Dual Cultivation

Chapter 149 Rumors

Chapter 149 Rumors

Once Wu Jinjing returned to the room where her fellow disciples have been waiting for her, she prepared for the shame that was resulted from her loud moaning.

"Senior apprentice-sister Wu! Where have you been?! We thought you already left because senior apprentice-brother Zhang had long left us!"


Although she was baffled by their reaction, she did not question them.

"Did they not hear me moaning even though I was nearly screaming at the top of my lungs? How…?"

Wu Jinjing then remembered Qiuyue and the weird atmosphere that surrounded the room and understood the situation, and she silently thanked her for that.

"It's a bit sudden but I have to return to the Sect to speak with the Patriarch. I apologize for leaving early despite this celebration you all have set up for me."

"You don't have to apologize to us, senior apprentice-sister Wu."

"That's right. We should be the ones thanking you for giving us face by showing up."

After a short conversation, Wu Jinjing left the Nine Spring Hall to return to the Holy Sword Sect.

"Why do you guys think senior apprentice-sister Wu spent so long to speak with those people?"

The disciples began talking after Wu Jinjing left.

"I don't know, but for her to want to speak with the Patriarch afterward, it must be something serious."

"Senior apprentice-brother Zhang also left."

"He seemed fairly agitated, too."

"Forget it, let's just finish eating and leave. If it weren't for senior apprentice-sister Wu, we would not be sitting here on the eighth floor at the Nine Spring Hall! Let's enjoy ourselves while we can!"

"Yeah! But I won't leave until I pass out from drinking Spirit Wine!"


The room soon returned to the delightful atmosphere even and the disciples no longer cared about Su Yang's group.




Outside the Nine Spring Halls, a middle-aged man stood before the entrance with a blissful expression as he stared at the flying boat that hovered near above the restaurant.

"I have finally found them! To think that they'd come here afterward!"

After leaving the Four Seasons Academy to search for Su Yang, Elder Deng went to the nearest city, which was the Spring City, one of the largest and richest cities within the continent.

Before he'd even arrived, Elder Deng knew that his mission to find Su Yang would not be an easy one. However, just minutes after entering the Spring City, he unexpectedly noticed a familiar-looking boat floating above the famous Nine Spring Hall.

After confirming the boat was the same one used by Su Yang's group, he immediately ran towards the Nine Spring Hall.

"Welcome to the Nine Spring Hall, Senior from the esteemed Four Seasons Academy."

The young lady outside the entrance easily identified the robes he was wearing and quickly greeted him with respect.

"How many will be dining with us today, Senior?" she proceeded to ask him.

However, Elder Deng replied in a way that she did not expect.

"The group of people that owns that flying boat over there! Which floor are they on?!"

Elder Deng pointed to the flying boat above the restaurant.

The young lady looked at the boat with a puzzled expression. When did such a thing appear above the Nine Spring Hall? She did not notice it at all!

"I apologize, but I do not recognize the owners of that thing…" she said to him after a moment of silence.

"Three individuals! One handsome young man in green robes followed by two young ladies!"

Once Elder Deng described Su Yang's group, the young lady quickly remembered them, as she greeted them just a little over an hour ago.

"Oh, you mean them? I don't know exactly which floor they are on, but they should be dining on any of the first five floors. However, my partner inside should know exactly which floor they went to."

"Should I ask her for Senior?"

"Hurry up! I am in a hurry!" Elder Deng replied.

If the Nine Spring Hall did not forbid entrance to those who are not there to dine, Elder Deng would have already barged inside to look for them.

"I understand, please wait a moment."

Although the young lady was displeased by Elder Deng's attitude, she did not show it on her face and remained smiling.

Inside the Nine Spring Hall, the young lady asked her co-worker, "Do you know which floor the group with three guests that came by an hour go went? The group with the super handsome young man. There's a Sect Elder from the Four Seasons Academy outside looking for them."

The worker inside the Nine Spring Hall immediately understood who the young lady was referring to the instant she heard 'handsome young man' and 'three individuals'.

"Eighth floor," she replied in a nonchalant manner.

"What?!" The young lady exclaimed in shock. "How could they be on the eighth floor?! I gave them a yellow pass, you know! Did you screw up?"

"Of course, I know! And I also have a bone to pick with you because you gave them a yellow pass! You nearly robbed me of my job here because of that! How dare you accuse me of screwing up when you are the one who screwed up big time!"

"What?! You must be joking! How did I screw up by giving them a yellow pass?"

"You really are clueless, huh? They had a recommendation from Immortal Fairy Su Yue!"

"Immortal Fairy Su Yue?! Impossible! Why didn't they show it to me when I asked if they had any recommendations?! It's definitely fake!"

"Even if you say that, Master Jiu already confirmed its authenticity and even spoke with them."

The young lady then recalled Su Yang telling her his surname, and her complexion instantly paled upon realizing how badly she screwed up.

"Su! He told me his surname as a hint to his true background, yet I have failed to realize it! How foolish of me!"

The young lady nearly dropped to her knees after making up her own reasoning, when in fact, Su Yang did not have such intentions.

"That young man must be Immortal Fairy Su Yue's child! Only someone as peerless as her could give birth to such a handsome young man!"

"Now that you mention it… no wonder why we didn't recognize him! Although we all know Immortal Fairy Su Yue, nobody knows anything about her family besides the name of her husband!"

"This is huge news! Immortal Fairy Su Yue's son has finally appeared!"

"Anyways, hurry up and notify him that someone from the Four Seasons Academy is here to look for him!"

The worker nodded and ran upstairs to notify Su Yang. Meanwhile, the other young lady went back outside to speak to Elder Deng.

"Well? Which floor are they on? And can I go inside already? I have important matters with them."

"Uhh… they are on the eighth floor, but before I allow you inside, we must ask them for permission first, as guests on that floor are special…"

"What?! Eighth floor?! But you just said—"

Elder Deng was shocked to learn of such news. Only extremely important individuals are allowed on the eighth floor, and they are usually people with power only slightly below that of people like the Matriarch of his Four Seasons Academy that can enter the ninth floor. As a matter of fact, even Elder Deng himself can only go as high as seven floors.

"I am here on behalf of the Four Season Academy's Matriarch!" he tried to pressure her.

"The Matriarch!" The young lady was surprised, no doubt.

However, when she takes into account the status of Immortal Fairy Su Yue's son, then even the Matriarch of one of the Three Ancient Academy seem nothing in comparison.

"Even if you say that… I'm afraid that I cannot allow you inside without his permission."


Elder Deng was speechless, but he didn't continue to trouble her, as the Nine Spring Hall has countless backers, so it would be unwise to offend them too much even if he's from the Four Seasons Academy.

Inside the Nine Spring Hall, when the worker reached the room Su Yang's group was staying, she knocked on the door with respect.

"Excuse me, there's—"

"Let him inside."

Su Yang's voice casually responded before the worker was able to finish her sentence, almost like he was expecting it.

"R-Right away!"

The worker did not dare to linger and immediately ran back downstairs to get Elder Deng.

"Please, come with me. Esteemed guest is expecting you."

Elder Deng, who had been waiting outside anxiously nodded and followed her to the eighth floor.

"Well, well, well. Who do we have here?" Su Yang welcomed Elder Deng into the room with a smug look and sarcastic voice.


Elder Deng felt like punching him in the face already but quickly resisted.

"What business do you have with me after kicking me away? Be sure to make it quick, as we're trying to eat here," said Su Yang as he sat on the edge of the window.

"Eat?" Elder Deng looked at the empty room with a frown.

"You know why I am here. I did as you requested and showed the Matriarch the paper you gave me!"

"Hm? But that's the exact opposite of what you told me." Su Yang continued to act dumb, purposefully trying to tick him off for wasting his time before.

"The Matriarch, after reading the contents, would like to speak with you."

Elder Deng, although annoyed, managed to stay calm and ignore his provoking.

"Sorry, but can you come back after we finish eating?"


Elder Deng was speechless again.

"How can you still act like this after sharing the recipe for the Soul Divination Pill with someone? The Four Seasons Academy no less? Do you have any idea what that pill means to our Sect?"

Su Yang smiled, and he said, "It's because I knew that, that I shared the recipe with you guys."

He then approached Elder Deng, but he didn't stop even after passing him.

Elder Deng was puzzled by his actions. Where is he going?

Su Yang, after reaching the doors, turned to him and spoke, "What are you waiting for? Are you still trying to waste more time?"

Elder Deng realized what this meant and quickly followed him.

When they reached the first floor, the worker gave Su Yang looks of admiration for some reason, almost like she was looking at her crush.

Su Yang noticed this but ignored it.

Once they left the Nine Spring Hall, Su Yang and Qiuyue rode on the flying boat whilst Elder Deng jumped on a flying sword and began flying towards the Four Seasons Academy.

Flying swords, despite having the same purpose as flying treasures, are actually not really flying treasures. They are just normal weapons enchanted with Profound Qi that allows for better control and less weight, allowing Cultivators to levitate them with ease, even soaring the sky with them.

And unlike flying treasures that require minimal Profound Qi to operate, flying swords demands more focus and a large amount of Profound Qi to maintain its flight status. The speed flying swords can achieve also depends on how much Profound Qi it consumes, so the faster one wants to fly, the more taxing it'll be on the Cultivator.

"The speed of that flying treasure is really ludicrous no matter how much I look at it… Just where does one get something like that?"

Elder Deng wondered as he exhausts his entire Cultivation base just to keep up with them. If he knew that they are using not even a tenth of its maximum speed, he would surely fall off the flying sword from shock.

It only took a few minutes since they left the Spring City, but once they reached the Four Seasons Academy, Elder Deng led them straight to the Matriarch.

The disciples of the Four Seasons Academy would look at Su Yang and his handsome appearance, wondering who they were and why Elder Deng was with them, and more than just a few females blushed when he walked past them.

Meanwhile, a new rumor began to spread within the Holy Central Continent, saying that Immortal Fairy Su Yue's son had appeared within Spring City!

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