Dual Cultivation

Chapter 176 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 3

Chapter 176 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 3

"Ah... Ah…. So good! What is this feeling?!"

Zhu Mengyi moaned in pleasure as Su Yang pounded her little garden with his stiff rod, almost like how Alchemy Masters pound ingredients, but he was pounding flowers instead of herbs, stirring the slimy substances inside her belly.

Not even a minute had passed since Su Yang started moving his hips and she was already on the verge of spraying.

And her hands were tightly holding onto the handles on the cauldron below her, as she was afraid of falling off from the intense pounding.

"Ah… Ah… Stir my insides even more!"

An indescribable feeling of pleasure assaulted her body when Su Yang's rod touched the tip of her flower bud, sending a wave of intense thrill through her tender body, making her tremble slightly.

"Ah! Yes! Harder!"

Zhu Mengyi almost couldn't believe the vulgar words that were coming out of her own mouth; it was as if she was possessed by the lust that has been hiding deep within her body.

Su Yang had his large hands occupied with Zhu Mengyi's beautifully shaped hips while he continuously thrust his rod into her, making loud slurping noises echo within the small Cauldron Room. And with every stroke, Zhu Mengyi felt the petals of her rose spreading open little by little.

"I'm cumming!" Zhu Mengyi suddenly moaned loudly.

A few seconds later, her body trembled violently, and water sprayed out of her lower body, watering her already soaked rose.

"Haaa… Haaa… Haaa…"

Zhu Mengyi began panting heavily after the shocking experience, even nearly choking on her own saliva from the initial shock. The upper part of her body was limping off the cauldron, looking like she was ready to pass out at any moment.

"Are you finished already? I haven't even fertilized the pill in your body," Su Yang said with a smile.

Alchemy Masters normally have more stamina than normal Cultivators because of how much energy it takes to concoct pills, but Zhu Mengyi did not seem to have any energy left in her body despite being one of the top Alchemy Masters in the world, being exhausted after just a few minutes of dual cultivation.

This could possibly be one of the shortest dual cultivations Su Yang have had in a long time.

"I-I'm sorry… G-Give me a few moments…" Zhu Mengyi mumbled.

Su Yang did not say anything and lifted her off the cauldron and allowed her to rest properly on the floor.

"You lack stamina despite being an Alchemy Master," he said a little later.

"I… I can't help it… This is different from concocting a pill!" she refuted in her defense.

Su Yang shook his head and turned to face the cauldron.

"W-What are you planning?" Zhu Mengyi asked him after seeing him open the cauldron.

"Just a little something," he vaguely responded.

Su Yang then retrieved a few herbs in his storage ring and tossed them into the cauldron.

"What…?" Zhu Mengyi watched from the floor with wide eyes.

Despite spending so many hours with him, this is actually her first time seeing him concoct a pill before her.

Su Yang closed the lid once the ingredients were inside the cauldron and waved his hand, causing a large ball of Alchemy Flames to appear in the room.

Although his Alchemy Flames seemed normal at first glance and had the same color as any common Alchemy Flame, it was definitely much stronger than Zhu Mengyi's unique Azure Flames.

When Zhu Mengyi saw the pure flames, she was instantly mesmerized by its beauty.

Within seconds, the Alchemy Flames consumed the entire cauldron, covering even the handles.

However, the blazing Alchemy Flames subdued after only appearing for a few seconds, and Su Yang removed the lid from the cauldron immediately.

Once he removed the lid, black smoke filled the room. And when the formation within the Cauldron Room sensed the smoke, the formation activated and began absorbing all of the black smoke.

"W-What kind of pill is that?" Zhu Mengyi asked after seeing the pink pill on Su Yang's palm.

It resembled the Pill of Seduction that she made but had a different aroma to it.

What's more, the instant her nose picked up on the scent, she could feel the exhausted energy in her body return at a noticeable rate.

"Pill of Stamina, it works wonders for people like you," he said with a grin. "Just one of these and you'll have enough energy to do anything for the next few days."

"T-The next few days…?" Zhu Mengyi's jaw dropped upon hearing such words.

Even if her stamina will be fine, she will definitely go crazy if she were to experience this much stimulation and pleasure for just a few hours, much less a few days!

"Don't worry, you don't have to eat the whole thing. Just lick it a few times and the effect will last at most a few hours."

Zhu Mengyi accepted the pill with flickering eyes and did not hesitate to lick the pill.

A few licks later, Zhu Mengyi instantly felt the effects of the pill, as her body gushed with energy, feeling almost like she'd been reborn!

However, it seems like the Pill of Stamina affected not just her energy but also her behavior, turning her even more wild during cultivation.

"Ahh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!"

Su Yang laid on the ground with a relaxed expression, almost like he was bathing in the sun, while Zhu Mengyi rode his thick rod like some kind of animal, and her scrumptious butt would continuously slap against Su Yang's thighs, filling the room with clapping sounds.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! This is it!"

With every stroke hitting her flower bud, a burst of intense thrill would shock her tender body, making her tremble nonstop.

Love continuously leak from Zhu Mengyi's flower, and after a few hours of cultivation without stop, a small puddle had formed underneath them.

And since Zhu Mengyi seemed to be enjoying herself very much with his little brother, Su Yang had decided to hold his Yang Qi for until she was satisfied.

However, Zhu Mengyi did not seem to want to stop even after many hours of cultivation, making Su Yang wonder if the flawless-quality Pill of Stamina had been too effective on her.

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