Dual Cultivation

Chapter 156 Brink of Destruction

Chapter 156 Brink of Destruction

Qiuyue laid on the bed with her eyes staring at the ceiling, her expression looking dazed. Ever since she entered this room, her mind has been preoccupied with the thought of Su Yang kissing her.

From night to day, she laid there with her eyes wide open and her fingers caressing her lips every so often, even giggling to herself like a child, thinking only about the sensation of Su Yang's lips touching her own.

While she may not be able to truly be with Su Yang for now, just the knowledge of him accepting her feelings was more than enough to turn her into some child that during their happiest times.

"That being said, I cannot just sit around until this curse is dealt with! I also have to do something, even if it's just increasing my Cultivation base slightly!"

Qiuyue felt that she would only be taking advantage of the situation if she waited for Su Yang to do all the work.

It's been a while since she took Cultivation seriously, especially when the Profound Qi in this world cannot support someone of her level.

"Even my Cultivation base will barely progress, I am still slowly reaching my goal!"

Qiuyue then retrieved her storage ring and retrieved every precious resource she had collected for the past few hundred years. She had intended to let Su Yang's Cultivation base to soar with these resources but that was before she was aware of his Cultivation methods.

Unless they wanted to cultivate faster, Dual Cultivation requires little to no resources, requiring only the Qi of the opposite gender. So as long Su Yang cultivates with females, he will inevitably become more powerful.

However, it's not as if Dual Cultivation has no downsides or else everybody would be doing it. They may only require the Qi of the opposite gender but they also must balance their Elemental Qi, which requires much more effort than absorbing Profound Qi that does not need such efforts, just like how Body Refiners require intensive tempering to the body.

As for Cultivators that cultivate using the universal method, they will have to rely on resources and the Profound Qi in the air to raise their Cultivation level.

After sorting out all of the resources before her that could easily fund a Sect as big as the Four Seasons Academy for centuries, Qiuyue began cultivating seriously for the first time in hundreds of years.




Meanwhile, the Holy Central Continent has been in complete chaos since last night, when one of the Three Ancient Academy, Golden Lion Academy, was nearly destroyed in a single night.

Many people with status gathered at the Golden Lion Academy to find out what had happened and were shocked speechless by the destructive scene.

The place was covered with craters and looked as though a meteorite had struck the Sect then raided with an army that was thousands strong.

It had taken the people only but a single glance at the scene to tell that whoever did this had prowess that could not be comprehended by ordinary means, and even worse, no sense of mercy.

"What kind of monstrous entity could possibly have the strength to turn a Sect as powerful as the Golden Lion Academy into ruins over the night by itself?"

Many people currently have this question in their minds, and they felt nothing but fear when the thought of this monster possibly attacking their place next entered their mind.

"If even the exalted Golden Lion Academy cannot hold a candle against this monster, what can the rest of us do to protect ourselves? We're all simply chickens on the chopping board without any way to defend ourselves!"

"This entity threatens not only every Sect in this world but the world itself! We must do something about it before it strikes again!"

"Yes, but first, we need to find out why it attacked the Golden Lion Academy in the first place."

Soon later, many individuals from different factions around the continent gathered at the Golden Lion Academy, including Sect Elders and Patriarchs and Matriarchs from various Sects. The severity of this situation is so grave that even the Patriarch of the Holy Sword Sect and the Matriarch of the Four Seasons Academy had to rush over there to take a look despite their rivalry.

"My goodness… What kind of entity could possibly cause this much destruction?"

The Four Seasons Academy's Matriarch could feel a heavy pressure bearing down on her just from the destructive scenery. She cannot imagine this happening to her Four Seasons Academy.

Even the Patriarch of the Holy Sword Sect, one of the leading figures of this world, could not help but feel his legs go soft after feeling the lingering Profound Qi that caused this destruction.

"The Golden Lion Academy is not just 'nearly' destroyed. It's completely ruined at this point. Even someone as rich and powerful as that proud bastard will have to sell an arm and a leg to fix all of this mess."

The Four Seasons Academy Matriarch looked at the old man beside her and spoke, "This is no longer a Sect, but the aftermaths of a massacre. All of this… caused by a single entity… How frightening."

"Yes, but fortunately, perhaps even miraculously, only a few disciples had passed from this horrifying incident with the majority receiving slight injuries. However, this is something that should not make us feel relieved but more fearful instead."

The Matriarch agreed with him and continued, "It just means that the entity was holding back and spared this place from complete destruction."

At this point, the Patriarch of the Holy Sword Sect looked at one of the Sect Elders from the Golden Lion Sect, and said, "Hey! Where's your Patriarch in such times? I haven't seen him since we got here."

The Sect Elder looked down and spoke in a trembling voice, "The Patriarch… he's sealed himself inside his room, refusing to come out after what had happened."

"What? That proud bastard is hiding alone despite all of this?! Bring me to him!" The Holy Sword Sect's Patriarch spoke in a demanding tone, his voice filled with anger.

How could the Patriarch of his own Sect cowardly hide when his disciples are in desperate need of help?

"U-Understood!" The Sect Elder quickly replied.

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