Dual Cultivation

Chapter 137 Soul Divination Pill

Chapter 137 Soul Divination Pill

After they were certain that Su Yang was no longer there, the guards assisted Su Yuhan, who had fainted again, back to his own room, where they provided treatment for his destroyed balls.

When the nurses and doctors saw the condition of Su Yuhan's balls for the first time, they nearly puked from disgust, their eyes filled with terrors, and they wondered to themselves what kind of monster would be so heartless to do such actions.

"I cannot imagine anyone besides the devil himself that would do something like this to another human being. Not only are his balls destroyed, but even his rod is completely gone."

The doctor shook his head, his heart feeling heavy, feeling Su Yuhan's pain just from looking at his condition.

"I'm afraid that even a divine doctor may not be able to restore his manhood."

The room instantly became silent, even gloomy.

Su Xun, who'd rushed here after hearing the news stood there with a dark expression on his face at this moment. This situation was a problem not just for Su Yuhan's future but the entire Su Family's as well.

However, it was not as if the Su Family was entirely doomed, as there was also Su Yin. But even then, with her obsession with Su Yang, would she even look at another person beside him?

But alas, even with all of those problems already at hand, there was one that trumped them all.

"Does the Hong Family know of this incident yet?" Su Xun asked in a heavy tone, his gaze at the old man beside him.

"Unfortunately," said Senior Tao, one of the Su Family's most trusted elders. "The news had already spread before we could even lay the Young Master on his bed. As a matter of fact, they are currently heading here even as we speak and should arrive within three days of time."

A distressed light flashed within Su Xun's eyes after hearing this news. But alas, there was nothing he could do at this point, as this was no longer a situation he could manage by himself.

"Whatever! I will deal with it when they arrive. For now, just focus on trying to healing my son!"


"I don't care even it is near impossible to fully heal him, but I want you to at least try! All the resources will be provided by my Su Family, so use them without being formal!" Su Xun interrupted the doctor.

Even if the chances are slimmer than slim, he still wanted to try to save his 'only' son's future.

"I understand. Although I will not promise any results, I will put forth all of my effort and knowledge into healing your son."

A little bit later, when the doctors started their treatment on Su Yuhan, Su Xun and everyone else that was not needed in the room quickly left to avoid disturbing the doctors.

"How is Young Lady's condition?" Senior Tao asked Su Xun as they walked in the hallway, their pace slow and filled with doubt.

"Not good," Su Xun shook his head. "Ever since the incident, she's locked herself inside her room and would refuse to come out no matter what I say to her."

"If this continues, I don't even want to imagine what she might do…"

"It's for the best if we leave the Young Lady alone for now until she sorts out her mind, else it might affect her Cultivation in the future," Senior Tao suggested.

Su Xun nodded, and they began preparations as they wait for the Hong Family's anticipated arrival.




"Do you know of a pill called Soul Divination Pill?" Su Yang asked Qiuyue as they walked down a busy pedestrian street.

"I do," she quickly replied. "I even saw one with my own eyes at the Holy Central Continent."

Su Yang suddenly stopped walking and stared at her with pleasant-looking eyes. "You saw one? Here? In this world?"

Qiuyue nodded. "Why? Is it that rare of a pill?" she then asked.

"It's not that valuable, but it is rare enough that I wouldn't have expected one to be in this undeveloped world."

"Are you going to use it to see whether or not you have another soul within your body?" Qiuyue already saw through his plans the moment he asked her about the pill.

Su Yang confirmed her thoughts with a quick nod. "That's right. I had initially planned on collecting the materials to create one myself, but since there already exists one in this world, that will make my life much easier."

"Are you planning on going to the Holy Central Continent for this Soul Divination Pill?"

"Naturally." Su Yang answered in a heartbeat.

Hearing his words, Qiuyue's eyes flashed with hesitation. If possible, she didn't want him to go to the Holy Central Continent, and even less, to the place with the Soul Divination Pill. As for her reasons, she wouldn't be able to handle the embarrassment that would come if he were to find out about her not-so-hidden secret there.

"I understand. However, I should warn you now that unless you rob them with sheer force then even you wouldn't be able to obtain it easily even if we go there."

"What is the reason?" Su Yang's interest was piqued.

"The place with the Soul Divination Pill is called the Four Seasons Academy, it is a Sect specialized in Alchemy, and they treat the Soul Divination Pill as though it is their most precious treasure. Even if you offer them something that is logically more valuable than their Soul Divination Pill, they will refuse the offer without a single thought."

"That does not matter," said Su Yang. "We will know whether or not they will give it to me once we get there and see them in person."

Qiuyue sighed inwardly and nodded. She then retrieved her flying boat and threw it in the sky.

The sudden appearance of a boat hovering in the sky quickly attracted the gaze of everybody on the streets, causing them to look at it with eyes of wonder.

And under the gaze of dozens, both Su Yang and Qiuyue jumped on the flying boat.

"Xiao Rong." Su Yang called for her in a calm and low voice.

Suddenly, before he could even blink his eyes, a young girl wearing plain white robes appeared before him.

"Did you have fun?" he asked her with a smile, to which she replied with a nod.

"That's good to hear." Su Yang turned to Qiuyue and continued, "Let's go to this Four Seasons Academy, shall we?"

Qiuyue nodded, and then she turned to look at Xiao Rong and spoke to her in a cold voice, "This boat only has room for two; you will have to follow us with your own methods."

And without waiting for a reply, Qiuyue activated the flying boat, speeding hundreds of miles into the distance in the blink of an eye.

However, when Qiuyue turned around, her gaze met with Xiao Rong's, who was casually chasing behind them with seemingly no effort.

Seeing this, Qiuyue only coldly sneered.




Three days passed by in a flash, and at the Su Family, Su Xun, along with many other high-standing individuals, stood at the main entrance to the living quarters, seemingly waiting for the arrival of someone.

"They are here! The Hong Family is here!" A messenger could be seen running towards them from a distance while shouting at the top of his lungs.

"This is it, huh…" Su Xun straightened his robes and prepared for the worst.

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