Dual Cultivation

Chapter 179 God of Womanizer

Chapter 179 God of Womanizer

"Anyway, since you are already finished with the arrangements, you should know the next steps, right?" Qiuyue changed the topic.

"I will give it to him right away…" Matriarch Zhu said.

Qiuyue nodded and no longer had any reasons to stay. But before she left, she said to Matriarch Zhu, "This may be the last time you will ever see me."

"W-What do you mean by that?!" Matriarch Zhu began shaking at the countless meanings behind her words.

"I will be going back to my homeland soon…" she said in a low voice that did not sound confident at all.

And before Matriarch Zhu could say anything else, Qiuyue disappeared from the windows.

"..." Matriarch Zhu stood there in silence, seemingly in disbelief.

"Immortal Fairy Su Yue will no longer appear before us?"

Qiuyue's disappearance signifies many things, but the most important one was that the world's power balance will greatly change without her supervision.

And once the news of Qiuyue disappearing for good spreads, everybody with power will try to regain the strength that had been suppressed by Qiuyue's overwhelming presence.

And with the Golden Lion Academy's destruction, it leaves only the Holy Sword Academy and the Four Seasons Academy to deal with balancing out the entire continent.

Will they have what it takes to control half of the continent, or will they be overthrown by the countless powerful families that have ulterior motives out there?

Matriarch Zhu looked at the storage ring in her hands and no longer thought about the future. Her only worry right now should be her arrangements with Su Yang.

However, right before Matriarch Zhu could even leave the building, Sect Elder Deng came knocking on her door with urgency.

"What is it?" Matriarch Zhu asked Elder Deng.

"Matriarch! I remembered!" Elder Deng spoke with a pale expression.

"Slow down... What do you remember?"

"T-That young man's name! I remember his name!"

"What? I thought you had said that you never asked him for his name?" Matriarch Zhu frowned.

"Indeed, I didn't ask him… Though I had totally forgotten that he'd told me his name during our initial meeting… Mainly because I didn't take him seriously and paid little attention to him, hence my failure..."

"So? What is his name?"

"T-That is…" Elder Deng began sweating.

"Hurry up and spit it out!" Matriarch Zhu raised her voice.

"H-His name… is Su… Su Yang…"

"What did you just say?! Su Yang?!"

When Matriarch Zhu finally learned of his name, she stood up with a shocked face.

"Is that the reason why Immortal Fairy Su Yue looked so angry when I called him her son?! He was actually her husband?! B-But his age and low Cultivation base… it doesn't make any sense!"

However, at the same time, that would explain Su Yang's mysterious background and heaven-defying abilities.

Additionally, if Su Yang really happened to be Qiuyue's husband, and his age and Cultivation base happens to be fake, then it wouldn't be too shocking for his disguise to fool even someone like Matriarch Zhu.

"What a shocking reveal! To think that he'd been Immortal Fairy Su Yue's husband this entire time!" Matriarch Zhu immediately started running outside.

"W-Where are you going, Matriarch?!" Elder Deng asked her with a surprised expression.

"To do what I should've done days ago!" she said before disappearing from his sight.

"What…?" Elder Deng stood there with a dumbfounded expression.




Inside his living quarters, Su Yang left the Cauldron Room for the ninth time ever since Zhu Mengyi confessed her love to him. Within these past few days, Su Yang had spent almost all of his time with Zhu Mengyi inside the Cauldron Room to cultivate.

And after spending all this time cultivating with Zhu Mengyi, Su Yang has accumulated enough Yin Qi from her to reach the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm as a Qi Refiner and the peak of the True Spirit Realm as a Body Refiner.

Although his progress as a Body Refiner had been stagnated at the Profound Spirit Realm and have been unable to break through to the True Spirit Realm for some time due to the lack of Yin Qi, ever since he cultivated with Wu Jinjing, a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert, his bottleneck no longer became an issue for him, allowing him to burst straight into the True Spirit Realm.

If Su Yang were to fight someone with only his body and without any Profound Qi, he would still be able to defeat even a Qi Refiner at the Earth Spirit Realm with ease. If he were to fight with his tempered body supported by his Profound Qi at the Earth Spirit Realm, then even those at the Heavenly Spirit Realm will be no match for him.

In other words, unless he has to fight against someone at the Sovereign Spirit Realm, then Su Yang could be considered invincible. However, that is not to say he is hopeless against Sovereigns, as he has plenty of tricks hidden in his sleeve.

And since there are only a few individuals in this world that have attained the Sovereign Spirit Realm, Su Yang could be considered as one of the strongest individuals in this world right now.

"Hmm?" Su Yang suddenly stopped walking to look at the figure that has been staring at him ever since he left the Cauldron Room.

That person was obviously Qiuyue, who'd returned just recently.

"Hmph!" Qiuyue immediately snorted upon seeing him, and she continued, "As expected from the God of Womanizer. But you don't have to worry, as I totally did not think for even a moment that you will not touch her."

Su Yang looked at her and the Cauldron Room with a bitter smile. "Although I won't say that I didn't expect this, I definitely didn't plan for this to happen…"

"Whatever," Qiuyue took the situation better than Su Yang had expected.

"Anyway, there is something you should be more concerned about," Qiuyue continued a moment later.

"What is it?" Su Yang's expression instantly straightened.

"That stupid cat… I don't know what happened out there but she sort of made the Three Ancient Academies into the Two Ancient Academies. I figured you should know since she is your Spirit Beast and all."

"Is that so…" Su Yang's expression did not change much even after learning such news. In fact, he looked calmer than before hearing her words, almost as if he didn't care much about Xiao Rong's actions.

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