Dual Cultivation

Chapter 178 Who Dares to Spread Such Nonsense?!

Chapter 178 Who Dares to Spread Such Nonsense?!

After spending a couple of hours in the Cauldron Room, Su Yang left to clean himself whilst Zhu Mengyi rested inside — only to see Zhu Mengyi standing before him again just a few hours later to repeat the same thing, and this scene would continue for the next few days.

Meanwhile, above the Golden Lion Academy, Qiuyue analyzed the destruction made to the Sect from beyond the clouds.

Although she was initially shocked by the scene, when she noticed the lingering Profound Qi of an Ancient Realm expert, she realized what had actually happened here and facepalmed.

"That stupid cat…" she couldn't help but shake her head.

However, she did not really feel anything towards the Golden Lion Academy despite their disastrous situation that was caused by someone from her group, not even pity. Because although she dislikes Xiao Rong, Qiuyue could tell that she is not someone who would do something like this without being provoked.

Not to mention her own feeling of contempt towards the Sect Master of this place.

"She's just a beast at the end of the day…" Qiuyue sighed. 

"I should let him know about this…"

Qiuyue then flew back to the Four Seasons Academy. However, she took a detour before returning to her living quarters.

Inside the Four Seasons Academy Sect Master's living quarters, Matriarch Zhu sat quietly before a storage ring with a pondering expression.

The storage ring contained all of the ingredients required to create the Soul Divination Pill, something she had planned on giving to Su Yang many days ago, but because of selfish reasons, she has been keeping it hidden even up to this point.

"I have been holding this for far longer than what I initially had in mind… Any longer and he will definitely question me…" Matriarch Zhu sighed deeply.

The only reason she's been delaying their agreement was so her daughter could spend some time with him and maybe learn a thing or two about Alchemy from him, but alas, she hasn't heard from her for the last few days now, almost as if she'd disappeared.

"What is that girl doing? What part of 'report to me every day' doesn't she understand?!" Matriarch Zhu sighs again, feeling stuck in a predicament. She wondered if she should wait for a few more days, or go ahead and give Su Yang the ingredients so he can finally leave.

However, just as Matriarch Zhu stores the storage ring away, a figure invaded the room through the window, quickly alerting Matriarch Zhu.

"Who dares?!"

Just as Matriarch Zhu activated her Profound Qi and prepared to confront the intruder, an exceedingly beautiful face that resembled a goddess appeared before her, forcing Matriarch Zhu to halt her movements in shock.

"I-Immortal Fairy Su Yue!" Matriarch Zhu immediately greeted her with a respectful bow.

Indeed, Qiuyue had reverted back to her original appearance and showed up before Matriarch Zhu, greatly baffling her.

"W-What brings Immortal Fairy Su Yue to this place?" Matriarch Zhu did not ask her where she's been and instead wanted to know why she would show up at her place after disappearing without a trace, as it must be fairly important for her to make such an appearance.

"I am here for two things," Qiuyue raised two fingers and spoke in a cold voice.

"One, you will not, under any circumstances, mention, or even utter my name before that young guest. As a matter of fact, don't even hint my existence before him, or I will make you regret it."

"E-Excuse me?" Matriarch Zhu was greatly taken aback by her sudden demands and cold attitude, even shocked.

"B-By young guest, do you mean the handsome young man currently—"


However, Qiuyue did not allow her to speak and continued in a cold voice, "I am aware that you have been delaying your arrangement so he can stay longer."

"Although I do not know your motives for doing such a thing, allow me to warn you right now that if you even dare to think of hurting him then I will make sure the Four Seasons Academy will follow the Golden Lion Academy's footsteps!"

Matriarch Zhu fell to the floor upon hearing such words and immediately began kowtowing to her.

"I do not have such intentions, nor do I dare imagine hurting him! I was only hoping that my daughter would learn Alchemy from him and selfishly decided to delay the arrangement! Please, have mercy, Immortal Fairy Su Yue!" Matriarch Zhu begged with a pale expression.

"..." Qiuyue turned silent and finally understood the reason for Zhu Mengyi's appearance in her home from those words.

"Haa…" Qiuyue sighed and returned to speaking in her normal voice. "Don't take offense of my approach just now, as I was only trying to scare you a little bit for the truth."

"Eh?" Matriarch Zhu looked at her with a dumbfounded gaze, and she sighed in relief a moment later, "Don't scare me like that, Immortal Fairy Su Yue. It's bad for the heart."

Qiuyue only shrugged at her words, saying that it's not her problem.

Now that Qiuyue has returned to how Matriarch Zhu remembers her, she regained some confidence and asked her, "If you don't mind me asking, what is your relationship with that young man? Is the rumor being spread around really true? That he's your son?"

"What did you just say?" Qiuyue suddenly frowned while emitting a dangerous aura, one that nearly froze the atmosphere in the room.

"Huh?" Matriarch Zhu began sweating buckets when she realized that she'd just stepped into a trap and triggered something she wasn't supposed to.

"Who are you calling my son?" Qiuyue approached her with narrowed eyes and an overwhelming pressure surrounding her, making it hard for Matriarch Zhu to even breathe.

"T-T-There's a rumor going around saying that the young guest currently in our Sect is your son…"

"Who dares to spread such nonsense?!" To turn the man she sees as her father and adore as a man into her son, even if it's just a rumor, really angered Qiuyue, who is already not in the best of moods right now.

"T-The rumor began at the Nine Spring Hall…" Matriarch Zhu did not hesitate to throw them under the bus for Qiuyue.

"Nine Spring Hall, huh?" Qiuyue really wanted to go there right now, but after thinking about it for a moment, she'd only be spreading her name even more by showing up in public after disappearing for so long.

"I have to keep my identity as Immortal Fairy Su Yue as far away from him as possible — at least until we leave this place!" she thought to herself, completely unaware that her 'secret' had been discovered by Su Yang days ago because of Zhu Mengyi's innocent rambling.

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