Dual Cultivation

Chapter 174 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 1

Chapter 174 Inside the Enclosed Cauldron Room 1

"I-I know my request is absurd and unreasonable, but I am serious about this!" Zhu Mengyi said after seeing Su Yang's expression.

"Although I have already decided to dedicate my life to the Dao of Alchemy and vowed to myself that I will never be in a relationship, after spending the last few days for you, I have finally realized what my heart truly wants…"

Su Yang remained silent even after hearing such words, as he's heard similar things from many, many other women in his past life. However, unlike Wu Jinjing and Zhu Mengyi, they did not outright ask to bear his child, something that rarely happened even with the amount of relationship he's had in his past life.

Additionally, in his past life, Su Yang would normally refuse the idea of his partners bearing his child, as he believes that it would only give him more trouble with no real benefit.

"Perhaps the reason I did not refuse that sword girl is because I am taking this world too lightly, as I don't have to look over my shoulder every minute to see if I am being targeted by jealous men like I did in the Four Divine Heavens." Su Yang thought to himself.

In the Four Divine Heavens, plenty of vengeful men that had their women taken from them by Su Yang would always be searching for methods to take revenge on him, so Su Yang would only be digging his own grave if he brought his own children to the world, hence why he does not have any children in the Four Divine Heavens despite the overwhelming number of female he had cultivated with — unless the female decided on such a thing without him knowing.

However, in this world where nobody really holds any grudge against him, he could finally spread his lineage without worrying that someone might take advantage of the situation. After all, it's only natural for a human like Su Yang, a man no less, to want to spread his legacy.

"Maybe this is a really good chance for me to do something that I couldn't in my past life?" Su Yang thought to himself.

Not to mention Zhu Mengyi could be considered as one of the best candidates in this world because of her status and overwhelming talent that stood above everybody else in this world, just like Wu Jinjing.

Even if somebody wanted to harm her, would the Four Seasons Academy allow such a thing to happen? This also applies to Wu Jinjing, who was the daughter of the Holy Sword Academy's Sect Master.

"Is this a no?" Zhu Mengyi mumbled after a few moments later, taking Su Yang's silence as a rejection.

The lights in her eyes were dim, almost like she was in a hopeless situation.

"You say that you want my child, but what if I cannot be by your side and that you will have to take care of the child by yourself?" Su Yang suddenly said, causing the light in Zhu Mengyi's eyes to return.

Zhu Mengyi turned silent, and she thought of Wu Jinjing's satisfied expression.

Wu Jinjing had told her that she will be taking care of the child alone and that the man who impregnated her won't be around for an unknown amount of time, but despite all that, there was not even the slightest sign of sadness in her eyes, even looking forward to the future.

"If Sister Jinjing can endure it, then there's no reason why I cannot do the same!" she thought to herself.

And she opened her mouth to speak, "Even if you will not be here, my feelings for you will not change! And since you will be leaving anyway, I'd rather have something to remember you for when you are gone than having nothing at all!"

As a matter of fact, there are countless Cultivators out there that are taking care of their children by themselves, as deaths are extremely common in the cultivation world due to its dangerous nature in general.

Su Yang smiled after hearing such words from Zhu Mengyi.

"Very well," he spoke in a calm voice along with a smile on his face, "I will accept your feelings."

"Eh? Really?" Zhu Mengyi didn't think he would accept so easily. "B-But what about that person you fancy?"

Although she wanted to bear his child, she still couldn't help but ask him something that could potentially ruin her chance.

"What does that have anything to do with this?" Su Yang replied with an eyebrow raised. "What I fancy are beautiful women, and you are certainly one."

Zhu Mengyi was speechless with her jaw nearly touching the ground after learning such a fact.

"That's what he meant?!" she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but she definitely felt some relief in her heart.

"Do you have anything else to say?" Su Yang then asked her.

After thinking or a second, Zhu Mengyi shook her head and said, "N-No…"

"Then let's start." Su Yang immediately approached her.

"S-Start? Start what?" Despite already knowing what's about to happen, Zhu Mengyi couldn't help but ask him.

"Making babies, of course." Su Yang laughed, causing Zhu Mengyi's face to flush with redness and her ears to release steam, looking like her head had turned into a cauldron!

"I-I have never done anything like this before, so… um…" she said while fidgeting her body.

"Don't worry, it will be like when I gave you the technique," he replied. "Just relax your body and let me do all the work."

Zhu Mengyi nodded and tried to relax her body, but alas, it was easier said than done when she's feeling this nervous.

"Close your eyes…" Su Yang whispered by her ears with a tender voice, and almost as if his words were magic, instantly helped her loosen the muscle in her body.

Once she closed her eyes, Su Yang hugged her body close to his own and leaned on the warm cauldron. He then sneaked his other free arm into her robes and navigated it towards the bottom of her body, almost like a snake.

"Mmm…" Zhu Mengyi body trembled when she felt Su Yang's slender fingers invade her privacy, but she resisted opening her eyes.

"Before we start, just like Alchemy, allow me to prepare your body first…" Su Yang's gentle voice resounded again, but Zhu Mengyi was too focused on the hand that was slowly approaching her treasured cave to hear him.

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