Dual Cultivation

Chapter 154 Why Won’t You Accept Me?

Chapter 154 Why Won’t You Accept Me?

"Silly girl, what are you doing?" After his moment of shock, Su Yang shook his head and went to pick up Qiuyue's robes, putting it back on her.

"No matter how angry you are, there are things you shouldn't do as a lady…"

"I won't do anything like that again, I promise, so you also don't do that again," he then said.


Qiuyue clenched her fists, and she spoke, "You are cruel, father…"

"Why won't you accept me? Knowing you, you should've been aware of my feelings for you long ago…"

Su Yang's movements froze, and he looked at her in the eyes and said with a helpless expression, "I know, but you are…"

"Because I am her daughter? Because you do not want to touch the daughter of the woman you love? Is that it?" Qiuyue was not planning on letting him go easily this time, as she's already prepared for the consequences.

With a bitter smile, Su Yang said, "No, that's not it. Your status as Yuehai's daughter has nothing to do with it."

There were many times when Su Yang held both the mother and daughter in each of his arms, so her status as Yuehai's daughter had no effect on his thoughts.

"If my status is not a problem, then why won't you accept me into your arms like you do with almost every other woman out there?! Why am I different?!"

"It's a bit complicated, but do you recall when I said Yuehai was on her deathbed one time?"

"What does that have to—"

"You are unaware, but those of your bloodline is special, or to be precise, cursed… If you Cultivate with anyone that does not belong to your bloodline, you will die."

"What?! How come I have never heard of that? And is that the reason why my mother almost died…"

"It was because she ignored the consequences and Cultivated with me. If I had known about it beforehand, I would have never touched her."

Qiuyue was speechless. Her mother was actually so resolved that she'd die just to truly be with him? That was how much she loved him?

"But if you managed to keep her alive, then why can't you do the same with me? I am also willing to put my life on the—"

"You are not Yuehai, Qiuyue!" Su Yang raised his voice, sounding a bit angry. "Look at your Cultivation base! You are only at the Divine Lord Realm whilst Yuehai was an Immortal when it happened, and she barely managed to live! You wouldn't last even a second under the effects of that curse! Even if we ignore your Cultivate base, your Heavenly Constitution is also underwhelming!"


Qiuyue did not know how to answer him after hearing such words. Indeed, her Cultivation is not only lacking but straight up trash when considering her bloodline and age. While she may be at the top of the chain in this world, her presence within the Four Divine Heavens would not match that even of ants!

Tears began appearing in Qiuyue's eyes. This is the first time that she's feeling so vexed at her own Cultivation base. She felt hopeless. If only she didn't leave the Four Divine Heavens and deprive herself of Profound Qi that would help her Cultivate. If only she didn't arrive in this world, where the Profound Qi is simple too inferior for her to Cultivate properly. But that would mean she wouldn't learn of Su Yang's existence, something she also couldn't accept.

While Qiuyue cried to herself silently, Su Yang raised his hands to wipe the tears off her face.

"Father, I am—"

Su Yang suddenly kissed her on the lips, baffling Qiuyue, who was not the least prepared for his attack.

"This is the best I can do to answer your feelings for now. Although I cannot fully accept you now, it won't stay that way forever — I promise."

After her moment of shock, Qiuyue sheepishly smiled and nodded.

"Go get some rest for now. I have to Cultivate the remaining Yin Qi within my Dantian before it goes to waste."

After straightening out her robes, Qiuyue then asked him, "I didn't know about this curse for my bloodline but there's no way the Moon God does not… How did you two not get caught after such a big incident?"

"You should already know this but Yuehai is really talented at making up stories. If she doesn't want you to know something, you will most likely never find out." Su Yang chuckled.

Qiuyue also smiled after hearing his words. Indeed, her mother was quite talented in that aspect. After all, she managed to keep her relationship with Su Yang a secret for all those years while being together within the Sacred Moon Palace, where the Moon God has his eyes in every corner. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if she called such feat a miracle.

"But you are also pretty good at lying," she said to him with a smile.

Su Yang did not say anything and only smiled bitterly.

Sometime later, after Qiuyue straightened out her robes, she went into one of the two available rooms to rest.

Su Yang also went into his room.

Inside his room, Su Yang sat by the window and stared at the night sky, thinking about what had just happened.

"Because the Moon God detested the thought of his precious bloodline appearing outside the Sacred Moon Palace, he placed a curse upon his own family, completely sealing such possibility."

"However, because he isolated his bloodline within his own household, everybody within the Sacred Moon Palace is connected to one another as family, hence why many people harbor some sort of disdain towards that place."

Because of the curse, the people within the Sacred Moon Palace had no choice but to continue their legacy with each other, forcing incest upon the entire place.

In fact, such practices ended up becoming one of their natural instincts after many generations and why Qiuyue love Su Yang despite the way she looked at him.

"Although I wasn't capable back then, Moon God, I'll be sure to fix your damn place this time once I return to the Divine Heavens!" Su Yang thought to himself before clearing his mind to Cultivate the rest of the Yin Qi inside his body.

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