Dual Cultivation

Chapter 140 Clear Visions

Chapter 140 Clear Visions

"Yu'er! Explain yourself! What do you mean by those words of yours just now?!" The mother said with a panicking voice.

If Hong Yu'er's words meant what they guessed, then her chances of finding another partner would significantly reduce no matter how beautiful or talented Hong Yu'er was, since very little people out there would accept a woman that had already been plucked by another man, especially if these men are from backgrounds with power and status.

Unlike the Profound Blossom Sect, where women with multiple partners are not as frowned upon, the outside world is vastly different. To the women that are not from a dual cultivating sect, whether they are from a powerful family or a common household, their purity is of their utmost importance, hence why all of them try to stay pure until they seal their future with their chosen partner.

"Why does it matter what my words mean? It still won't change the fact that I will not be accepting anyone besides Su Yang as my husband." Hong Yu'er replied in a nonchalant manner, and she continued, "However, to calm your minds — I am still pure."

Although their hearts skipped a beat at her first sentence, both the mother and father released sighs of relief upon hearing her last few words. Her being pure meant that she's not completely hopeless. Who knows, perhaps they will successfully persuade her in the future.

"Aiya… you nearly gave me a heart attack there, Yu'er…" The father said as he fanned the sweat off his face with his own hands.

Of course, Hong Yu'er did not bond with Su Yang, as Lan Liqing was obviously the first one to extract his Pure Yang Essence from him.

"However, that still does not explain your words just now." The mother said with a puzzled look.

With a bitter smile, Hong Yu'er spoke, "It's a bit complicated, and I doubt you will believe me even if I told you with a dagger to my neck."


Her parents looked at her with a bizarre look. What kind of explanation was that? However, despite their doubts and curiosity, they did not push this topic any further. The most important question in their mind had already been resolved, so there wasn't any need to continue.

Sometime later, after Hong Yu'er spoke with her family for a few more minutes, she went back to her own room, where she sat on her bed in the lotus position and closed her eyes to cultivate.




A few hours have passed since Su Yang and the two girls began making their way towards the Holy Central Continent, and ever since they left the Eastern Continent, there's been nothing but ocean water that surrounds them.

"This Four Seasons Academy… you appear to be very familiar with them. Tell me more about them." Su Yang said to Qiuyue.

"We are not that close," Qiuyue shook her head. "I once stayed in their Sect as a guest for a few days after some incident."

"As for the Sect itself, it is honestly nothing too special," she continued. "I said this before, but they are a Sect that specializes in pills and whatnot. In fact, within the entire Holy Central Continent, they are at the top when it comes to Alchemy, second to none."

"What about their overall strength?"

"They are considerably powerful if we use this world's standard. Even the weakest of their Outer Court disciples are at the True Spirit Realm whilst their most elite disciples are all above the Heavenly Spirit Realm."

"A far cry when compared to our Eastern Continent, huh? Do they have better techniques, or is it because of their location?"

Qiuyue nodded. "Not only do they have superior techniques but their continent is also filled with rich Profound Qi when compared to the other four continents," she said. "In my experience, all the other four continents have similar overall prowess. The Holy Central Continent, however, is far more advanced in both techniques and Alchemy, mostly because of the rich Profound Qi. At least that's what I figured out after circling this world for many times during my thousand years here…"

"Maybe that dog from the Heavenly Order also had something to do with why they are so ahead of everybody else." Su Yang added.

"That's very possible…" Qiuyue agreed.

"Anyway, how long until we arrive? Surely it can't be as long as that bridge in the Legacy Tomb, right?" Su Yang then asked her.

"We should be there after another hour," she quickly replied.

"Very well…"

Su Yang closed his eyes to rest. But not very long after closing his eyes, he could feel something soft pressure his legs.

He slowly opened his eyes, and right in front of his face was Xiao Rong, who had decided to sit on his lap with her body facing his way and her legs circling around his body, her sharp eyes staring directly into his eyes like she wanted to eat him up.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Before Su Yang could ask that question, Qiuyue had opened her mouth first.

However, as usual, Xiao Rong ignored Qiuyue and opened her lips to stick her small pink tongue out and began licking Su Yang in the face the next second.

"This vulgar cat…" Qiuyue silently cursed.

"Why does she seem obsessed with licking you? Are all Phantom Cats like that?" she then asked him.

"No, not to my knowledge," he replied. "As a matter of fact, Ghost Cats dislike physical contact. However, that's a characteristic only for Ghost Cats, so I cannot say the same for Phantom Cats."

A few seconds later, when Su Yang was certain that she was not going to stop anytime soon, he covered her mouth with his hands to stop her from licking his face off.

"Why do you like licking me so much? Am I tasty to you?" Su Yang said that as a joke, but to his surprise, Xiao Rong nodded.


Seeing her nod, a light suddenly lit up in his mind.


"You are able to taste the minuscule amount of Celestial Qi that is within my Profound Qi?"

Su Yang found this reasoning to make a lot of sense. After all, Ghost Cats are extremely sensitive to Profound Qi, so it wouldn't be weird if Xiao Rong was able to sense his Celestial Qi.

Additionally, not just Ghost Cats, but all beasts under heaven love rich Profound Qi, especially Celestial Qi, the highest quality of Profound Qi!

Hearing his question, Xiao Rong only showed him a puzzled expression. She did not know what Celestial Qi was. However, such a reaction was natural, as Celestial Qi is extremely rare even within the four Divine Heavens, much less this world.

Not just Xiao Rong but all living beast with a Cultivation base, just like Cultivators, require Profound Qi to grow and survive, and the stronger they become, the more Profound Qi they will need to nurture themselves.




Within the Hong Family's Residence.

"Su Yang…" Hong Yu'er mumbled to herself as her mind slowly clears itself, slowly entering a profound state of mind that was similar to slumber.

Then, inside her head, clear images of Su Yang appeared. However, there was something different about this Su Yang in her head. He was much more elegant, charming, and… mature.

Although Hong Yu'er cannot fully comprehend these visions that were flowing through her mind, she, as ridiculous as it may sound, believes it to be memories of her past life with Su Yang.

One major reason as to why she believes in such a fantasy-like imagination was due to the fact that the images in her head are just too clear to be mere dreams. His gentle voice, his sharp gazes, and even the feeling of his hands on her body… they were all just too realistic and clear, almost like she'd experienced such events herself.

However, that being said, these vision did not appear until just recently, so she has yet to fully accept it.

Are these memories inside her head just a really realistic dream? How many more of these visions will come to her? Will she ever be able to figure out the reason as to why she's seeing these things?

Hong Yu'er was both excited and anxious to find out, even scared, but nevertheless, she continued to cultivate just to see these visions, as that is the only way to make them appear.

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