Dual Cultivation

Chapter 133 Returning Home

Chapter 133 Returning Home

Inside a carriage provided by the Su Family, Su Yang explained to Qiuyue the situation as they traveled.

"So basically, your family had sealed your memories for some reason, even throwing you into another region that is hundreds of thousands of miles away from home? What did you do that could've caused such events to occur?" Qiuyue asked him.

"Although we share the same look and body, we are not the same person," said Su Yang, who refused to be associated with the Su Yang before regaining his memories.

"I understand your feelings, but what if you are actually the same person? What if you've had the same soul since birth, only regaining your current memories after experiencing the shock of a near-death experience?" Qiuyue shared her thoughts, causing Su Yang to turn silent.

Of course, Su Yang had thought of such possibilities, but without his memories, could he still be considered the Immortal Su Yang? Since they act as if they are two different individuals, he might as well treat it as such.

"Anyway, we are going to meet your parents… What will you do once you meet them?" Qiuyue asked him.

"What I will do… that will depend on them," said Su Yang, his voice with a sense of mysteriousness.

Despite such vagueness, Qiuyue had a good idea of the thoughts going through Su Yang's head.

"Is that so…" Qiuyue turned to look out the window that was on both sides of the carriage, where she could see carriages surround the carriage they were currently inside, almost like they were being treated as some sort of valuable treasure.

"At least they seem to plan on getting you there safely..." Qiuyue said inwardly.

"Su Yang!" Xiao Rong suddenly called for him.

"What is it?"

Xiao Rong pointed to her clothes like she was trying to convey something to him about it.

Su Yang smiled lightly and said, "Not now, we are still outside…"

Hearing his words, Xiao Rong showed a saddened expression.

"Though, if you want, you can leave this carriage and take a look around, provided that you don't go too far and stay within a 10-mile radius of this carriage at all times."

Xiao Rong instantly became excited, nodding her head vigorously to his suggestion.

"Are you sure about that? What if she causes trouble?" Qiuyue said in a doubtful tone, still not trusting that Xiao Rong will be able to control herself.

"It'll be fine," said Su Yang in a relaxed voice. "I'm sure that she'll cause more trouble if she has to sit still for an entire week inside this small space, not to mention that her leg has been itching to explore ever since we left the Legacy Tomb."

After saying those words, Su Yang opened the door to the carriage to allow Xiao Rong to leave.

"Don't go too far and remember to return to show your face once every two or three days," he said to her.

The instant Su Yang opened the door, Xiao Rong jumped out of the moving carriage and disappeared into thin air like a ghost without alerting a single soul.




Many days have passed since Su Yang started following the Su Family's servants. Ever since they went inside the carriage, none of the servants from the Su Family had bothered to speak with Su Yang, almost like they were trying to avoid him until they reach their destination.

"We are approaching a large city," Qiuyue said.


Suddenly, the carriage came to a halt.

"Young man, we have arrived at our destination. Please wait while we speak to the guards for our entrance." Someone said to him from the outside without opening the door to the carriage.

A few minutes later, the voice returned. "We will be heading directly to the Su Family's living quarters now."




Half an hour later.

"Young man, we have arrived at the Su Family's living quarters."

Su Yang opened his eyes and stopped cultivating. He then opened the door and slowly walked out with Qiuyue following behind him.

"So this is the Su Family, huh." Su Yang looked at the vast garden and luxurious mansion before him.

And unsurprisingly, he did not have any nostalgic feeling like one would get when they return to a memorable place, not even after looking at the place for a long time.


One of the servants urged Su Yang to follow him.

Su Yang nodded and began walking down the long and empty path with the servant.

While they were passing through the garden, many different types of gazes were being sent towards the direction of Su Yang by the gardeners and other servants.

Confusion, shock, bewilderment, there were all kinds of emotions within these sharp gazes.

Once they entered the mansion, many more servants could be seen walking around with brooms and dusters in their grasps.

However, when these servants noticed Su Yang, they stopped everything they were doing to look at him with wide eyes.

"Who's that handsome young man?" One of the younger servants asked in a mumbling voice to the other servants beside her.

"I don't know. This is also my first time seeing him."

"Ahhh… wouldn't it be amazing if we could serve such a handsome young man?"


While the newer and ignorant servants giggled and joked about serving Su Yang, the older servants all stared at Su Yang with their jaws nearly touching the ground.

Many of them were doubting their eyes at this moment and felt like they were watching someone who's been missing for years suddenly show up as though he was never missing in the first place.

"We are here," said the servant that has been guiding Su Yang once they reached a certain room.

The servant then knocked on the door three times and spoke in a loud and clear voice, "Lord Su, 'he' is here."

"Good job." A stern voice came from the room a few seconds later. "You may now leave."

"Yes, my Lord!"

After a few seconds of silence, the voice returned. "Please, come in."

Hearing such words, Su Yang approached the door with a smile, his hands already reaching for the doorknob.

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