Dual Cultivation

Chapter 135 Sudden Ambush

Chapter 135 Sudden Ambush

A little over a year ago, when Su Xun first transported Su Yang to the Profound Blossom Sect, he and Liu Lanzhi had an agreement that she would allow Su Yang to live there as a disciple and that she would never tell him the truth about his background, nor would she allow him to travel outside the Eastern Region, and in return, Su Xun would give the Profound Blossom Sect every half year as payment.

Liu Lanzhi upheld such promises and kept her mouth shut for an entire year, but alas, Su Yang had sneaked out of the Eastern Region without alerting anyone. Even now, the Profound Blossom Sect has no idea that he had long left the Eastern Region.

But of course, Su Xin didn't know that, hence why he's blaming Liu Lanzhi for Su Yang being in front of him right this moment.

"Do you regret it?" Su Yang suddenly said, "Throwing 'me' away."


Su Xun remained silent, almost as if he was refusing to answer him.

"Is that so…"

Su Yang turned around and began walking out the door, and the slightest interest he has left for this situation was finally gone.

When Su Yang reached the doors, Su Xun's voice resounded, and it was one filled with solemn.

"You shouldn't have come back here, Su Yang."

Hearing such words, Su Yang halted his steps and turned around.

"Ever since your mother died, everything's been going downhill for this family. It wasn't my desire to send you to the Profound Blossom Sect, much less take away your memories from you, but alas, if I can save the family by doing so..."

"How ridiculous…" Su Yang, who was no longer interested in the matter turned around and began approaching the door once more.

The next moment, however, the door suddenly opened in an explosive manner, and a figure walked in.

When Su Xun saw this young lady, his eyes widened with shock.

"H-How? I thought you had left to search for…"

"Father, what is the meaning of this?" Su Yin approached Su Xun with a frown. "Luckily, I had anticipated something like this and prepared beforehand, even remaining within the city for the past few days."

Su Yin, prior to leaving, had ordered a few of her most trusted servants that if Su Yang were to return home, then she was to be notified at all cost without delay. If not, then she would not be here right now.

Su Xun, feeling as though his heart was about to explode like the door, used every last bit of his wits to make up a plausible excuse. "Yin'er! I had some of my people wait outside the Divine Doors shortly after you left. After waiting for many days, he was finally found wandering around the place! I wasn't able to notify you sooner because I wanted to keep this as a surprise for you! Of course, I also needed to confirm whether or not it was really him before telling you, as I didn't want to get your hopes up only to crush them with false news."

"Is that so…" Su Yin no longer looked as angry after hearing his words, but there were still some doubts in her head.

"Nevermind that…" Su Yin then turned to look at Su Yang with a delightful face and ran for him. "Elder Brother Yang! I'm so glad that you are fine!"

"Wait a moment," Su Yang raised his hand to stop her from jumping at him. "Even if you are my sister by blood, I am no longer the Elder Brother Yang that you know and love."

"..." Su Yin slowed down her steps, quickly coming to a halt.

"That's only because of your amnesia! I am sure that you will be back to normal once we help you recover your memories!"

Su Yang shook his head and continued, "It will be better for everyone in this room if you forget about me, and I am fairly certain that nothing will change even if I were to regain my memories…"

"But we won't know that until we try!"

"Forget it, little girl, it will be the best for us all…"

Su Yang no longer paid attention to her and began walking out the door once again.

"This is all your fault!" Su Yin suddenly exclaimed loudly.

However, her anger wasn't directed towards Su Xun, who was dumbfounded by her outburst.

"You must have done something to Elder Brother Yang! Who are you?! And what have you done to him!?" Su Yin glared at Qiuyue with a dagger-like gaze.

"Trust me, you don't want this trouble," said Qiuyue in a calm voice, who has been standing at the corner of the room with a nonchalant expression since the beginning, silently veiling her presence. She had been so quiet up till this point that even Su Xun didn't notice her until now.

"Calm down, Yin'er!" Knowing that Qiuyue was innocent because he was the cause of Su Yang's amnesia, he tried to stop her from acting too rashly.

But alas, Su Yin was already too heated to hear Su Xun's weak voice.

"Give me back my brother!" Su Yin pounced at Qiuyue with her entire Cultivation base roused.

"Foolish mortal…"

Qiuyue waved her sleeves with only a small fraction amount of her true Cultivation base behind the swing, but it still sent a powerful wind filled with Profound Qi at Su Yin, sending her flying the moment it touched her.

"Qiyue…" Su Yang looked at her with a weird look. Did she have to go such lengths against someone that's not even at the Earth Spirit Realm?

"An expert!" Su Xun immediately recognized Qiuyue as an expert, probably one with similar Cultivation base than him if not even higher.

"No wonder he dared to go inside the Divine Doors whilst being only at the True Spirit Realm!" Su Xun nodded inwardly as he glanced at Su Yang.

However, this was not the right time to admire Qiuyue's strength.

"Yin'er! Are you okay?!" He ran to her, who was now all the way in the back of the room with her entire body sleeping on the floor.

"I did not use any real force so there shouldn't be any injuries on her," Qiuyue said in a cold tone.

If it weren't for her relationship with Su Yang, then Su Yin might be covered in blood on the floor right now instead of being unscathed.

After confirming that Su Yin was indeed perfectly fine and unscathed, Su Xun released a sigh of relief.

"Let's go, Qiuyue." Su Yang looked at Su Yin with a pondering gaze for a moment for walking out the door.




This time, Su Yang was able to pass the door without any interruptions.

Once he left the room with Qiuyue, they both walked through the long halls in a calm and casual manner, almost as though they were taking a stroll in the park.

"Father…" Qiuyue suddenly spoke up. "I have been avoiding this question since it's none of my business, but why do you seem so reluctant to regain your memories? Even though you said that it's simply because you don't care... surely there must be another reason, right?"


Su Yang remained silent, seemingly unwilling to speak.

But after another minute, he slowly opened his mouth. "Are you an expert when it comes to Souls?" he suddenly asked her.

"No." Qiuyue shook her head.

"I'm not surprised, as I am also unfamiliar with something so complicated and filled with profound mysteries."

After waiting another moment, he continued, "But even with my limited expertise, I do know that anything can happen if the soul of two different individuals merges into one."

"Are you saying that…"

"If I am currently inside a body that carries two souls from two different individuals… what will happen if I unseal the memories of the other Su Yang? Would that awake his soul? What will happen afterward? Would I still be the same person as I am now? Or would our souls merge into one? What will happen then? Who will be who? There are too many uncertainties, hence why I am hesitant on releasing this seal on my memories. And since it doesn't seem like it will affect me at all if I leave it untouched, then I'd rather keep it sealed."

It was not the memories Su Yang was worried about. Instead, it was the potential risk of awakening another soul, as that'll cause countless problems even for a knowledgeable expert like him.

"But what if it affects your future Cultivation?" Qiuyue asked with a worried tone. "I shouldn't have to say this since you are much more experienced than me in this, but once it comes time for you to breakthrough to a higher Realm, every little thing in you could affect it, especially something like a seal, no matter how weak it is."

"Also, as I'd already said, what if there is only one soul in your body — the Su Yang I know? What if, because of your reincarnation, it was actually you who lost his memories first?"

"..." Su Yang suddenly turned quiet.

"I have already thought of such possibilities, but alas, there is too much at risk." Su Yang sighed. "I don't care about my life, but, as arrogant and egotistical as it sounds, there are people out there whose life depends on me… If I'm gone, who will take care of them?"


Qiuyue did not know how to answer him, so she remained quiet.




A few minutes later, they finally left the building and entered the inner garden.

However, before Su Yang could even take three steps in this new scenery, a flash flickered in the sky, and a steel sword came plunging from the sky and towards Su Yang, its sharp blade filled with killing intent.

"Who dares?!" Noticing the incoming sword the instant it was directed at Su Yang with killing intent, Qiuyue loudly screamed and shattered the steel sword into tiny fragments with a single wave of her sleeves.

Somewhere in the distance, a tall figure nearly crapped his pants when he saw what had just occurred and darted from the scene the next instant.

But alas, Qiuyue's spiritual sense had already spotted him at the same time she spotted the sword.

"Where do you think you are going?!" Qiuyue jumped from her spot and flew towards the running individual, catching up to him within mere seconds.

The moment Qiuyue caught up to the individual, she used her Divine Realm Cultivation base to pressure the tall figure until his entire face was kissing the ground. And the force she used to pressure him wasn't as soft as when she blew Su Yin away from her, using almost enough strength to smash the man's body into a bloody mess.


The man on the ground coughed up many mouthfuls of blood. He could easily feel the many bones in his body that was broken from the impact at which he was slammed onto the ground.

"Who are you?" Ignoring his pain and bloody lips, QIuyue asked him in a cold voice.


The tall man, however, did not answer her, as he coughed up another mouthful of blood before falling unconscious.

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