Dual Cultivation

Chapter 144 Three Ancient Academy

Chapter 144 Three Ancient Academy

Upon reaching the eighth floor, they were greeted by a long hallway with eight rooms. Three of these rooms were already occupied, leaving five free rooms, so Qiuyue randomly picked one and approached it, followed by Su Yang and Xiao Rong.

Out of the three occupied room, one of them left the door open, and a large group of young men and women could be seen dining happily when Su Yang passed through their room, their appearance suggesting that they were disciples from the same place.

Naturally, when Su Yang noticed the group of disciples, they also noticed him.

"Who are they? I don't recognize them nor their robes, but since they are able to eat on the eighth floor, they must be from some influential background."

One of the disciples said in a wondering voice when he couldn't recognize Su Yang's group even a little bit, which is extremely rare considering that they should be famous if they were to eat on the same floor as them.

"Do any of you recognize them?" The disciple proceeded to ask the others.

The other disciples quickly shook their heads. None of them were able to recognize Su Yang's group.

"What? How can someone with the ability to enter this floor not be recognized by any of us?"

The mysterious appearance of Su Yang's group quickly piqued these young adults' curiosity.

"Why don't one of us go and talk to them?" One of them suddenly suggested.

"That's a great idea! But… who will go?"

They all exchanged glances. Clearly, none of them wanted to be the one to greet Su Yang's group, seemingly afraid of the unknown.

"Stop this nonsense." A stern voice suddenly resounded from the end of the table. "We are here today to celebrate senior apprentice-sister Wu's acceptance as the Prime disciple, not to bother strangers that have nothing to do with us."

The disciples turned to look at the handsome young man who'd just spoke, then to the beautiful young lady beside him with apologetic looks, "You're right, we didn't come here to fool around. Senior apprentice-sister Wu, we didn't mean it... sorry..."

"I don't mind." The beautiful young lady surnamed Wu said with a smile, and she continued. "As a matter of fact, I also find it interesting…"

Her words dumbfounded the disciples there. She found it 'interesting'? The disciples there were well aware of how little things their senior apprentice-sister Wu actually find 'interesting'. As a matter of fact, she would normally show no interest in anything that was not Cultivation!

The handsome young man beside her looked at her with wide eyes. He's known her for many years but this is his first time seeing her express interest in something that was not Cultivation techniques, much less another human being!

"That young man with the green robes… I wonder what his name might be?" Senior apprentice-sister Wu suddenly mumbled in a low voice that was heard by everyone.


The disciples stared at her with dumbfounded eyes, their mouths wide with shock.

"S-Senior apprentice-sister Wu… are you okay? Did you perhaps drink too much Spirit Wine?" The handsome man beside her asked in a trembling voice.

"Perhaps I did drink too much, hence why my body is feeling warmer than usual…"

Senior apprentice-sister Wu suddenly stood up and approached the door. "You wanted someone to talk to them, right? I'll go."

Immediately after saying those words, senior apprentice-sister Wu walked out of the room, shocking everybody there numb.

"S-Senior apprentice-sister Wu… is she interested in that young man just now?" One of the disciples asked out loud in a doubting voice.

"Impossible!!!" The handsome young man suddenly exclaimed with anger, his face looking like he was going to eat whoever said those words. "How dare you even think that?! To disrespect her like that!"

Startled by his outburst, the disciple who just spoke quickly apologized with his forehead touching the floor, "I apologize, senior apprentice-brother Zhang, for my immature thoughts just now!"

"Hmph! Get out of my face!" Senior apprentice-brother Zhang coldly snorted, and the disciple swiftly left the scene without even daring to look back.


The place instantly turned silent, and the happy atmosphere disappeared instantly, replaced by a gloomy feeling.

After a few more seconds, the handsome young man spoke, "I will also go with senior apprentice-sister Wu."

When senior apprentice-brother Zhang left the room, the disciples there released sighs of relief.

"Senior apprentice-brother Zhang is only jealous that senior apprentice-sister showed interest in another man whilst never showing him any despite always sticking to her like some pet," complained one of the disciples.


Many people there quickly hushed whoever said those words just now.

"Do you want to die?! Don't you dare say such things again if you want to continue being a disciple of the Sect!"

"Yeah! And it'll even affect us later on!"

A few seconds later, one of them suddenly asked, "Does anyone else want to go?"


That question was answered by the sheer silence in the room.




Inside the room picked by Qiuyue, Su Yang casually sat by the window enjoying the gentle breeze. He then turned to look at the door with a calm expression.

Qiuyue and Xiao Rong also followed him and looked at the empty entrance, seemingly waiting for something.

A few seconds after they turned to look at the door, the figure of a beautiful young lady showed up in front of their door with her face slightly red.

"You do not look like a worker here," Qiuyue was the first to open her mouth. "What do you want?"

"My name is Wu Jinjing, a disciple of the Holy Sword Academy," she calmly replied despite Qiuyue's cold tone.

"Holy Sword Academy?" Qiuyue raised an eyebrow after learning of her background.

"What does someone from one of the Three Ancient Academy want from us?" she wondered to herself.

"Yes, have you heard of us?" Wu Jinjing continued to act humble, even purposefully avoiding her status.

"Of course, I have heard of the Holy Sword Academy, one of the Three Ancient Academy alongside the Four Seasons Academy and the Tyrant Physique Academy, but what does someone from such a background want from us?"

Hearing Qiuyue speaks the names of the Three Ancient Academy casually like she doesn't even put them in her eyes, Wu Jinjing's interest in them grew greatly.

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