Dual Cultivation

Chapter 184 Leaving the Holy Central Continent End of Vol. 4

Chapter 184 Leaving the Holy Central Continent End of Vol. 4

While Wu Jinjing and Zhu Mengyi were busy with each other, the Golden Lion Academy had just begun rebuilding their place after Xiao Rong nearly destroyed their thousand years of history.

However, the damage done to their Sect turned out to be much more devastating than Patriarch Gold had anticipated, as the Sect's treasury was burned to the ground alongside the majority of the Sect's resources that was inside the building.

And without the majority of their resources, the Golden Lion Academy is not capable of recovery by themselves, pushing Patriarch Gold into a corner.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Inside his own room, Patriarch Gold released his fury on the surrounding furniture, throwing them around the room.

"This is all that silver-haired girl's fault! If she didn't snoop around suspiciously in my Sect, none of this would have happened!" Patriarch Gold placed all of the blame on Xiao Rong, ignoring his own actions.

After destroying a few more furniture, Patriarch Gold finally stopped his rampage and turned to look at the veiled figure that has been silently standing at the corner of the room.

The veiled figure, upon seeing Patriarch Gold finally pay attention to him, spoke in a muffled voice, "If Senior Gold is in need of resources, we, the Moonlight Blades, can assist you in your problem."

Hearing the veiled figure's words, Patriarch Gold coldly snorted, "How many more times do I have to kill you people before you finally understand my answer? I refuse whatever you have to offer!"

However, the veiled figure remained in the room and continued to speak, "If you help us in destroying the Xie Family, we will leave for you all of their wealth that is guaranteed to be enough to restore this Sect and more. What's more, you can even take their position and rule over the entire Eastern Continent."

Patriarch Gold did not immediately respond and held a pondering expression on his face.

These people that called themselves Moonlight Blades appeared out of the blue one day before him two months ago and have been requesting for his help to destroy this Xie Family since then.

At first, Patriarch Gold would ignore them and even kill every messenger sent by them, but as time passed, his interest in their goal grew stronger. And now that his Sect is at the brink of destruction, their offer suddenly became extremely pleasing to his eyes.

However, he did not instantly agree to help them, as he did not want them to see him as some pushover.

After a moment of silence, the veiled figure continued to speak, "Our Moonlight Blades only want the princess of the Xie Family. As for everything else, Senior Gold can decide what to do with them."

"What is it about this princess that is so important to you guys? My answer will depend on your response," said Patriarch Gold a moment later.

"The Leader wishes to obtain her Heavenly Constitution, the Hundred Poisons Body."

The veiled figure did not try to hide that fact from him because the Leader himself ordered him to do so, as the Moonlight Blades greatly require his help to achieve their goal.

"A Heavenly Constitution, huh?" Patriarch Gold licked his lips inwardly.

Heavenly Constitutions are extremely rare even within the Holy Continent, so even powerful individuals like Patriarch Gold greatly desire them.

"If I recall correctly, you guys can completely bypass the Jade Sea and come to the Holy Central Continent because of some Spiritual Treasure, but it only works one way. Is that correct?"

"That is correct." The veiled figure confirmed.

"But in order for us to cross the Jade Sea and arrive there, it will take at least half a year."

"We will wait for Senior Gold's arrival as long as you agree to help us," said the figure.

Patriarch Gold turned silent again.

After thinking for a few more minutes, Patriarch Gold grinned and said, "Tell your leader that I will be seeing him as soon as possible."

The veiled figure nodded and quickly disappeared into the shadow, leaving Patriarch Gold by himself.

"Hahaha… you foolish people…" Patriarch Gold laughed inwardly. "Did you guys even think any of this through? Why should I listen to some nobody from a place as inferior as the Eastern Continent, much less share my resources?"

He silently looked forward to obtaining the Hundred Poison Body for himself, feeling so confident in his own abilities that he could only imagine a smooth sailing to occur when he arrives.




Somewhere above the Jade Sea, Qiuyue looked at the Holy Central Continent behind her with a relieved smile.

"I managed to keep my secret safe from him!" she cheered inwardly.

Now she no longer has to worry about him finding out her identity as Immortal Fairy Su Yue and possibly dying from embarrassment.

"You seem joyful today," Su Yang suddenly said to her with a mysterious smile on his face. "Did something positive happen recently?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows." Qiuyue responded in a cheeky tone.

Su Yang continued to smile mysteriously. "You know, I learned a few things during my short stay at that place, and that made this entire trip more than worth it."

"Hoh? You actually learned something from that place? What did you learn?" Qiuyue noticed that he was acting slightly odd, but she was in too good of a mood to care about something so insignificant and dusted it off her shoulders.

"It's nothing of significance, as it's only some slightly interesting stories."

"Really? Why don't you share them with me?" Qiuyue spoke without thinking.

"Are you sure? You might not find any entertainment in these stories." Su Yang casually warned her.

"It's just some stories, right? What's there to be sure about?"

At this point, the cheeky expression on Qiuyue's face turned into one that was filled with doubt, as she was beginning to feel uncomfortable in her heart from the mysterious aura that surrounded Su Yang.

As for Su Yang, the mysterious smile on his face only grew bigger and bigger. He simply couldn't wait to see the expressions Qiuyue will be making once he starts talking about some girl named Su Yue.

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