Dual Cultivation

Chapter 136 Only If You Have the Balls!

Chapter 136 Only If You Have the Balls!

"Who's this donkey?" Su Yang casually showed up and asked, looking like he had nothing to do with this situation and was just a bystander.

"You also don't know him? Since he attacked you, there has to be some sort of connection between you two."

"That reason should be related to the other—"

Suddenly, an ear-piercing shriek resounded within the garden.

"Master Su! Master Su! Are you alright?!"

A middle-aged lady wearing clothes meant for servants came dashing towards Su Yang and Qiuyue. However, it was plainly obvious that she was not calling for Su Yang but the individual that was on the floor, who also happens to have the same surname as him.

"Ahhhhh! Murder! Master Su has been murdered by these two barbarians!"

When the middle-aged lady saw the blood by the unconscious man on the ground and on his lips, she started freaking out, almost as if she'd just witnessed a murder in plain daylight.

Mere seconds after the middle-aged lady's scream echoed in the garden, dozens of armed guards came running from every direction, very quickly surrounding Su Yang and Qiuyue with their weapons raised.

However, when the guards finally got the chance to take a good look at the culprits' faces, a few of their expressions froze upon recognizing Su Yang's handsome face.

"Y-Young master Su?! You are back?!"

The few guards that recognized Su Yang were so shocked that they pretty much forgot about the situation.

"What are you guards doing?! Apprehend these two intruders!" The middle-aged lady continued screaming like a madman.


The guards that recognized Su Yang were feeling perplexed. Apprehend who? The second oldest son of Su Xun who'd also been missing for an entire year? Their heads would, without a doubt, roll if they followed the middle-aged lady's nonsense.

"What are you waiting for?! Is this what the Su Family pays you all for? Incompetence?!"

Hearing such words, the guards that didn't recognize Su Yang slowly approached him with frowns on their faces.

When the other guards saw this, they quickly reacted by shouting, "Halt! Who do you think this is?! This is young master Su, young lady Su's elder brother!"

"What did you just say?!"

The guards immediately froze like statues upon hearing the other guards words. They then turned to look at the middle-aged lady, who was clearly as shocked and confused as everyone else there.

"So this idiotic donkey is also part of the Su Family, huh? Can't say that I'm surprised." Su Yang quickly comprehended the situation after listening to these people.

This tall figure on the floor was Su Yuhan, Su Yang and Su Yin's elder brother and also the eldest son within the Su Family.

However, this revelation only raised more questions than answers. Why did he attack Su Yang with the intent to kill? Even going as far as a sneak attack from the sky?

"This man tried to take my life, hence why he's in this half-dead state," said Su Yang in a calm manner.

"This man?" The guards there found the way Su Yang addressed his own elder brother odd, but what he said afterward was just shocking to the core.

"T-There must've been a misunderstanding, young master Su…Your elder brother would never do something so vile…"

The guards there tried to make sense of the situation. After all, it was extremely hard for them to believe that Su Yuhan, who was known for being kind and noble, would have any reasons to harm Su Yang, who's been missing for an entire year, let alone attempt to kill him.

"I don't care about his reasons for wanting to kill me but…" Su Yang ignored the guards and squatted in front of the unconscious Su Yuhan and continued, "Fortunately for you, that little girl has already lost enough. I wouldn't want to take away from her the last brother she has..."

"However, since you attacked me, I will make sure you at least regret it..."

As he said those words, Su Yang raised a finger and pointed it at Su Yuhan. Though, more specifically, he was pointing directly towards his crotch area.

The guards and servants there were puzzled at his actions, even Qiuyue, but seconds later, they all watched in horror as a beam of light shot out from the tip of Su Yang's fingers and pierce the area between Su Yuhan's legs.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" A blood-curdling scream that nearly pierced the eardrums of the people there came out of Su Yuhan's mouth. The pain was so intensive that it'd shocked him awake.


When the male guards witnessed this scene, they instinctively dropped their weapons to cover their own balls in a protective manner.

"Y-Y-You devil!"

The middle-aged lady nearly fainted when she saw a puddle of blood start to form near Su Yuhan's crotch area. How could someone be so cruel and heartless? How will he ever have children now? This is an incredible blow to not only Su Yuhan's life as a man but also the entire Su Family itself!

"He'll be fine," Su Yang said casually. "Although I won't guarantee that he won't kill himself due to shame, I'm positive that such minor injuries will not kill him directly."

"S-S-S-Su Yang… Y-You bastard!" On the ground wriggling in agony was Su Yuhan, who was clutching onto his nonexistent balls as he screamed in a hoarse voice. "I-I will fucking k-kill you!!!"

"You will kill me? Only if you have the balls! Hahaha!" Su Yang burst out laughing at his own joke.

On Su Yuhan's face was an expression of extreme rage and hatred, and the look he gave Su Yang was as though he was looking at someone who'd just murdered his entire family, perhaps something even worse, especially after hearing Su Yang's joke after what he did to him.

Meanwhile, the guards there that were quite familiar with Su Yang looked at him with an odd expression, thinking to themselves how this Su Yang did not match the one in their memories. He was much bolder and almost heartless, unlike the silent and forgiving Su Yang they knew.

"Let's go." Su Yang began walking again.

Seeing Su Yang approach them, the guards quickly scattered to make a path for him, fearing that he might also destroy their manhood if they dared to block him.

With nobody else obstructing his path, Su Yang and Qiuyue's figure quickly disappeared from the Su Family's living quarters.

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