Dual Cultivation

Chapter 175 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 2

Chapter 175 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 2

Su Yang approached Zhu Mengyi's nether region with his snake-like arm.

"Ah!" Zhu Mengyi expressed surprise when something warm suddenly touched her pink pill, feeling an otherworldly sensation quickly spread across her body.

"Relax your body, especially the lower part…" Su Yang whispered in her ears as he began massaging the bottom lip underneath her robes.

Zhu Mengyi forcefully swallowed the saliva stuck in her throat and began breathing heavily.

"Haaa… haaa…"

She could feel all the strength in her body disperse, almost like she just concocted a hundred pills without rest.

A few moments later, Su Yang used his other hand to start massaging her small breasts, which caused Zhu Mengyi to finally open her eyes to look at him with a concerned gaze, clearly insecure by her own size.

"Are you disappointed?" she couldn't help but mumble.

"But I didn't say anything?" Su Yang continued to massage her with a smile.

Zhu Mengyi no longer said anything else and even began spreading her legs a little wider for him.

After massaging her cave for a few more moments, Su Yang retrieved his hand from her robes that was dripping wet with her heavenly water.

Zhu Mengyi's face flushed when she saw that, but a second later when Su Yang licked his fingers in a seductive manner, Zhu Mengyi's heart nearly stopped from shock.

"You know…" Su Yang suddenly opened his mouth to speak, "You seem more attractive today, and the aroma on your body is very sweet and enticing…"

"R-R-Really?" Zhu Mengyi had already forgotten about the Pill of Seduction and began sweating profusely after being reminded.

"I-I w-wonder why… haha…" she was so nervous that she began laughing awkwardly.

Su Yang smiled and suddenly switched position with her, making Zhu Mengyi sit on the cauldron instead.

He then loosened her robes, revealing her jadelike skin and drooling little sister.

Zhu Mengyi instinctively closed her legs and covered her steamed buns in embarrassment, her face as red as a heated cauldron.

However, when Su Yang caressed her bare legs with his hand, Zhu Mengyi trembled in excitement and began spreading her legs again.

He then closed their distance and kissed her on the lips, greatly surprising the unprepared Zhu Mengyi.

When Su Yang removed his lips sometime later, he could see a hint of remorse and uncertainty in her gaze, almost as if she was uncertain about something.

"Do not worry, I am not doing this because you consumed the Pill of Seduction," Su Yang finally revealed to her that he'd been aware this entire time.

"Y-You knew?!" Zhu Mengyi exclaimed.

"Un." Su Yang nodded, and continued, "But that does not mean I endorse such behavior."

"I am sorry…" Zhu Mengyi said with her head hung low in shame.

"If you want something, it's best to be straightforward instead of doing something this sneaky," he said with a smile. "If you had drugged me however, then we would be in an entirely different situation right now."

"I wouldn't even imagine doing something like that!" Zhu Mengyi quickly said.

"I know…" Su Yang said as he began loosening his own robes.

A moment later, when the sight of Su Yang's awakened dragon enters Zhu Mengyi's view for the first time, her jaws dropped from astonishment.

"T-This is a man's…" she covered her mouth when she realized that this long and thick rod would be entering her body in a moment, and through such a small hole at that.

Flabbergasted by the thought and scared by her own imaginations, her complexion paled, and her body began shaking in fear.

"Do you want to stop here?" Su Yang suddenly asked her.

"No!" she quickly responded, even vigorously shaking her head.

However, despite her words, she couldn't help but take another look at his thick rod, forcefully swallowing the nervousness away.

Su Yang closed their distance even more, until his rod was in front of her cave, looking ready to explore it at any moment now.

"Are you ready?" he asked her.

"O-Of course…" she replied in a shaky voice, not even bothering to hide the nervousness in her voice.

Su Yang smiled and moved his hips, sending his rod straight into Zhu Mengyi's body.


Zhu Mengyi gasped with her head tilted backward and her mouth wide open like she wanted to scream, but no sound came out, as she was so shocked by the sudden invasion that she'd lost her voice.

However, a moment later, when she realized that the feeling of pain was absent despite being penetrated for the first time, she looked at her little sister just to make sure Su Yang had penetrated her.


But when she looked, Su Yang's thick rod was indeed penetrating her hole, and there was even blood — her virgin essence. However, she clearly didn't feel any pain and still couldn't even at this moment, an experience completely different from what she was told!

"I-It's not painful at all…" she couldn't help but mumble out loud her surprise, unaware that this had been all Su Yang's doing.

"But then again, there are also people who say they didn't feel any pain for their first time…" she thought to herself.

Su Yang remained nonchalant after hearing her murmur. Because she was so terrified of the pain that her body was trembling, Su Yang decided to use a unique technique to get rid of the pain before she could even feel it, leaving only the feeling of pleasure alone so Zhu Mengyi would be able to indulge herself in pleasure without having to worry about the pain.

"I'm going to start moving now," he said to her, who seemed to be dazed by the phenomenon.

"Go ahead." Zhu Mengyi nodded. Now that the part she thought was terrifying has passed without any problems, she felt confident that everything else would be smooth sailing. But little did she know that the most horrifying part would not be the pain but the pleasure that would soon consume both her body and soul!

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