Dual Cultivation

Chapter 148 Impregnate Me! 18+

Chapter 148 Impregnate Me! 18+

It's been an hour since Su Yang and Wu Jinjing enclosed themselves in the room, and Qiuyue has been standing outside without moving a muscle, silently thinking about 'Immortal Fairy Su Yue'.

Su Yue, an alias Qiuyue created for herself when she first arrived in this unknown world to cope with her loneliness. It made her feel as though she was still close to Su Yang, who was the closest thing to a father she'd ever had and also someone approved by her dearest mother.

And using this alias, Qiuyue traversed this world, eventually granting herself the nickname Immortal Fairy Su Yue from the people of the Holy Central Continent due to her incomprehensible Cultivation level and fairy-like appearances.

Her profound Cultivation base rivaled Immortal Han Xin, perhaps even higher, and her beautiful that surpasses even goddesses, Qiuyue quickly and easily rose to the top of the world with no equal.

Countless experts from all sorts of power and status courted Qiuyue, hoping they'd be the lucky one, but alas, even after hundreds of years, there's not a single individual that managed to attract her gaze, much less her heart.

Eventually, Qiuyue decided that she would create another background for herself, one that would keep people from courting her, giving herself an imaginary husband named after the only man in this world that she would not mind actually being her real husband — the dead Su Yang.

She thought that not only would this help her cope with her loneliness but also make it so that his name would forever continue to live even after his death.

Of course, the men of this world did not take this news lightly and chaos reigned the Holy Central Continent for the first few months.

Many people requested to see Su Yang, her supposed husband, but Qiuyue refused any visitors, and this continued for many years.

Eventually, people gave up on courting Qiuyue, and the continent returned to be peaceful. However, not everybody had such resolution, such as Jiu Chen, who's still chasing after her even to this day, refusing to accept the fact that she was already taken because nobody's ever seen this Su Yang before.

"To think that he was still alive…" Qiuyue sighed as she stared at the plain door before her.

If she knew that there was even the slightest chance that he would find out about her alias, she would've never created such an embarrassing background for herself even if she were to die from loneliness.

However, it was too late to take back everything — a few hundred years too late. She now has no other choice but to try and hide her alias to the best of her abilities and hope Su Yang doesn't find out.

If he does find out about Su Yue, Qiuyue couldn't even imagine how she will face him from now on without wanting to cry from the embarrassment.






Inside the room surrounded, Wu Jinjing continued to release erotic moans nonstop, letting her lust run wild and without restraint.

Her mind was filled with nothing but the large rod that was thrusting in and out of her cave and the pleasure that came with it.

Her entire body was glistening with sweat, and her breathing was heavy, looking like she'd just finished running a marathon. Her elegant face was long gone and turned into one that befitted a pervert, and her twin peaks jiggled like tofu during an earthquake as Su Yang continuously pounded her inside with his rod.

Wu Jinjing could not even tell how long has passed since she's been reduced to such a state, but it was something she didn't mind and hope would last forever.

As for Su Yang, he'd obtained more than enough Yin Qi from Wu Jinjing to heal his internal injuries and fill his body with energy. In fact, he was absorbing so much Yin Qi from her that he had to activate the Celestial Body Refining Scripture earlier than expected just to control the overwhelming amount of Yin Qi that was entering his body to prevent damage to his Cultivation base.

Wu Jinjing was at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm whilst he was only at the True Spirit Realm, and only a fool would dare try to absorb her Yin Qi with such differences in Cultivation. If it weren't for the Celestial Body Refining Scripture, Su Yang's body would have surely exploded from absorbing too much Yin Qi by now.

However, because he has the Celestial Body Refining Scripture, Su Yang's Dantian was akin to a pig's stomach — a bottomless pit — hence why he's not hesitating when it comes to absorbing every last drop of Yin Qi from someone with two realms of Cultivation above him.

"With this much Yin Qi, I will be able to reach the peak of the True Spirit Realm if not breakthrough to the Earth Spirit Realm!" Su Yang happily thought to himself as he moved his hips, slamming his thick rod into Wu Jinjing's erotic body.


Suddenly, Su Yang raised an eyebrow. He lifted his gaze and went from watching Wu Jinjing's blissful expression to looking outside the window.

"About time, huh…" he thought to himself.

He then returned to looking at Wu Jinjing and said in a calm tone, "I am going to release it."

Suddenly hearing such words, Wu Jinjing's pink cave tightened even more.

"Please! Impregnate me!" Wu Jinjing said in an alluring voice that caused Su Yang's rod to tremble with delight.

Su Yang smiled and thrust his rod so hard into Wu Jinjing that it nearly sent her soul flying, releasing a load of hot Yang Qi that gushed into her body like a river.


Feeling as though she just swallowed a bowl of hot soup, Wu Jinjing released her loudest moan.

Once Su Yang released the last drop of Yang Qi, he removed his thick rod from Wu Jinjing's pink cave and said to her, "Do you have a way to seal it?"

Wu Jinjing snapped from her dazed moment and quickly retrieved a paper talisman from her storage ring and covered her bottom lip with it to prevent any leaking, tightly sealing the Yang Qi in her body.

Women would normally seal their lower hole with such talisman after intercourse so that the Yang Qi would not leak out if they really wanted to get pregnant, increasing the chances of getting fertilized.

"You actually carried around such a thing with you?" Su Yang smiled upon seeing the talisman.

After sealing herself, Wu Jinjing rubbed her stomach that was filled with warmth in an affectionate manner.

"Although I do not know if I will be pregnant after only one try, thank you, Su Yang, for giving me this opportunity..." Wu Jinjing said to him with teary eyes.

"You do not have to worry about that," he replied.

"Huh?" Wu Jinjing looked at him with wide eyes.

"I made sure to release my most vigorous Yang Qi into you, so you are almost guaranteed to get fertilized as long as you keep it sealed in you."

Indeed, not only does Su Yang have the ability to control when to ejaculate and how much Yang Qi to ejaculate, but he also has the ability to dictate what Yang Qi comes out of him! That is the result of thousands of years of dual cultivation!

"And if my body works the same as before, then you are guaranteed to have a baby."

"...Thank… Thank you… Really, thank you..."

Although Wu Jinjing did not understand his last sentence, she thanked him with tears streaming down her face.

Su Yang wiped the smile off her eyes and said in a gentle voice, "Take care of our child."

"I will! I promise!"

Even more tears appeared from her eyes after hearing such words.

A few moments later, after she calms down, Wu Jinjing said to him, "Allow me to clean you up before you dress."

Wu Jinjing then lowers her knees to the floor and began cleaning Su Yang with her mouth.

Sometime later, when she's done with cleaning him, Wu Jinjing also helps Su Yang with his robes, acting like a mother already.

Once they were fully dressed, Su Yang said to her, "You can leave first."


Wu Jinjing nodded and slowly walked to the door.

Although she said that she was going to raise the child alone, she felt reluctant to let him go in the end. But alas, she knew that such thoughts would only be a reality in her dreams.

Just as Wu Jinjing passed Su Yang, Su Yang grabbed her by the hands and pulled her into his embrace, even kissing her on the lips.


While she was surprised by his ambush, Wu Jinjing did not refuse it and gladly closed her eyes to accept it.

A few moments later, Su Yang removed his lips and said, "I know you only want my child, but if you also want me, I can make that happen."

Wu Jinjing's eyes widened with shock, and her lips trembled.

"However, I have some business to take care of right now, so I cannot take you with me for now. Although I don't know how long it will take or if I will even survive, but if you still want to be with me by that time, I will take you to my home."

Without even needing to think about it, Wu Jinjing nodded her head vigorously. "I will wait for you!" she said.

"Good… then goodbye for now…"

Su Yang gave her another hot kiss, before releasing her from his embrace and allowing her to leave.

In the end, he could not just leave her alone after having her bear his child. Although he cannot take her with him now because of the risks, he plans on coming back to this world one day after dealing with all the other problems within the Four Divine Heavens.

And even if by that time she's already moved on with her life and does not want to be with him, he will still give her his blessing, as that's what he has done in his past life and will continue doing in this life.




Once the door finally opened, Qiuyue glared at Wu Jinjing, who had returned to looking elegant and calm, with narrowed eyes filled with jealousy.

Wu Jinjing also looked at her, wondering her relationship with Su Yang.

"Excuse me, but you are blocking the way." Wu Jinjing said to Qiuyue, who was blocking the door.

"Hmph!" Qiuyue coldly snorted and allowed Wu Jinjing to pass.

After letting her pass, Qiuyue walked into the room where Su Yang was casually standing by the window with his gaze staring outside.

"They should be here any minute now," he said to her, acting as though nothing happened.

"You womanizing freak…" Qiuyue could not find the energy to be angry anymore and sighed.

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