare…" Wu Jinjing mumbled. "Anyway, come inside."

Once they were inside and settled in Wu Jinjing's own room, Zhu Mengyi began to speak with an excited expression, "Listen to this, Sister Jinjing! You will not believe what I am about to tell you!"

"Hmmm… Allow me to take a guess…" Wu Jinjing looked up and down Zhu Mengyi's body and said a moment later, "Did you finally find your fated person?"

Zhu Mengyi gasped in shock and said, "How can you tell?!"

"I can sense something different about your aura… it feels more mature than before…" Wu Jinjing said with a smile. "I can tell because I also went through the same change very recently."

"As expected from your sharp senses, huh. It's like there's nothing I can hide from you."

"Well? Who's this lucky man that managed to lay his hands on such a talented and beautiful girl?" Wu Jinjing teased.

"Stop teasing me," Zhu Mengyi blushed. "And compared to him, my talent is worth only as much as an empty fart…"

Wu Jinjing covered her mouth in surprise, "For someone as talented and accomplished as you in the Dao of Alchemy to say such a thing… but I know how that feels, as I have also experienced a similar feeling when meeting my man."

"Anyway, stop avoiding the question and answer me already! Who is this lucky man?" Wu Jinjing urged.

"I will tell you if you tell me first!" Zhu Mengyi did not budge for her at all.

"Fine, then how about this? We will both say the name of our partner at the same time." Wu Jinjing suddenly suggested.

"I accept!"

"Good. Then on the count of three — one… two…"

Both Wu Jinjing and Zhu Mengyi simultaneously opened their mouth on the third count—

"His name is Su Yang!"

"Su Yang is his name!"






Their expressions instantly froze, and they stared at each other with a dazed face, their eyes and mouth wide open from shock.

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