Dual Cultivation

Chapter 155 Entering the Earth Spirit Realm

Chapter 155 Entering the Earth Spirit Realm

Inside the dark room, a faint golden light surrounded Su Yang as he Cultivated. His eyes were closed, and his face remained relaxed even after hours of being in that position, looking like he was only taking a nap in a sitting position.

Suddenly, he felt as if a refreshing wave of water submerged his entire body into a sea of Profound Qi, making his body feel powerful and bulging with energy.

At this moment, Su Yang had broken through the True Spirit Realm and entered the Earth Spirit Realm, feeling completely unstoppable by anything in this world.

However, even after he had a breakthrough, Su Yang did not open his eyes and continued to Cultivate.

There was more Yin Qi hidden deep within his Dantian than expected, and the Celestial Body Refining Scripture was much more efficient than he'd initially thought, extracting literally every drop of Profound Qi from Wu Jinjing's Yin Essence.

"If this goes on, I'll enter at least the third level Earth Spirit Realm without any doubt."

A few more hours passed by, and Su Yang would feel refreshing waves of energy overwhelm his body every hour.

By the end of his Cultivation, Su Yang had reached the fifth level of Earth Spirit Realm. He opened his eyes, which were flickering with Profound Qi, giving off a feeling of dominance.

If he went back to the Profound Blossom Sect right now, he would, without a doubt, be the strongest individual there.

How will the people at the Profound Blossom Sect react once they find out about Su Yang's shocking rise? Only time will tell.

After finishing his Cultivation, Su Yang went to clean the impurities that were eliminated from his body after the breakthrough, covering the floor with mud-colored water. Because Su Yang cultivated a special technique, his body does not retain as much as other Cultivators. If it were anyone else right now, the floor would not be filled with just water but actually black slime.

Once he changed his robes, Su Yang decided to finally go to sleep.

However, not even an hour into his sleep, Su Yang opened his eyes again and turned to look at the open window.

Standing there was a young girl with wavy silver hair, staring at him with her silver eyes that shone brightly together with the moonlight.

"Xiao Rong… what happened?" Although she didn't look injured or anything, Su Yang could tell that she'd done something she wasn't supposed to, or else her disguise wouldn't have disappeared.

"Big cat…" she said in a low voice.

"Big cat?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Big cat make Xiao Rong angry."


"So it was a scuffle between beasts?" Su Yang was no longer as worried, as fights between beasts are a part of nature and happen more often than not.

However, since Xiao Rong is a beast with a Cultivation base at the Ancient Realm, an entity that could easily wipe an entire city off the face of this world with her eyes closed and hands tied, a small scuffle from her could potentially mean changing the landscape of this world.

Su Yang shook his head and thought to himself, "There's no point in worrying about it now. If it's serious enough, I will find out sooner or later. If it's just a scuffle between two beasts, then nobody would even pay attention to it."

Thinking that, Su Yang closed his eyes and said, "I'm going back to sleep. Do whatever you want, just don't cause any more trouble."

Su Yang expected her to go away to play again, but unexpectedly, Xiao Rong did not leave and remained in the room with him.

She looked around the empty room, and after confirming that there was nobody beside Su Yang there, she stripped her clothes and jumped on the bed, laying beside Su Yang.

Seeing this, Su Yang sighed. But since he did tell her that she could remove her clothes when there's nobody around, he decided to stay silent and allowed her to stay naked.

A few moments later, Su Yang could feel something soft and wet on his face. It was obviously Xiao Rong licking him.

Perhaps it was because of his breakthrough, but in Xiao Rong's eyes, he was far more tempting than before, and the Celestial Qi within his Profound Qi was more apparent, making her mouth salivate just from looking at him.

"How am I going to sleep with you licking my face like this?" Su Yang sighed, comparing Xiao Rong to a baby that is in need of attention every second of the day.

"Haaa, whatever! It's not like I can sleep right after a breakthrough, anyway." Su Yang no longer tried to sleep and sat up on the bed.

He then looked at Xiao Rong, who was laying on his bed without even the slightest effort to cover her private parts.

He sighed, and said, "You may be a beast, but you are also a lady now, and I am your Master. I can't have you this ignorant and defenseless…"

Now that Xiao Rong is his responsibility, he decided to start teaching her about logic and how to act like a lady.

Although he has never raised a beast before, he knows plenty of beasts that have decided to live their lives as humans in his past life, such as the Dragon Clan, and of course, Cultivated with them, so he is much more knowledgeable about them than the average person.

"I'll leave your natural hate for clothes alone for now, but sooner or later, you'll have to stop acting so inelegant..."

Saying that, Su Yang spent the remainder of the night teaching Xiao Rong the human tongue. It was a bit awkward at first but Xiao Rong grasped the human language much quicker than Su Yang had expected, reaching what a normal child would be able to achieve within a single night.

"Ghost Cats are existences with great intelligence in general, so it isn't too shocking that she'd learn the human language in just a few hours as a beast." Su Yang nodded to himself with an approving smile.

Meanwhile, news of the Golden Lion Academy, one of the Three Ancient Academy, being nearly destroyed by a single and unknown individual spread like wildfire across the world, baffling every powerful background until their jaws dropped to the ground, even those hidden from the world.

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