Dual Cultivation

Chapter 139 Hong Yu'er

Chapter 139 Hong Yu'er

One of Su Yuhan's worst nightmare was Hong Yu'er finding out Su Yang's return, which might affect their current relationship, fearing that she might break their engagement in order to return to Su Yang, and the instant Su Yuhan heard Hong Yu'er's words, realizing that his worst nightmare has come true, he directly fell unconscious — but not before he coughed up a mouthful of blood due to shock and anger.

In response to Su Yuhan fainting, Hong Yu'er did not even bother to glance at him and continued to speak, \"I know that he's returned — Su Yang.\"

\"Where is he?\"

\"Unfortunately, you are a few days late…\" Su Xun said while shaking his head. \"You will not find him here, nor should you ask me about his location, because even I cannot tell you where he went after attacking his own brother, Su Yuhan.\"

\"Senior Su, why must you make it sound as though everything is his fault? I don't believe that he would attack that thing without any justifiable reason; he's just not that kind of person.\" Hong Yu'er pointed to Sui Yuhan when she said 'that thing'.

Su Xun sighed and said, \"You know nothing… Su Yang… he… he is no longer the same person you knew before disappearing, as he currently has amnesia.\"

He spoke as though he had nothing to do with Su Yang's situation, even pretending to be disheartened, his voice filled with sorrow.

\"What did you say? He's lost his memories?\" Hong Yu'er frowned the instant she heard such news.

\"That's right. He doesn't even recognize his beloved sister, Su Yin…\"

\"It's that serious?\" Hong Yu'er knew just how close the siblings were, hence why she's even more surprised.

However, she was even more surprised that Su Xun would allow Su Yang to leave the place despite knowing such facts, especially after the ruckus between him and Su Yuhan, even feeling a bit suspicious.

\"And you allowed him to leave under these circumstances?\" Hong Yu'er did not beat around the bush and questioned Su Xun, causing his heart rate to increase.

\"I would've stopped him if I knew that he was going to leave… His departure was too sudden, and I was attending to something else.\"


After a few moments of silence, Hong Yu'er turned around and began walking away.

\"Where are you going?\" Su Xun asked her.

\"I have accomplished what I came here for, so there is no longer any reasons for me to stay. As for my fiance, Su Yang, I will try to find him using my own resources.\" Hong Yu'er spoke in a calm voice, giving around her a composed atmosphere.

Su Xun did not stop her and only sighed inwardly.

\"The young lady of the Hong Family is truly exceptional… Not only is she as beautiful as a fairy, but she is also sharp and mature.\"

The surrounding members of the Su Family began speaking about Hong Yu'er after she left.

\"She's too good for someone like Su Yang, almost wasteful…\"

\"Almost? It's definitely too wasteful for her to be with someone like Su Yang!\"

\"Besides his appearance, what does she see in someone as mediocre and untalented as Su Yang, anyway? Su Yuhan is definitely a much better choice in my humble opinion.\"

The members of the Su Family spoke of Su Yang in disdain without reserve despite Su Xun's presence right beside them. This showed just how little the members of the family cared about Su Yang, even treating him as though he's not even a part of the family.


Hearing the people beside him belittle his own son, even if he was truly useless, Su Xun still clenched his fists in anger. However, there was nothing he could say to them that would denounce their words.

Ever since he was born, Su Yang would not show any interest in anything and would always stare at the empty air with a blank expression, almost like he was detached from this world. Even as a baby he would not cry, nor would he cause a ruckus within a house like every other normal baby at his age, always remaining silent. This odd behavior of his quickly worried the family, making them start to doubt that he was defective.

However, as Su Yang grew older, he would begin to show more emotions, even beginning to read books at a very young age despite never being taught how to read. Seeing this, the Su Family's hope for him began to grow once again with some even calling him a literature genius.

Time passed, and on his tenth birthday, Su Yang met Hong Yu'er for the first time because of his mother, who had considerable power and influence within the family at that time. Some would even say that she had more power than Su Xun, the family head, but none of them dared to say such words out loud, only believing it in their hearts.

However, other than his love for literature, Su Yang had nothing else that could capture the attention of the family and quickly became forgotten. And unlike his other two siblings that showed incredible aptitudes for Cultivation, especially Su Yin, Su Yang expressed no interest in normal martial arts, much less Cultivation.

As even more time pass, Su Yang's presence within the family dimmed to the point where even many of the new servants would not learn of his name until many weeks, even months after they joined the Su Family.

Su Yang's lack of presence and talent within the family easily made him a target within the family, and with the help of Su Yuhan, who hated Su Yang and felt nothing but jealousy towards his relationship with Hong Yu'er — his secret obsession ever since he first saw her — turned Su Yang's quiet life into one that was similar to hell.

Many events later, Su Yang eventually 'disappeared' from the Su Family and Hong Yu'er became engaged with Su Yuhan after being pressured by both families. However, despite being engaged, Hong Yu'er rarely saw Su Yuhan, much less speak with him. Hell, even after an entire year of being engaged, Su Yuhan did not so much as get the chance to touch even a single hair on her body, and it was something he complained about every day inside his heart.




Su Xun sat on a chair inside his room with an exhausted expression. He's been in this position for many hours without moving a muscle ever since the events that have been happening lately.

Suddenly, he tilted his head to look at the ceiling and released the deepest sigh yet.

\"I had said that I wouldn't regret my decision no matter the outcome, yet here I am, silently regretting my decision that day…\" Su Xun chuckled a few times sarcastically, almost like he was mocking himself.

After a few more minutes of sitting, Su Xun stood up and walked to the corner of the room, where he retrieved a wooden box that was hidden under one of the floor tiles.

He then opened the box, and inside this wooden box was a silver needle.

After staring at it for a few seconds, Su Xun shook his head and closed the wooden box, placing it back into the hidden spot the next second.




When Hong Yu'er left the Su Family, she directly returned to her own family, relaying the events that had occurred during her trip to the Su Family, even telling them the embarrassing incident of Su Yuhan accidentally exposing himself in front of her and many others.

The Hong Family expressed awkward expression after hearing her stories.

\"Are you sure about this, Yu'er?\" Her father suddenly said to her. \"Who knows where this Su Yang is right now. And even if you manage to find him, will you be able to live a life with someone that might not even remember you?\"

After a moment of silence, Hong Yu'er replied, \"Even if he does not remember me, I am certain that I will still be able to live a blissful life with him.\"


\"Think about this carefully, Yu'er.\" It was her mother who spoke this time. \"Not only are you a beautiful young woman but you are also talented, being only slightly worse than that little monster at the Su Family. I'm sure you'll be able to find a more suitable partner for yourself without even the need to leave this house.\"

Hong Yu'er shook her head, and in a calm voice, she spoke slowly, \"Our relationship has already reached the point where it's impossible for me to find another man, not that I wish for such a thing in the first place.\"

When Hong Yu'er said this, bright lights flickered within her beautiful black eyes.


\"W-W-What do you mean by those words?!\"


Both the mother and father exclaimed at the same time, their eyes and jaws wide open, clearly shocked greatly by their daughter's sudden revelation that was almost as impactful as a heavenly tribulation.

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