Dual Cultivation

Chapter 146 Let’s Start by Removing Your Dirty Clothes

Chapter 146 Let’s Start by Removing Your Dirty Clothes

"A Swordmaster of your caliber does not have a sword of his own? What kind of joke is this?" Wu Jinjing frowned.

Su Yang smiled, and he replied in a calm manner, "A place of this caliber, do I even to bring my sword?"

Wu Jinjing's eyes widened. What kind of individual does not put even the Holy Central Continent in his eyes?

"Fine, I will lend you a sword…"

After saying that, Wu Jinjing pulled out another sword from her storage ring. Although it could not compare to the Demon Slaying Sword, it was not too far behind it in terms of quality.

"The Black Crystal Sword!"

Her junior apprentice-disciple Zhang recognized this sword in a heartbeat. It was Wu Jinjing's favorite sword before obtaining the Demon Slaying Sword! Although it may be not as powerful as the Demon Slaying Sword, it held an important place within Wu Jinjing's heart simply because of the memories she made with it!

Su Yang casually accepted the sword. "This should be good enough."

He then turned to Qiuyue and spoke, "Create a defensive formation in this room around the two of us. I don't want to turn this city into rubbles."


Both Wu Jinjing and disciple Zhang looked dumbfounded by his words. Turn the city into rubbles? Is that even possible? What does he think this city is made of? Dirt?

Qiuyue nodded and waved her finger around in an artistic fashion, almost like she was drawing in the air.

A few seconds later, a large semi-transparent box that had the thickness of a foot encased both Su Yang and Wu Jinjing, separating them and everyone else in the room.

"What a thick barrier!"

Wu Jinjing has never seen such a powerful defensive formation before. She looked at Qiuyue, who appeared ordinary in both appearance and atmosphere, with a new light. Now that she thought about it, there's no possible way that an ordinary girl would be following around someone like Su Yang.

But why can't she see her Cultivation base even now? Could she be at a level which even she, a peak Heavenly Spirit Realm master, cannot sense? This room is filled with nothing but crazy individuals that she cannot comprehend!

Who are they really? And how are they not recognized by the world yet?

"What is this weak thing?" Su Yang shook his head upon seeing the defensive formation. "Are you also underestimating me just because of my Cultivation base?"

Qiuyue looked at him with wide eyes. Underestimating him? Is he saying that this defensive barrier that could effortlessly block even an attack made by someone at the Sovereign Spirit Realm won't be able to handle his strike at the True Spirit Realm?

And just as she prepared to strengthen the formation, Su Yang raised his hand telling her to stop, and said, "Forget it, this will do."

He then turned to face Wu Jinjing. "Are you ready?" he asked.

Wu Jinjing strengthened her grip on the sword and nodded in a serious manner.

"Senior apprentice-sister Wu! You don't have to do this!"

Disciple Zhang shouted from behind the thick barrier, but alas, Wu Jinjing did not even bother to answer him, completely ignoring his existence.

Su Yang smiled, and he said, "One strike — if you can still stand after taking one strike from me, I will consider this your win."

Wu Jinjing's eyes sharpened upon hearing his arrogant words. "One strike? Although I respect your Sword Qi, aren't you underestimating me too much? Even if you are at the Sovereign Spirit Realm, you won't be able to defeat me with one strike."

Still, with a smile on his face, Su Yang said, "Don't misunderstand, I am not trying to just defeat you."

"What do you mean by that?" Wu Jinjing asked with a frown. She's starting to have an ominous about this

The atmosphere in the room suddenly darkened, and killing intent began emitting from Su Yang's body.

"You…" Realizing the meaning behind his words, Wu Jinjing's eyes widened.

Without saying another word, Su Yang closed his eyes and started to slowly lift the sword in his hands until it was above his head, looking like he wanted to chop logs, and the aura surrounding him grew stronger with every second along with the pressure within the formation growing increasingly denser.

Wu Jinjing tightened her grip on the sword even more, even beginning to sweat a little just from the tension alone.

However, Su Yang did not move even after many moments, seemingly frozen in that position.

After a few more seconds, he slowly opened his eyes, but the color of his eyes was no longer black but gold. Additionally, a crazy amount of Sword Intent exploded from his body and quickly filled the formation!

"What is this feeling?" Wu Jinjing could feel an otherworldly feeling around Su Yang, but she couldn't comprehend this feeling no matter how hard she tried. It felt like looking at something that was out of this world — something that did not belong in this world, almost like a celestial being of sorts.

"Don't die, little girl."

Just as he finished saying those words, the sword in his hand began to generate black flames with tiny lights flickering within the darkness like the starry sky, until the entire sword was fully engulfed by the black flame.

Before Su Yang even begun swinging down the sword, the defensive formation created by Qiuyue was already trembling due to the sheer energy being emitted by the sword!

"T-This is?!"

Wu Jinjing's eyes widened with shock upon feeling the tyrannical power being released by the sword that surpasses any technique she's ever witnessed before and instantly came to the conclusion that she will definitely not be able to block such a powerful attack!

'W-Wait! If you attack me with that—"

Before Wu Jinjing could finish her sentence, the sword bursting with energy in Su Yang hands was already chopping down towards her direction.

"First Asura Secret, Heaven Consuming Strike!" Su Yang swung the sword with all his might, and an arc of light covered in flickering black flames was released from the sword and flew towards the petrified Wu Jinjing.

"I'm dead!"

Forget about blocking the incoming projectile, Wu Jinjing was so terrified by the pressure coming from the sword that she was unable to move her body, causing her to stand there like a stone statue waiting for her demise!

The black flames exploded upon impact and filled the entire defensive formation with black flames, blocking any vision from the outside.

Additionally, the defensive formation that could block even an all-out attack from a Sovereign Spirit Realm expert began to crack with lines everywhere, dumbfounding Qiuyue, who truly did not expect the impact to be this powerful.

If Su Yang had used this attack without the defensive formation, it would not be too surprising if it destroyed half of the city.

And if one were to look at the sky now, they would notice that all the clouds in the sky had dispersed for some reason, looking almost like someone had split it apart.

"Senior apprentice-sister Wu!"

Disciple Zhang's face paled and exclaimed with shock.

"Y-Y-You bastards! What did you do to her?! If anything happens to her, the entire Holy Sword Academy will be after your heads!" he turned to Qiuyue and yelled.

Qiuyue ignored him and remained silent, but she was pretty sure that even a master like Wu Jinjing would not be able to survive an attack at that scale.

After a few more moments of anxious waiting for disciple Zhang, he finally noticed that the black flames were beginning to disappear.

Once all of the black flames were gone and they were able to see inside the barrier, disciple Zhang's anxious trembling came to a stop.

"Senior apprentice-sister Wu!"

He was ecstatic to see her still alive!

Indeed, Wu Jinjing was still breathing! And beside her robes being a little dirty and torn, she was seemingly unharmed in any way!

However, she was sitting on the floor with her butt, and her dazed face was as pale as sheets. And if one looked closely, they would be able to see a dark area at the bottom of her robes!

The experience was so terrifying that she, a peak Heaven Spirit Realm expert, had uncontrollably pissed herself!

As for Su Yang, he was standing there with a calm expression looking peaceful as always.

He looked at the Heaven-grade 'sword' in his hands and spoke in an apologetic tone. "It seems like the sword wasn't able to handle my sword technique turned into fragments."

"W-Why did you miss on purpose?" Wu Jinjing ignored her beloved treasure being destroyed and asked Su Yang, her voice a bit shaky from the shock.

If Su Yang hadn't adjusted the swing before releasing the black flame, her body most definitely would have turned into charcoal, maybe even erased from existence itself.

"You wouldn't be able to warm my bed if I really killed you, right?" he casually replied with a smile.


After a moment of silence, Wu Jinjing lowered her head with a defeated smile on her face.

"I lost," she mumbled. "Miserably, too."

She then stood up and lowered the upper half of her body to deeply bow to Su Yang.

"Thank you for opening my eyes. If not for you, my love for the sword may have been limited by my experience," she said, her voice filled with admiration.

After saying that, Wu Jinjing raised her head and looked at Su Yang in the eyes with a serious expression.

"As for your request, please, allow me to warm your bed." Wu Jinjing spoke with sincerity.

"Senior apprentice-sister Wu?!"

Disciple Zhang cried out loud, sounding like he just witnessed his love stolen from him.

"There's no need for you to take his request so seriously! You don't have to listen to him!" he continued to try to persuade her.

Without looking back, Wu Jinjing said calmly, "Although it may not seem like it, I am not doing this because of his request. A Swordmaster of his caliber… even if he didn't ask, I would willingly offer myself to him."

"Senior apprentice-sister Wu!"

Disciple Zhang looked desperate, even more so than he was just moments ago when the barrier was filled with black flames.

Wu Jinjing no longer bothered with him and continued to look at Su Yang, "When do you want my service?" she suddenly asked.

Su Yang smiled and quickly replied, "I happen to have a lot of time right now."

"Now?" Wu Jinjing repeated with a look of surprise.

"Why, are you scared of doing it here?"

"It's not that…" Wu Jinjing blushed at this point for the first time. "I am a little dirty right now."

When she said dirty, she was referring to peeing herself by accident.

"I don't mind it." Su Yang continued to smile.

Wu Jinjing turned silent.

After another moment of thinking, she finally said, "If you say so…"

Wu Jinjing then turned around glared at her fellow disciple and said in a calm voice yet threatening voice, "You may leave this room."


"Get out of my face!" she unknowingly repeated the words he said to the other disciple.

Seeing the killing intent in her eyes, disciple Zhang reluctantly left the room.

As for Su Yang, he only looked at Qiuyue with a smile without saying anything.

"You perverted barbarian…" Qiuyue growled as she left the room in a grumpy manner.

After Qiuyue left the room, Su Yang looked at Xiao Rong, who'd been silently watching the entire time without a clue as to what's going on.

"Go play."

Hearing that, Xiao Rong happily left the Nine Spring Hall to explore this new continent.

Once those that did not belong left, Wu Jinjing slammed the door shut and turned to face Su Yang, silently waiting for him to move.

Although she looked calm on the surface, her heart was actually beating crazily. She was still a maiden, after all.

"Let's start by removing your dirty clothes," Su Yang said, still with a calm expression.

Wu Jinjing nodded and began loosening her robes, letting them drop on the floor.

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