Dual Cultivation

Chapter 177 A Small Taste of His True Powers

Chapter 177 A Small Taste of His True Powers

"Ah… Ahh… Ahhh…!"

Like a wild beast, Zhu Mengyi moved her hips without restraints. Her lower body was already feeling sore from the constant workout, but she didn't seem to want to stop moving.

Her motive seemed to have also changed from wanting a baby to just wanting to cultivate with Su Yang.

Although Su Yang sort of regret giving her the Pill of Stamina, he was not the type of man to stop a woman from wanting to enjoy herself, especially if he's the one who made her into such a state.

A couple more minutes later, when Zhu Mengyi began feeling tired again, she turned to look at the Pill of Stamina by her side with a resolved gaze, looking like she wanted to consume the entire pill.

However, before she could reach for the pill, Su Yang got off the floor and lifted her entire body into the air.

He then held onto her hips and began thrusting his rod deep into her flower at a weird pace, and even the way he moved his hips became unique, looking almost like he was doing some sort of dance whilst in rhythm.

"T-This is…!"

Zhu Mengyi suddenly felt the pleasure in her body increase by at least two folds, and every corner of her body screamed in delight, causing her flower to overflow with purified water.

It was such a profound feeling that even the Profound Qi in her body became aroused with joy, causing her entire body — in and out — to burn with passion.

Although she didn't know what Su Yang did to her body, she loved it, so much so that hearts began appearing in her eyes.

"I am going to release my Yang Qi now," Su Yang suddenly said.

After a few more rounds of thrusting, Su Yang finally released his profound Yang Qi into Zhu Mengyi's belly.

An otherworldly sensation assaulted Zhu Mengyi's body when the hot Yang Qi rushed into her body, feeling like her body had suddenly turned into a cauldron and the pill in her body was near completion.

After shooting his Yang Qi into Zhu Mengyi, Su Yang laid her on the floor to allow her to rest. He then went to pick up the Pill of Stamina and placed it into a pill bottle.

"Your body would not have been able to withstand the entire Pill of Stamina," he said to her.

Zhu Mengyi did not even have the strength to speak after the cultivation and only nodded her head slightly. And although she did not speak, she looked at him with an apologetic look.

Just like the Pill of Seduction, she had acted without thinking of the consequences.

Su Yang went on to fix his robes before helping Zhu Mengyi. He then sat beside her and said, "You must be wondering what I did near the end, right?" he spoke with a smile.

"Un…" Zhu Mengyi nodded slightly in response.

"It's only a technique used specifically for dual cultivation," he said, and continued, "It's nothing special, really."

Although he said that, the truth was that Zhu Mengyi had managed to become the first woman in this world to have experienced his dual cultivation techniques.

Indeed, every partner he's had since his reincarnation had yet to experience even Su Yang's true power.

However, there's a good reason as to why Su Yang only cultivated with them normally, as their cultivation base and mental experience would not be able to handle the sheer intensity of even the tip of Su Yang's true power in bed and it would without a doubt break their mind.

In other words, Su Yang has no choice but to cripple himself and cultivate with them normally. But even with his true prowess in bed sealed, every girl he's cultivated with thus far are more than satisfied with the experience, and one can only imagine what it would feel like to experience all of Su Yang's technique.

As for Zhu Mengyi, because she was under the influence of the Pill of Stamina that affected not only her body but her mind as well, she was able to handle one of Su Yang's simplest dual cultivation techniques. However, even then, she was only able to withstand a few seconds of his techniques.

"D-Dual cultivation?" Zhu Mengyi wondered why someone like Su Yang would know of such a technique.

Unless he was someone who does this kind of thing often, why would he want to learn such a technique?

"You can come back to this room for as long as I remain here," Su Yang suddenly said with a smile.

"Eh?" Zhu Mengyi's eyes widened at his words.

"Does this mean…?" she couldn't help but think about the implications of such words.

"You can rest here until you can move," Su Yang said before leaving the Cauldron Room to wash the sweat and other substances off his body.

Once Su Yang left, Zhu Mengyi continued to rest inside the Cauldron Room. When she finally regained enough energy to move, the first thing she did was rub her own belly.

"Sister Jinjing, you were right… Not only did I find my partner, but I will also be bearing his baby, just like you are bearing your partner's baby."

Zhu Mengyi couldn't wait to see Wu Jinjing's face when she reveals to her the truth.

However, despite wanting to travel to the Holy Sword Academy right now to speak with Wu Jinjing, Zhu Mengyi had more important matters in her mind.

"I will take advantage of this opportunity and cultivate with him as much as my body and mind can handle before he leaves!" Zhu Mengyi vowed to herself.

An hour later, when Zhu Mengyi had the strength to walk, she went to prepare her body for the next cultivation session.

After a few more hours of resting, mainly because her lower body was still sore from before, Zhu Mengyi returned to Su Yang and requested for his 'time' in the Cauldron Room.

Su Yang obviously agreed and followed Zhu Mengyi back into the Cauldron Room.

Additionally, Zhu Mengyi was prepared and brought along with her something comfortable to cultivate on.

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