Dual Cultivation

Chapter 138 I Am Here to See My Fiance!

Chapter 138 I Am Here to See My Fiance!

A luxurious carriage slowly approached the Su Family's living quarters, pulling up right before the main gate.

A few moments later, the door to the carriage opened, and a beautiful young lady wearing red robes stepped out of the carriage.

The young lady proceeded to walk towards Su Xun the moment her feet touched the ground.

"Hong Yu'er greets Senior Su," she greeted him with a gentle bow, her voice filled with respect. Although she did not expect him to meet her at the entrance, it was within her expectations that Su Xun would be aware of her arrival before she'd even arrive.

"It's only been three months since our last meeting but you've grown even more beautiful since then," Su Xun praised her with a smile on his face.

Then, he asked her while looking around, "Where are your parents? Are they not here with you today?"

Hong Yu'er shook her head and spoke, "This is my own problem, so I'd asked my parents to let me come alone."

Saying that, Hong Yu'er's expression suddenly turned serious, even cold. "That being said… where is 'he' right now? I would like to see him."

A drop of sweat sneakily rolled down Su Xun's back after hearing her words. "He's currently resting in his room," he replied after a short moment of silence.

"May I?" Despite her cold looks, Hong Yu'er still spoke in a respectful tone, as her family was slightly beneath the Su Family in terms of status and power despite their close relationship.

Su Xun reluctantly nodded before guiding her to where Su Yuhan was resting.

Once they reached the room, Su Xun knocked on the door and spoke, "Yuhan, Hong Yu'er is here to meet you…"

And without waiting for Su Yuhan to answer, Su Xun forcefully opened the door.

"W-W-Wait! Do not open the—!"

Su Yuhan's hurried voice resounded the moment the door was opened.


When the door was fully opened and Su Xun, Hong Yu'er, and many other individuals there saw the scene in the room, their jaws dropped from shock.

What they saw was the spectacular scene of Su Yuhan with his pants down on his bed, his hands clutching onto his obviously stitched on rod, looking like he was playing with himself.

Su Yuhan's instantly face turned ashen. "W-Wait! This is not what it looks like—!"

"Yuhan! How dare you show not only us, but even an innocent young lady such as Hong Yu'er such a vile scene! Do you not have any shame?! Put that vulgar thing away right this second!" Su Xun did not allow him to finish his words and roared in a voice mixed with anger and embarrassment, causing the room to shake a little.

To think he'd catch his always noble son in such an act was just unthinkable. Hell, it would've been fine if Su Yuhan was exposed in front of him alone, but unfortunately for the both of them, almost everybody that should have never witnessed this scene was there, including the Hong Family's young lady.

In other words, this was a disastrous situation.

And sure enough, when Hong Yu'er saw Su Yuhan's sickening rod, her face darkened with a deep frown, and her gaze filled itself with disgust, almost like she just ate a fat fly.

As for the other people that were there, they were so dumbfounded by the scene that they all took steps backwards, almost as if they wanted to run away from the scene.

What made this situation even worse was Su Yuhan's rod that had been recently implanted, causing his pelvis area to be filled with dry blood and stitches.

"Yu'er! This is a misunderstanding! I can explain this—!" Su Yuhan panicked and began shouting like a madman, making the situation look even uglier.

"I just wanted to see if I can get it to work after the implant! Even though the doctors say I am in a hopeless position, I can guarantee you that it will heal properly—!"


A cold voice resounded in the room, but it was not Su Xun who'd spoken those word, nor did it come from the other individuals from the Su Family. Instead, the words had came from Hong Yu'er's mouth.

"Yu'er…?" Su Yuhan looked at her with a shocked expression after hearing her cold voice.

"I came here today not to comfort you, nor did I travel thousands of miles to look at your pathetic face!" Hong Yu'er then turned to look at Su Xun and continued to speak, "Senior Su, on the behalf of my family, I, Hong Yu'er, came here today to break my engagement with your eldest son, Su Yuhan."


Su Xun did not instantly reply to Hong Yu'er and remained quiet. After a moment of silence, he released a deep sigh and spoke, "Is this the Hong Family's decision or…"

"I have already spoken with my parents, but I will repeat what I said to them here, and I will apologize for my impudent behavior in advance."

Taking a deep breath, Hong Yu'er began speaking in a serious voice. "If I have to marry this humiliating thing and spend the rest of my life with him then I'd rather be alone — six feet under the ground!"


Su Yuhan expressed great shock upon hearing Hong Yu'er's words, causing his eyes to nearly turn all white. While he knew that she never really approved of their relationship, he didn't think that her hate for him was to this extent.

"Aii…" Su Xun sighed again, his color noticeably paler. "Then what about the oath between your mother and my wife? This will surely haunt my dear even in heaven… Perhaps we can work this out—"

"Senior Su, please excuse my rudeness once again, but the oath between my mother and Madam Su is between me and 'him', not Su Yuhan."

"T-Then why did you agree to the rearrangements?" Su Xun asked with a puzzled expression.

"There is only one reason as to why I agreed… it was simply because I was pressured to by my family. However, now that 'he' is back, there is no longer any reason for me to put up with this farce," said Hong Yu'er.

"And although I didn't mention this at first, there is one more reason as to why I am here today." Hong Yu'er's cold expression noticeably turned soft at this point. "I am here to see my fiance, Su Yang!"

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