Dual Cultivation

Chapter 147 Can I Bear Your Child? 18+

Chapter 147 Can I Bear Your Child? 18+

Once Wu Jinjing was completely naked, Su Yang feasted his eyes upon her beautiful body like he was looking at a delicious meal.

She had a sculpted figure which was like an hourglass. Her waist was narrow and she had a blushing complexion. Her delicate skin was silky smooth and pale as white jade. A pair of scrumptious-looking breasts topped with erected pink tips, and her fair hands were slightly covering the lips between her legs.

However, even when facing such a mouth-watering scene, Su Yang remained calm and still. If it was anyone else beside Su Yang seeing her bare body, they would've already pounced on her like a dog during the mating season.

"As expected someone who'd trained with the sword, your body is—"

In the middle of his sentence, Su Yang suddenly staggered backward and coughed up a mouthful of blood, staining the floor with fresh blood.

"?!" Wu Jinjing's eyes widened upon seeing him cough up blood. "Are you okay?" she asked him.

"I am fine." Su Yang quickly wiped the blood from his lips and said while waving his hand.

"What happened?"

"It's the result of trying a little too hard to impress a girl," he still managed to smile despite his body hurting all over the place at this moment.

Although he looked perfectly fine on the outside, his inner body was a mess. Su Yang knew that there would be a backlash for using such a powerful sword technique at his Cultivation level beforehand, but he didn't expect it to be this bad.

"If you aren't feeling well, we can wait until you are in a better shape…" Wu Jinjing suggested, worrying that he might be pushing himself too hard. She's starting to develop affection for him but is still unaware of it.

"No, I'll be fine," he replied. "In fact, this is exactly what I need right now for a fast recovery."

After a moment of silence, Wu Jinjing nodded. "If you say so…"

"With that said, why don't you come over here so we can begin?" Su Yang pointed to the large table beside him.

Once Wu Jinjing was beside him, Su Yang positioned her on the table, laying the upper half of her body down with her hair spread across the table like some silky tablecloth.

"Um… this is my first time… so…" Wu Jinjing mumbled in a sweet innocent voice.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Just relax and let me do all the work."

After saying those words, Su Yang traced her soft skin with his slim fingers, sending shivers down Wu Jinjing's spine.

He gently touched her from the center of her chest, slowly moving down to her nether region.


A surprised sound escaped from Wu Jinjing's mouth the moment she felt something gently touch her most private area that has never been touched by another individual until today.

Once Su Yang could feel the soft lips between her long legs, he began massaging it.


Wu Jinjing began moaning in pleasure shortly after Su Yang started massaging her with his godly finger techniques, her voice echoing in every corner of the room.

"Making this much noise, are you not afraid of the others hearing you?" Su Yang asked her in a teasing voice whilst thrusting her wet cave with his fingers.

Wu Jinjing covered her mouth once he mentioned the others. She'd been so engrossed by his heavenly techniques that she'd forgotten that they were not in a private room but inside a restaurant and that her shameful voice could be easily heard!

However, after thinking about it, she's been quite loud for some time now, so there was no point in silencing herself now.

With that in mind, Wu Jinjing quickly removed her hands and continued to let her pleasure be heard by everyone.

"How daring." Su Yang smiled and increased the intensity of his technique, even pressing his mouth against her gorgeous breast.

A few seconds later, Wu Jinjing could feel her body shivering uncontrollably, feeling like she was going to pee again.


Wu Jinjing's body suddenly lifted from the table slightly and immediately started spraying water uncontrollably from her twitching pink hole.

The sparkling water sprayed meters into the distance and would not stop even after many seconds. Wu Jinjing was afraid that she would never stop cumming at one point, even covering her face in shame the entire time.

Once she finally stopped cumming, Wu Jinjing noticed that her body had become unnaturally light, almost weightless like a feather, and the warmth in her body felt like she was wrapped by the world's softest blanket.

It was an extremely pleasant feeling, and she wanted to continue feeling this warmth forever.

However, Su Yang was not done with her.

After Wu Jinjing stopped cumming, he reached into his storage ring and retrieved a bottle of wine.

"The saying that wine tastes best when there's a beauty beside you — I believe this wholeheartedly." Su Yang said as he removed the seal on the bottle.

Wu Jinjing looked at him with a red face, wondering what he was going to do with that bottle of wine.

"Weren't you afraid of being 'dirty'?" Su Yang suddenly smiled and said, "Don't worry, I will clean it up for you."

Su Yang squatted and placed his mouth right before Wu Jinjing's pink hole with her soft thighs resting on his shoulders. He then tilted the bottle of wine above her and began pouring wine down the crack between her lips and immediately began cleaning her with his mouth whilst drinking the wine that enhanced the flavor of her sweet juice.


Wu Jinjing cried out in surprise when she felt something cold pour on her, then shocked when something enters her body through her lower hole. It was an inexplicable feeling. Although she wasn't aware at first, she quickly realized that Su Yang was actually licking her while drinking wine at the same time!

Wu Jinjing was at a loss for words at this scene. She wouldn't have imagined that someone could enjoy wine in such a fashion even in a million years! However, she didn't have a problem with it. As a matter of fact, she also enjoyed it as much as him if not even more!

"Ohhhh… more…"



Wu Jinjing continued to moan loudly without a care in the world if the others could hear her even many moments later.

Once the bottle of wine finally poured its last drop, Su Yang stood up and released a refreshing sigh. "Ahh... good wine."

He then looked at Wu Jinjing, who was laying on the restaurant table as though it was her own bed and breathing heavily, and spoke, "Are you ready for the real fun?" he asked with a smile.

"The real fun?"

Wu Jinjing wondered what the 'real fun' would feel like if the foreplay already almost sent her soul to heaven.

Su Yang began to loosen his robes.

Once the waist sash that held his robes together dropped to the floor, Su Yang's hard rod pushed aside the robes hiding it and entered Wu Jinjing's view, allowing her to gaze upon his majestic rod with eyes that seemed mesmerized by its beauty.

"T-This is your…"

Wu Jinjing was shocked by Su Yang's large rod and began worrying that it might not fit inside her tight hole! And since this is her first time seeing a man's treasure, she felt an urge to hold it in her hands.

"C-Can I touch it?" she asked him in a sheepish voice, sounding embarrassed by her own request.

"Be my guest," he casually accepted.

Hearing his approval, Wu Jinjing sat up on the edge of the table and reached for his rod. She used both of her hands to feel it, and it was as hard as steel and it was burning with energy, feeling like she was holding a sword that was too large for her to handle — a greatsword.

Wu Jinjing's love for the sword is on an immense level and she has never felt as strong for anything else beside it since birth, not even her own parents, but after feeling Su Yang's 'sword', her heart began to beat with excitement, just like when she picked up a sword for the first time in her life.

After playing with Su Yang's rod for a few minutes, even putting it in her mouth, she was finally satisfied.

However, she was not truly satisfied. If not for the fact that she really wanted to feel his sword pierce her body, she would've kept playing with it for a much longer time.

Once Wu Jinjing was done, she released Su Yang's rod and returned to laying on the table, this time with her legs spread wide open for him.

"Please…" she asked in a pleading voice.

Su Yang nodded and approached her.

Just as he pressed the tip of his rod on her hole, Wu Jinjing suddenly said, "Wait!"


Su Yang looked at her silently, waiting for her to continue.

"I don't think I ever asked for your name…" she said, sounding somewhat awkward.

How could she have forgotten to ask for the name of someone who is about to take her virginity away? She felt like a child who got so overly excited by something that she forgot about everything else!

Su Yang smiled, and in a charming voice, said, "My name is Su Yang."

"Su Yang…"

The name sounded somewhat familiar to her like she'd heard it from somewhere before, but she was not in the situation to think too much about it.

"Su Yang… I have another request…"

This time, Wu Jinjing spoke in a somewhat worried tone.

"What is it?"

"This may seem sudden since today is our first meeting but… can I… bear your child?" she asked him with a serious expression on her face.


Su Yang turned quiet.

Wu Jinjing then continued, "I am not asking you to stay by my side forever and be a father, nor will I ask for anything from you beside this one request. I only want a child with you, nothing else."

Wu Jinjing knew that it is only wishful thinking to make Su Yang, an individual that is beyond her comprehension to stay by her side forever and bear the responsibility as a father, but she wanted to at least have a child with his excellent genes to keep her bloodline alive and potentially raise a genius that would one day be like him.

Although geniuses like her will reach a Cultivation that will allow her to live for a few hundred years and will more often than not find their partner around 100 years old, Wu Jinjing was lucky enough to find someone as talented as Su Yang so early on, so it would only be a waste to let him go.

Not to mention that she doubts that she will ever find another individual like Su Yang ever again.

In her eyes, it was now or never, especially after meeting someone like Su Yang.

"Why are you staying silent?" she asked with a worried frown after not hearing from him for some time. "Am I not worthy enough to bear your child?"

Su Yang suddenly smiled, and without answering her, pushed his body forward, piercing Wu Jinjing's virgin hole with his sword.


Wu Jinjing was not the slightest prepared for the sudden penetration and released her loudest moan yet, her eyes rolled all the way back.

The piercing pain really felt like she was stabbed by a real sword, but there was also a pleasurable feeling mixed within the pain, so her senses were a bit confused for a moment.

Su Yang could feel her tight hole wrap around his rod and sucking it like it wanted to consume him. It was an extremely pleasant and irresistible feeling, but after taking Wu Jinjing's status as a maiden, he resisted the urge to continue thrusting her.

Wu Jinjing was in incredible pain from having her small hole spread so wide for the first time, but currently, in her head, she could only think about Su Yang entering her body and the meaning behind his actions.

"You… does this mean—"

Su Yang suddenly reached for Wu Jinjing's beautiful face and wiped the tears from her eyes. However, her tears did not come from the pain she was feeling but pure happiness instead.

Happiness from being accepted by Su Yang.

"What a silly girl," he mumbled in a soft voice with a calming smile. "If you want to bear a child, even if it's with my Yang Qi, what need is there to ask for my permission?"

In this world, Cultivators or not, the women usually ask for their man's permission before they are allowed to have a child with that man, so Wu Jinjing was surprised when Su Yang basically told her to do whatever she wants.

And if the man refuses to have a child with the woman despite giving her his Yang Qi, the woman would absorb the Yang Qi as energy for their Cultivation. As for mortals, they would consume pills that prevent the Yang Qi from getting them pregnant.


Wu Jinjing nodded slowly and said, "I promise you that I will take good care of our child! Please, allow me to!"

To answer her plea, Su Yang smiled and started to move his body once again.




"Who are you bastards, really?!"

The disciple surnamed Zhang asked Qiuyue in a yelling voice after Wu Jinjing closed the door on them.

"Do you know who senior apprentice-sister Wu is?! She is the Prime disciple of the Holy Sword Academy, a chosen that could potentially become the Sect's next Sect Leader!"


Qiuyue ignored him and remained silent.

"Even if you ignore me now, once the Sect learns of what happens today, they will surely chase after you lots for an answer! You won't be able to ignore us once that happens!"

But alas, despite his words, Qiuyue continued to ignore him. All that's on her mind right now is Su Yang being with another woman while she was just a few steps away from them, unable to do anything but watch another woman embrace the man she loves dearly!


Suddenly, Wu Jinjing's voice that was filled with pleasure came from the room.


The disciple became silent the instant he heard Wu Jinjing moaning in the room. His eyes also turned bloodshot, looking like he was ready to tear someone in half.

At this moment, he wanted to kick down the door and kill Su Yang for stealing what was supposed to be his, but he knew that such actions would lead him to an early death. Forget about Su Yang, who easily defeated Wu Jinjing in a single strike. If he interrupted them, it would be more likely that the one to kill him would not be Su Yang but his own senior apprentice-sister Wu!

Just like Qiuyue, there was nothing he could do about this situation beside stand there and accept the situation while envying them.


Just as the Wu Jinjing moaned for the second time, Qiuyue waved her sleeves, creating a formation around the entire room that blocked all noises from coming out of the room and going into the room, sealing their privacy.

Although Wu Jinjing did not care if others could hear her, Qiuyue definitely minded. If she had to listen to Wu Jinjing enjoy herself while she has to stand there in jealousy, she would definitely lose her mind in minutes even with her 2,000 years of experience.

After sealing the room with a sound-proof formation, Qiuyue released a long sigh.

"How did mother do it? Dealing with something like this and still remain calm and sane?" she wondered.

While her mother, Yuehai, did not speak of Su Yang being a womanizer while he was with her, Qiuyue could easily guess that Su Yang was doing the exact same he is doing now back then.

If Su Yang could pluck females' purity like weeds the way he is right now, just how many lives did he ruin when he was fully grown and many times more attractive? She could not imagine.

"What are you two doing, standing out in the hallway like that?"

A voice suddenly called out to Qiuyue and the disciple.

Qiuyue turned to see a handsome middle-aged man and the servant from the first floor that disappeared with her jade slip approach them.

"Hello, young lady. I am the owner of this Nine Spring Hall, Jiu Chun."

The middle-aged man greeted Qiuyue whilst completely ignoring the disciple beside her.

"You are the one who showed this jade slip, correct?"

Because he was briefed by the servant behind him, Jiu Chun knew exactly who to speak to.

"That's right."

Qiuyue answered in a cold voice.

Although Jiu Chun was a bit surprised by how nonchalant Qiuyue acted after learning of his identity, he was not too shocked since she was the owner of the jade slip.

"Very well," he said in a friendly tone, completely ignoring her cold behavior. "If you don't mind, why don't we find a room and talk over some of the best wine my Nine Spring Hall has to offer? I have a few questions I'd like to ask you."

"If you have questions, just ask me here."


"The subject is something I'd rather talk about in private if you don't mind—"

"Then there's nothing to talk about." Qiuyue coldly interrupted, completely not giving a single care about Jiu Chun's face.

But despite her rudeness towards him, Jiu Chun managed to keep a smile on his face, albeit a bit stiff and awkward.

"Very well…"

Jiu Chun turned to look at her servant, his eyes telling her to leave them alone.

The servant quickly realized his intent and immediately left the scene.

He then turned to look at the disciple beside Qiuyue.

"You must be Zhang Wei, Core disciple of the Holy Sword Academy. I wasn't aware that you came together with her…"

Jiu Chun easily recognized him.

"Who the hell came with her?!" Zhang Wei shouted before angrily stomping away.

Once everyone besides Qiuyue and Jiu Chun was there had left, Jiu Chun showed her the jade slip she gave them to her.

"I can tell that this jade slip is genuine, but this only makes me wonder, what is your relationship with 'her', and do you know where 'she' currently is?"

"You ask too many questions," Qiuyue said.

"Please, just tell me already! Ever since she disappeared, I have been looking everywhere for her!" Jiu Chun asked, clearly getting impatient.

"If you have any information about her — any at all — tell me! I will also reward you greatly if you do!"

When talking about 'her', the lofty owner of the Nine Spring Hall was no different than a young boy looking for his missing girlfriend.

"Even if you find her, your feelings will never be answered," Qiuyue suddenly said to him. "She already has a husband, after all."

"Even still, I have to try!" he continued. "She — Immortal Fairy Su Yue — is the only woman that can make my heart beat like this even if I am only thinking about her!"

Hearing his words, Qiuyue sighed inwardly.

"Although I cannot tell you her exact location, she did mention something about leave the Holy Central Continent for some reason," Qiuyue said a moment later.

Learning this information, Jiu Chun's eyes flickered with delight.

"Thank you! Thank you very much!"

He then handed her a small pouch with a few things in it as a token of his gratitude before quickly leaving her alone.

Qiuyue did not even bother to watch him leave and continued to stand outside, silently pondering many things while waiting for Su Yang to come out.

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