Dual Cultivation

Chapter 173 Confession

Chapter 173 Confession

Inside the Cauldron Room, Zhu Mengyi sat behind her cauldron with a stiff expression. Although she tried to remain as nonchalant and calm as possible, her hands were slightly trembling when handling the ingredients before her.

She simply couldn't help but worry that Su Yang might have already noticed the abnormally enchanting smell that surrounded her body.

However, it's been many minutes since they entered the Cauldron Room, and Su Yang hasn't said a single word to her, much less mention about the Pill of Seduction.

As time passed, Zhu Mengyi began calming down and no longer felt as nervous.


But alas, as soon as Su Yang opened his mouth to speak, Zhu Mengyi's body tightened up instantly.

"Y-Yes?!" she cried by accident, almost like she just saw a ghost, her anxious voice as clear as day.

"Your movements are extremely slow and rigid right now when compared to yesterday; it feels like you never concocted a pill before," he said with a frown. "Are you even taking this seriously? Or are you getting sloppy due to arrogance?"

"N-No… it's nothing of that sorts…" Zhu Mengyi quickly said, and she continued, "It's just that I have something on my mind…"

"Something on your mind, huh. Do you want to share it?"

Zhu Mengyi instantly became speechless upon hearing his question. How was she supposed to answer that question? Tell him that she wanted his child, even going as far as to consume a Pill of Seduction just to get him to pay more attention to her, and now she's worried about it?

"What if he's asking that because he already knows and he's just testing me?" she thought to herself.

If he truly already knows about her consuming a Pill of Seduction, then she might as well let it all out and tell him the truth. However, if by the sliver chance that he's actually unaware, then she'd just be digging her own grave by telling him.

Zhu Mengyi was truly loss right now. She couldn't decide what she wanted to do.

However, in the midst of her contemplations, Su Yang suddenly said, "Forget it. I doubt it's anything important, anyway."

And almost as if she was triggered by his words, Zhu Mengyi quickly responded with a loud and clear voice, "It is very important!"

"Hoh?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow, looking as though he was surprised.

After a moment of silence, Zhu Mengyi suddenly asked him in a low voice, "Hey, Su Yang, do you have anyone you fancy?"

"Of course," he quickly replied without any hesitation.

"!!!" Zhu Mengyi's eyes widened with surprise. She didn't expect him to answer so honestly and quickly.

"O-Of course, you would…" she said with a bitter smile a little later.

Su Yang looked at her with a calm expression, and he asked her, "Why do you ask? Is there someone out there who had managed to get your attention?"

Although she didn't want to say anything, Zhu Mengyi nodded in response.

"And you are worried about this? Why?"

After a moment of silence, Zhu Mengyi said, "Because he already has someone he fancies…"

"And you are giving up because of something so trivial? Then you are obviously not as interested in him as you think." Su Yang shook his head.

"That's not true!" Zhu Mengyi immediately refuted. "And what do you mean a trivial? What will you do if you were in my shoes, huh?"

"What will I do?" Su Yang smiled and continued, "I will go after that individual until she is mine, even if there's already someone else in her heart."

Zhu Mengyi frowned at such a half-assed and unrealistic response, "That's easier said than done! And I doubt you will actually do something as shameless as that!"

"Oh, you'd be surprised," Su Yang said with a smile.

If Zhu Mengyi had even the slightest clue of Su Yang's real background within the Four Divine Heavens and the things he'd done there, she wouldn't be saying such words with so much confidence.

"Anyway, you wouldn't know how it will turn out unless you ask him, right? Unless he's into men, I don't think he will reject a beauty such as yourself," Su Yang added.

"B-B-Beauty…?" Zhu Mengyi blushed after learning that she was a beauty in his eyes, something a beauty like her shouldn't be shocked about, especially when basically everyone with working eyes would praise her for her superior appearance whenever they see her.

"A-Are you sure?" she asked him with her hopes slightly raised due to his last words.

Su Yang did not say anything and only smiled.


Zhu Mengyi sighed inwardly. Indeed, she wouldn't know the outcome unless she asks him, and nothing will happen if she doesn't — that was definite. If it's like that, then she might as well go for it and ask him, as he only has a few more days left here at the Four Seasons Academy.

Zhu Mengyi took a deep breath and prepared to reveal to Su Yang her feelings.

But just as she opened her mouth, Su Yang pointed to the cauldron and said, "Before anything, why don't you take a look at your pill first? Are you sure you want to leave it like that?"

"Eh?" Zhu Mengyi turned to look at the cauldron that had black smoke emitting, and her eyes widened.

"Ah! I forgot about it!"

She was so absorbed in the conversation that she'd forgotten about the pill that was cooking in the cauldron, causing the pill to burn from negligence.

Sometime later, after she promptly fixed her mess with the cauldron, Zhu Mengyi returned to looking at Su Yang. Although the atmosphere had lightened up because of her mistake, her heart was beating as fast as ever.

"Su Yang… I know this might be a surprise to you, even shocking, but for the past few days I have grown to fancy you!" Zhu Mengyi said in an almost shouting voice with her eyes closed, almost as if she didn't want to see his face after saying such embarrassing words.

However, if she could see Su Yang's calm expression, she would definitely feel even more awkward.

What's more, she was not done speaking and continued, "A-A-And… And I… And I want to have your baby!"

After muttering such words, Zhu Mengyi felt such embarrassment that she could die right now.

"You want my child?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow, as he most certainly did not expect the last part.

"What's with people wanting babies in this place? First that sword girl and now her? Could this be a trait of women in this continent?" he wondered to himself.

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