Dual Cultivation

Chapter 172 Pill of Seduction

Chapter 172 Pill of Seduction

On her way back to Su Yang's living quarters, Zhu Mengyi pondered to herself what she should do for the next few days.

Her mastery with the Controlling Heaven and Earth is already at the level where she will grow even without Su Yang's help as long as she continues to cultivate it, and as for her experience with the Earth Advancement Pill, she could easily concoct one in under four hours, a speed which will shock the Alchemy Masters of this world if known.

Suddenly, in the midst of her thoughts, the image of Wu Jinjing rubbing her stomach affectionately entered her head.

"Although she won't be together with her fated person, she still managed to show such happiness and satisfaction."

She then thought of Su Yang and his handsome face. The last few days she'd spent with him was truly wonderful; it feels like a dream even now.

"A child, huh..." she mumbled.

Truth to be told, she wouldn't mind bearing Su Yang's child, as his talent with Alchemy was through the roof and higher than Heaven itself, and he was incredibly handsome, a man no woman in this Four Seasons Academy with a working brain would reject.

However, Zhu Mengyi does not have the boldness Wu Jinjing possess. She simply doesn't have what it takes to go up to another individual and ask to bear their child!

Not to mention Su Yang didn't seem the least interested in her despite spending so much time with her for the past few days, at least that was what Zhu Mengyi noticed after paying so much attention to him.

"Am I not attractive enough?" Zhu Mengyi, however, was pretty confident of her own appearance, as she could be considered the top beauty within the entire Sect and rival even Wu Jinjing.

Zhu Mengyi tilted down to look at her own chest, which was the only lacking component to her otherwise perfect body when compared to Wu Jinjing's large peaks.

Suddenly, she thought of an idea.

"As long as I make myself more attractive, he will surely approach me on his own accord!"

With that seemingly innocent thought in mind, Zhu Mengyi took a detour and went to her own Cauldron Room before going to meet Su Yang.

Once she was inside the Cauldron Room, Zhu Mengyi immediately began to work with the cauldron.

Half an hour later, Zhu Mengyi removed the lid off the cauldron and retrieved a pink pill from the cauldron.

She stared at the pill with the urge to laugh, her face showing a large smile.

"Once I consume this high-quality Pill of Seduction, even females will want to kiss me, much less a man!"

Although she did feel somewhat guilty for using such underhanded tactics, this was the only method she could think of that will make Su Yang to finally notice her charm.

Zhu Mengyi immediately consumed the pill and began heading towards Su Yang's living quarters.

On her way there, countless disciples stared at her with wide eyes filled with awe. For some reason, their already attractive senior apprentice-sister Zhu had turned even more charming, looking like she'd turned into a goddess that descended from the Heavens!

The female disciples would blush when they noticed Zhu Mengyi and the males would begin to pant on sight when they saw her beautiful face and mysterious aura.

"My god... is it just me or does senior apprentice-sister Zhu look absolutely more stunning today than usual?"

"You are right. Although I cannot tell exactly what changed about her, she looks entirely different than before!"

"I envy whoever will the husband of such a gorgeous lady."

"Aiya, you must not know senior apprentice-sister Zhu that well. She's already dedicated her body and soul to the Dao of Alchemy, there's no room for any man in her heart, much less her life."

"What a waste..."

When Zhu Mengyi noticed all the people staring at her with dazed gazes, she couldn't help but secretly chuckle to herself. This meant that her Pill of Seduction was working as intended, and she increased the pace of her steps in anticipation of seeing Su Yang's charmed expression.

Once she reached Su Yang's living quarters, Zhu Mengyi's heart throbbed profusely, feeling like it will burst at any second.

She forcefully swallowed her nervousness and opened the door. Because she's been coming here every day for the last few days, Su Yang gave her a spare key to the house, as he was tired of opening the door for her.

After entering the house, Zhu Mengyi went directly into the Cauldron Room and began waiting for Su Yang to find her and hopefully push her down with the intent to make babies.

Time slowly passed for Zhu Mengyi at this moment. Seconds feel like minutes and minutes felt like an eternity, and her confidence in the outcome eventually decreased.

Suddenly, she remembered Su Yang's heaven-defying sense of smell.

"What if he realizes what I am trying to do and comes to hate me for it?" Zhu Mengyi began sweating after she realizes just how bad her plan actually turned out to be.

After pondering for a few more moments, the possibility of him finding out her plan became more and more realistic in her mind.

"This isn't good! I have to leave before he sees me!" Zhu Mengyi instantly left her seat and made her way towards the exit with hurried steps, even putting in the effort to conceal her presence just in case.

However, just as she made it to the door, a voice resounded behind her, nearly causing her heart to stop.

"Where are you going?"

Zhu Mengyi slowly turned around to face the voice, and Su Yang's handsome face appeared in her view the next moment.

"I-I-I..." Stricken by panic, Zhu Mengyi forgot how to speak or think at this moment.

Su Yang noticed her odd behavior but remained silent about it.

"Why are you standing there at the door? Hurry up and head to the Cauldron Room if you are already here," Su Yang said a moment later, ignoring her strange actions.


Zhu Mengyi could only give up at this point and accept the fact that if he comes to hate her after today, there will be nobody but herself to blame.

Su Yang silently watched her walk into the Cauldron Room with a nonchalant expression.

"Pill of Seduction, huh?" he shook his head inwardly.

A slight smile appeared on his face as he followed her into the enclosed room.

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