Dual Cultivation

Chapter 145 Even If I Request for You to Warm My Bed?

Chapter 145 Even If I Request for You to Warm My Bed?

"There's no need to be wary," Wu Jinjing said in a calming tone to Qiuyue, who was clearly suspicious of her approach. "I only came here to greet you all, since there are very few people in this continent that can enter the eighth floor that I do not recognize, and my fellow disciples are also fairly curious."

"However, your background does not matter to me. Instead…"

At this point, Wu Jinjing ignored Qiuyue and turned to look at Su Yang with eyes that were seemingly filled with awe.

"You are clearly only at the True Spirit Realm, yet…" Wu Jinjing's eyes glittered like she was looking at someone she respected.

"Hoh? You can see it?" Su Yang eyebrows raised slightly, and he showed a handsome smile, his interest piqued.

Qiuyue looked at him with a puzzled expression. What was he talking about?

"Yes, I can see it. Something as amazing as that… how could I miss it?"

"How old are you?" Su Yang then asked.


"Quite young, huh? Your parents must be proud of you."

Wu Jinjing nodded.

"I didn't think someone like you would exist in this place, but I guess even a place like this has their own talented individuals."

"I will congratulate you since what you are seeing is not something one can see with just a high Cultivation base." After a moment of silence, Su Yang continued, "That being said… what do you want from me? If you are only here to admire me, then quickly admire me and leave."

Qiuyue was dumbfounded by how the situation had progressed. What was even happening? What could this Wu Jinjing see about him that she couldn't?

"How dare you speak to her like that! Who do you think you are?!"

An irritated voice suddenly resounded, and a handsome young man wearing robes with the same design but different color as Wu Jinjing appeared.

Su Yang looked at this newcomer with raised eyebrows and spoke in a nonchalant voice, "Where did this horny dog come from? Is he with you?"

"Horn—?! What did you just call me, you bastard!?"

"Junior apprentice-brother Zhang, please step back." Wu Jinjing said to him in a cold voice. She was clearly unhappy about his appearance.

"But senior apprentice-sister Wu! The way this bastard speak to you is full of disrespect and arrogance like he's above you! Does he even know who he's looking at?!"

"I will not repeat myself." Wu Jinjing frowned, causing the handsome young man to shiver uncontrollably before stepping back to stand behind her. "Step down if you do not want to die."

"I apologize for my fellow disciple's disrespectful act just now…" Wu Jinjing then bowed to Su Yang and apologized with a sincere voice.

This action of hers greatly shocked the young man surnamed Zhang behind her. He has never heard of Wu Jinjing acting in such a manner before, much less witness it with his very eyes. It seemed almost as if she was revering that man?! Impossible! Not his senior apprentice-sister Wu!

"As for your question before…" Wu Jinjing's gaze turned serious at this moment, looking like she was ready to engage in a battle. "May I politely ask to experience it personally?"

"Are you serious?" Su Yang calmly asked.

"Do I look like I am joking to you?" The air around Wu Jinjing began to stir with excitement. "As a disciple of the Holy Sword—No... As a master of the sword, it would be disrespectful to my sword if I keep it sheathed even after meeting someone like you…" Wu Jinjing rubbed the storage ring on her finger and retrieved a steel sword with a red blade.

"The Demon Slaying Sword!"

The young man surnamed Zhang instantly recognized the sword in Wu Jinjing's grasp. It was her most treasured and powerful sword in her sword collection, and it was something that she'd only be willing to bring out during important events in her life.

"What is the meaning of this? Why did senior apprentice-sister Wu suddenly bring out the Demon Slaying Sword? Is she planning to fight this man? Even though he's only at the True Spirit Realm? Even after telling me to step down?" The young man behind Wu Jinjing was bewildered beyond anything he's experienced in his life, feeling like the world he knew had just flipped upside down.

"A master of the sword, you say…" Su Yang chuckled. "Although I'll give it to you for being able to see the natural Sword Qi surrounding me, you are still nowhere near being a real Swordmaster!"

Although Wu Jinjing may be recognized as a Swordmaster by even the experts of this world, she was still too green to be considered a true Swordmaster in his eyes! Compared to the Swordmasters in the Divine Heavens, she was not any different than someone who'd just picked up the sword for the first time in their life!

Wu Jinjing bit her lips after hearing his words that disregarded her title that she held with pride, but she didn't refute him — she couldn't — not when the individual in front of her was surrounded by a frighteningly amount of Sword Qi!

When an individual reaches a certain level with their respectful weapon, they will start to emit a special kind of Qi related to that weapon, such as Su Yang emitting Sword Qi because he'd reached such a level with the sword.

However, Sword Qi should not be confused with Sword Intent, as Sword Intent could only be manifested through sheer experience while Sword Qi will naturally grow as an aura through one's insight with the sword.

"A peak Heavenly Spirit Realm such as yourself challenging someone at the early True Spirit Realm… do you have no shame?" Qiuyue looked at Wu Jinjing with a frown.

"True Spirit Realm? Only a fool would be fooled by such a disguise when he's surrounded by Sword Qi that even surpasses the Sword Qi emitted by the Patriarch of my Sect!"

"A disguise, huh…" Su Yang smiled.

Because of the powerful Sword Qi that surrounded Su Yang, Wu Jinjing did not believe that Su Yang was only at the True Spirit Realm.

"I don't mind letting you experience my sword, but what do I get from it? I'd rather not waste my energy if I don't have to, especially if it's only to entertain some little girl."

It would be tiring even for him if he uses even more than half of his Sword Intent's full potential with his pitifully weak Cultivation base.

"Little girl…"

Nobody has ever addressed her in such a manner before, but for some odd reason, Wu Jinjing did not feel insulted by it.

"If you can satisfy me with it, then I will let you request anything from me," she said a moment later.

"Anything?" Su Yang remained calm and asked, "Even if I request for you to warm my bed?"

"You bastard! What nonsense are you—!"

"I don't mind." Wu Jinjing suddenly interrupted the enraged Zhang.

"Hoh?" Su Yang did not expect her to answer him so quickly, and in such a calm manner, at that.

He then stood up and stretched his arms like he was asking for something, "Do you have a sword I can borrow? The ones I have will not do it." Su Yang said with a smile.

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