Dual Cultivation

Chapter 134 You Clearly Remember Everything!

Chapter 134 You Clearly Remember Everything!

Standing in the middle of the room was a middle-aged man wearing black robes with sharp facial features and a large frame.

This commanding-looking man was Su Xun, the current head of the Su Family and also Su Yang's father.

He looked at the approaching Su Yang with a serious expression, his gaze sharp and intimidating.

However, despite such a serious-looking face, Su Yang was able to easily detect the anxiety that was hidden in his gaze and frown.

"Hello, young man." Su Xun acted as though he's never met Su Yang before and asked, "What is your name?" he asked.

Su Yang, with a calm expression on his face, smiled and said, "Su Yang…"


Su Xun's expression froze upon hearing his words, his hands slightly trembling.

"...At least that was what the Matriarch had told me," Su Yang continued. "I have amnesia, meaning that I do not have all of my memories. As a matter of fact, the furthest back I can remember is when I woke up in the Profound Blossom Sect as an Outer Court disciple, and I have been living as that ever since."

"I-Is that so…" Su Xun inwardly released a long and deep sigh that was filled with relief, feeling like a mountain was just lifted off his shoulders.

"So? Why am I here? Why did you want to meet me? I cannot recall any reasons why I should be here." Su Yang's innocent and humble attitude became cold and indifferent, his expression nonchalant, which slightly surprised Su Xun.

"Before we get to that point, can you tell me why you are here in the Northern Regions? If I recall correctly, the Profound Blossom Sect is located all the way at the Eastern Region. Surely, you must be here on important matters for you to travel such great lengths."

Su Xun wanted to learn more about why Su Yang was here in the first place. Of course, he could already guess that it was because of the Divine Doors, but he wanted Su Yang to confirm it with his own mouth.

"I came here for the same reason as everyone from a distant land — the Divine Doors."

"You… what is your Cultivation at right?"

Because Su Yang veiled his Profound Qi before entering this place, even a cultivating expert like Su Xun would not be able to see through his real Cultivation base, which Su Xun had already noticed early on and found a bit bizarre.

"A Heavenly Spirit Realm master such as yourself cannot tell that I am only at the True Spirit Realm? How disappointing, I had more expectations for such a profound expert."

Su Yang suddenly removed the veil covering his Profound Qi and the room instantly became filled with dense Profound Qi, shocking Su Xun enough that he'd nearly fell on his butt.

"H-H-How is that possible?!" Su Xun cried inwardly.

Before wiping Su Yang's memories, he was only at the Elementary Spirit Realm! Yet, after a mere year, he'd somehow managed to reach the True Spirit Realm?! That's impossible!

"Not to mention the density of his Profound Qi that could rival even Earth Spirit Realm experts! What kind of life has he been living to get such heaven-defying results?!"

With his mind beyond shocked, Su Xun sat down on the chair that was behind him in an exaggerated manner.

"If this is true and not an illusion at all, he could even be more talented than Su Yin!"

The room was so silent that even a pin drop from miles away could be heard clearly.

Suddenly, Su Yang broke that silence by asking, "So? Why am I here?"

Instead of answering his question, Su Xun also asked him a question, "Have you ever thought about regaining your memories? If there is a way for you to regain your memories, would you do it?"


"Of course, I have thought about regaining my memories," Su Yang said after a moment of silence, "However, that does not mean I want to. Even if there is a way for me to regain my memories, I'd rather not remember my past."

Su Xun's eyes widened at his words and simply asked, "Why?"

With a smile, Su Yang spoke in a clear voice, "Because such information is meaningless to the Su Yang now!"

Su Yang was an Immortal in his past life, so there's really not much that he hasn't already seen or doesn't know, and in his eyes, regaining the memories of a mortal that was also a mere child was no different than filling his head with unworthy junk.

What could he possibly find useful from someone who cannot even Cultivate properly? What entertainment could he find in someone whose little brother was crippled? What does a child know that an Immortal such as himself wouldn't know? After all, why would an entity that has lived for thousands of years care for the memories of a mere child? One that he considers as a spineless coward, no less? There was simply no reason for Su Yang to regain the memories of the previous Su Yang, as he truly shows no interest in the life of a coward that also happens to have his appearance.


Since Su Xun is unaware of Su Yang regaining his memories as an Immortal, he didn't comprehend the complete meaning behind his words.

"Aren't you at least curious about your family? What if your siblings are looking for you even as we speak?"

"Then what do you suggest?" Su Yang said with his gaze staring right into Su Xun's soul. "Should I try to regain my memories?"

Hearing his question, Su Xun began sweating a bit. Of course, he'd rather have Su Yang never regain his memories, but he can't just say such words out loud as it'll raise many questions and suspicions.

"Well… I think you should do what you think is right…" After a moment of silence, he continued, "And if you don't mind me asking, when will you be returning to the Eastern Region?"

"Who knows," Su Yang shrugged, "I really like the air quality here, so I may consider living here forever."


Su Xun looked dumbfounded by his answer, feeling an urge to beat him up.

"I'm joking," Su Yang laughed a little bit later.

However, after laughing for a few seconds, his expression suddenly turned serious, his gaze filled with disappointment.

"How disappointing," Su Yang shook his head. "I was curious as to what we were going to talk about, but alas, in the end, it was nothing but gibberish that wasn't worth my effort into coming here…"

"What?! How dare you speak to your—" Su Xun stopped his sentence halfway, nearly blurting out the word 'father'.

"My what? My father?" However, Su Yang helped him finish that sentence, causing Su Xun to look at him with a dazed look.

"W-W-What did you just say?"

"I came here wondering what a father that had wiped the memories of his own son would speak to that exact son about… What rubbish."

"Y-Y-You!" Su Xun pointed at Su Yang with trembling fingers and said, "You have been farting this whole time about having amnesia and not remembering anything?! You clearly remember everything!"

With a smile, Su Yang casually shrugged and said, "Wrong. I am telling the truth when I said that I do not have any memories before joining the Profound Blossoms Sect."

"T-Then how?!"

Inside Su Xun's head, he was thinking, "That's right! It must've been the Profound Blossom Sect's Matriarch! She must have told him the truth! Damn that slut! I'd even donated many resources to her Sect to keep her mouth shut!"

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